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Full text of "The New Testament bible Gospel book of Revelation in Tamil (India) - 1858"

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(ip sw 6U [T a £ uj li @ Off esPiL] ewffvugna) 


G (U rr su IT ^ <3i (3^ 

OaJsi!luu<S/ifiar «SS*aj,ii 

<s. jii^iMnw. 


9. iS. *«. I 0«™^ge^.^™g«UF«E^s«yT 

®«,tD Qsu3rf3uu®i^ar ^■^S^e^d, a ^^^^ji 


B^in^^^ ^i^fli "^.^ ^i^U^ 


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a-. jsjiSiraii). 

9«,«. a^juuS^^m ^a,^^ t. j,p„„i. 

r^A^I' S^rfSiS^l/^i, 





Book of Revelation - NT -Tamil - India - Asia - Ma 

Qs^eSuuQ^iS^ sflStfa^m Ih jif^awTil 


'•it.'.. "'• e«.siao.._.„ji, J,., 

-•■■■■•-•••='*— '™''""-;i 


gW. S^JUM®^^!, JlO.^i .1 ^^,„i. 

^ 'tor ©rff™^* 

iQa^esr^LyisLttB^Ga) n 

«■ ef ;J e a. ™ ^L tt,^ sr^asOa, 
gi©^ u^uiOT nrauain Osjiw 


^™i,, "...i »..ji„(j.» 

g OsijiJdlSa) m_£lfll_L/LJtlL_ ■ 

0» ,i,i ..i^^CJa, O..* 

CLOTi©3 a^^Sudus, HOT 

/"*OTa^*g ^oTFiaeos^^ iSai: 



S^OT ««fa*i®il4L*Ei 9""^a 

■0 '©gu^^^-si'g cpuurf^ 

S><5«* ..ilk, a,,4e,ij,f, 


®aoL^ g)«,i*ii u^^^V 

:t-."; -i^JC= 

,.ij ."j,.a,is „„ ar^i, 

is^sHW ^ESaar Qs^Si 


ill I Jii, *•* ^lari a,;! 



This text conforms to the T.R. - Madras -185i 

^0^*; SroO.i »irfu. 


(6S6Bi_«, Off ui.«^^Oa>ra^^,# 

"/-^^i ^^Oa. »Wi, ■ 

I ffi H iSbbl, b(^ adsireirms 

ifiJ^B^ti ft- ^^HT^li. ffi*« 


„.,„,,i jj.i.a, i3..,too 

Q^arnat^ uisSfits^a Qa^iLiU^ 
Outfit, 0«;lS» 

Book of Revelation - NT -Tamil - India - Asia - Madi 

@a>a. Osu«fluu®^^sH Bfi(?a=ffliiii * jy^^rKii. 




^ruSo.s. ®G5*^«',- ."^«"«'f 

g S>u(j-faita£.araw^i4ii, ^ 

O.JuuS^S™ J!3,^i i, j,^,.,„, 9,^ 



! 0«J. J,, fi. 


^sfi^fi ffltffligi Oa^Sia 


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,rfi „.ia„ 

,/i s~ o'" 

Ows^uu^/i^t!r aflSff.^^ Ola. j,^a»jti. 

Gal yui) J« 
>»s.i_Gs»r j^^ 



|»E_^Ga»- i^sini^fi , 

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JV**"")" s.sOu«„ 

uQupp ^^Siis. at-**. 

S. Q.nS!!lh "^flSir *™^ ,^^ 

J^fi, (u^^„, Z^ •£'- £ j JSa'^flX"' 

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Of. Jl^mniw. 

O^v^uuSi^^a^ SS^FB^^ iD3= ®jy^«Ti,«. (Sa-a, 

«iflr S.iS.s^ 

,y«,<yi *,.i -i* Jlsi, 

Urn "^Q/jiaar u®^ a™^ 

S^iffiii §13^muss0^ ^^Oux 

u;,,j-r^®i,««, "^,Ta:.^«=^^^| 

•rteits'Sto. Its 

i,Je !>uu™.»ij Vie, =-. .. ... 


i aamOLar. 

£?: s-:ij 

This text conforms to the T.R. - Madras -185: 

Offl,J>utj©^^OT ^Qa^e^,}, lO* jypaji-Jiii, 

I Car. ^^^SJIJ>. 

Book of Revelation - NT -Tamil - India - Madras - 

G«,^u^®^^«,r ^2^^u, ate, ^pa^^u,. 

This text conforms to the T.R. - Madras -1858 - 


So-. jiiSamm- 

O^^uuS^^m ^^^^^ m jy,S»JrJ,. ®®ffi. 

,^,.j»i "fc-ji, ••au.i.u.f 



S^^ gJW^.i Qu^a3.^5»., 

0™«fiwu®^^««- rfS^asii, iDiil ^^^,r„ih. 

,«i *i, «tffl.. 

■,^ ^*„, -J,.!, 0„(5ua 
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Sj/- Jilf snjiih. 



Qs„^uu®^^esr ^Q^^ii. iQjJ] j^^«*aii. 



«»» 0. Jiii^e^^^ jjs,^i a» j,^„,j,. 


eat,. jy^««/rii. 

Gouj Q«®^^ Guflttj CfflSag 

o.,«uu9;j^„ ji3,^i 0* j,^^„i. ee„ 

ST >^tl®igil, 

J, 0«iJl« i,i.„, 'uJlij, 


•i.S,««.™M5,i« j,.g. 

r - ti-S^'3s 

. I Jl»4 s«„,rf^^^« 


®@jl, Q^iSuuQfi^m rfS^s^Li aiO jy^«»ii. 

, 5l'«X*2""'i oS 


Sll^Go/JJU«6,li E-i^F 

SaJfflfluu®^^«r ^Q^^ih 

®tf,iD Q^^auQ^^^ d)(S^^>i, fl-a . 

7 j,a,Ja^g5^g^ ff^«,@, 

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4L^ffB^ ri^^iJa,^ t!.6^«grf 



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IT ^(l^^Lh aa. jv^«^j-Lb. ■ 0*5 

u^^.«,^ ^^®^^i, u^ogss. , ^^.™:;^?^.^tf«^::i; 

. o«.«a. j,iO».e5 8.j<.asi »fs™ •«•■ ™iai „* 

11 >o„.«™«, ..i 

®*e. Qai^uLjQ^^ec! dJSfeiBii as j^^airiii. 

'.tl'T" ^^'^^^^^^ ®^^" W«^ 

, ®«U q«.jji .» 



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Spiritual Life ALSO 

Concerning Christians and Cliristianity 

1. Christians are those who follow the teachings 
ofjesus Christ. 

2. The Teachings of Jesus Christ are explained in the 
book called the Gospel (Injil) or the New Testament. 

3. The New Testament is the First Place to find and record 

the teachings of Jesus Christ, by those who actually knew Him. 

4. The New Testament has never been disproved 
archeologically or historically. It has and remains accurate. 

5. The New Testament Predicts that certain events will happen in ttie 

7, The Reliabilityofttie Old Testament and the New Testament a re 
clear indications ofthe accuracy of the New Testament, 

8, Jesus Christ did Notfailin His mission on Earth, 

9, Jesus Christ Pre-existed, This means that He existed BEFORE 
the Creation ofthe World, 

10, When C hristians worship J esus C hrist, they are NOT worshiping 
another Human being, 

ILJesusChristdid not become God by performing good works. 

12, Christians cannotperform good works in order to go to Heaven, Those 
who want to find God must admit they are notable to be Perfect or Holy, 
and that they need the help of God to help them get rid of their Sins, 

14, More than 500 Million Christians around the world today are NOT 
Roman Catholic, The Vatican does NOT speak for Christianity in many 

Concerning Christians and Christianity (2) 

1 5, Judas did NOT die in tine place of Jesus Clnrist on 
the cross. 

16, Jesus Christ had no motive to escape his fate. Jesus Christ 
was born to communicate His message of Hope and 
Redemption for manl^ind. 

1 7, Without the Blood of Jesus, it would be impossible for those 
who believe in Jesus Christ to be saved, to have Eternal Life. 

18, Christians worship ONE God, NOT three Gods. 

19, In True Christianity, Historically, the Trinity is = 

a) God the Father 

b) God the Son 

c) God the Holy Spirit 

20, The worship of Angels orCreated Beings, or Creatures oranything 
exceptGod (God the Father, God the Son [Jesus Christ], 

and God the Holy Spirit, is forbidden, 

21, The Trinity IS NOT = Mary, J oseph and J esus 

22, The Trinity is NOT = J esus, J oseph and God the Father 

23, Gabriel is NOT another name for J esus Christ. 

24, Anyone can become a Christian if they want to, 

25, Christianity IS notsomething thatcan be done EXTERNALLY. 
A person is a Christian becauseof what they believe in their Heart, 
inside of them. Their own sincerity before God is the true test, 

26, Those who acceptan electronic mark [666] forthe purchase of goods, 
in their right hand or forehead are NOT able to become Christians. 

Concerning Christians and Christianity (3) 

People are innocent if they do not l<now and have no way of Icnowing that 
they are doing wrong.The Christian God places the knowledge of good 
and bad in the hearts of each and every individual. 

NooneexceptGod is Holy. 

It is wrong to murder innocent people. 

It is wrong to kill Christians who have notactively harmed anyone. 

People are NOT Christians simply because their family is "Christian". 

People are NOT Christian because they are born INTO a "Christian"family. 

A person cannot become a Christian "AUTOMATICALLY". 

No one can be BORN a Christian, but becoming a true Christian will guarantee 
Eternal Life, in Heaven and with God. 

The Presumption thata person is a Christian simply because they are 
going into a Church and sitting there is False. 

Churches have people inside of them thatare NOT Christian, but they 
wantto learn more aboutGod. 

A Church, or a Church Official CANNOT MAKE anyone a Christian. 

Christians do NOT convertanyone by Force, because this action is a 
violation of the CHOICES thatGOD alone is able to make. To force others would 
suggestthatGod is weak, and cannot do this by Himself. The Christian God has 
much Strength but uses it to show love and help in this life, not unkindness. 

Only God could FORCE someone to do something against their will, and 
the C reator of the Universe does NOT behave in that manner. 

The Choice of whatto believe or notto believe is up to Each individual, 
who must make up their own mind, of their free will. 

There is no way to impose Christianity on anyone by Force. 

Conversions by Force to Islam are NOT recognized by GOD orChristians. 

Concerning Christians and Cliristianity (4) 

Those who are converted from Christianity to Islam by Force 
or coercion, are Still Christian, AND STILL considered Christian. 

Once a person is recognized by God as a genuine Christian, they are 
"sealed" permanently. There is no way for any Human to change this. 

Forcing any Christian to say that they convert or accept Islam simply 
makes that Christian to state something which is FALSE. There is 
no such thing as Genuine conversion that God can recognize 
OUT of Christianity, if that person was a Christian. 

To suggest that Christians could be converted by Force, actually 
means (signifies) that there are actions that humans can take that can 
FORCE God somehow to UNDO or ALTER what He has done. This is 
not the case. Actions that Humans Force other Humans to take are 
not recognized by God as a true Change of Mind, ora C hange of Heart. 

Once a person becomes a Christian, All of their sins (past, present, 
and future) are forgiven. They are reconciled to God for Eternity, and 
nothing can change this. Forced Conversionsio Islam are not considered 
Valid either by God or Christians. No one can undo in the Heart of 
a person, what God can do. The link between a Christian and God 
is a link that Cannot be broken. Saying anything to the contrary 
will not alter or change this. 

Christians do not Depend on their sanctuaries or Church buildings 
in order to meet with God. Harming a building againstthe God who made 
the Universe is not a genuine sign of success or progress. Christians 
simply make use of any buildings. Christians are able to meet and 
pray and talk to God by themselves, v.'ithm a Church building and 
without a Priest or Pastor. God is always with them. 

Harming a Church building simply proves that some people are afraid 
of Church Buildings. That is all. The Earliest Christians did not have 
Churches or Buildings for Hundreds of Years. 

Harming a Church Building does not harm God, and it does not harm 
Christians. It simply makes them go and use a different building, or 
to meet without one. 

Concerning Christians and Christianity (5) 

Some people have not examined churches very much. MANY are 
very simple and do NOT have decorations or much inside of them. 
In Christianity, this is intentional. This symbolism is on purpose, 
intending to signify that the INNER LIFE of the Christian, is what is 
important to God, and NOT the building in which people worship. 

Man looks on the external and outward appearance. GOD looks on 
the inner heart of each individual. 

There would be no reason for anyone to become upset, if they did 
not think that Christianity was making progress. Those who are upset 
are upset because Christianity has answers, reasons and arguments 
that do not seem to be defeated. God is big enough to defend himself. 

If Christianity is false, it should be possible to explain to Christians 
why and how Christianity is false. Killing or harming Christians is only 
an excuse, a method of hiding from the reality that intellectual 
conversation and explanations of those who are violent do NOT have 
the answers to defend with kindness or reason what they believe. 

Christians believe that almost all violence is a waste of time. It does 
not accomplish what it is "supposed" to accomplish. Those who 
have arguments are able to advance those and explain them to others 
Those who do not use violence instead. This method does not 
convince Christians or others to adopt methods of violence. 

People become like the God they serve. If the God they serve is 
unkind and unmerciful, that is what the followers become. If the God 
being worshiped is cruel and mean to women and children, then that 
is what the followers of that God usually will become. 
Jesus Christ is love. Christians try to be loving. 

People have the option of accepting to believe in the Teachings of 
Jesus Christ in the New Testament or rejecting those teaching. The 
choice in this life is up to each person. God is the one who makes 
His own rules. Thankfully, the God of this world decided to use 
Love and kindness to explain Himself so that all of us would have 
a chance to learn and to experience the unconditional love of Jesus 
Christ, (books are listed in this Ebook. Those who want to refute 
Christianity may want to start by refuting the books listed in this PDF) 

Concerning Christians and Christianity (6) 

True Christians are NOT afraid to have conversations with those who are not 
Christians. Christians are NOT afraid to have conversations with those who are 
islamic or from any other faith. 

Christians are NOT afraid to tall<abouttheweal<ness of Christianity, if that is atopic 
someone else wants to discuss. 

Christians will not stone you or harm you because you disagree with them. 

Christian will not make you slave IF you do NOT convertto Christianity. 

Those who truly believe in the TRUTH of what they claim to believe are NOT afraid 
to discuss the content of what they believe with other people. 

Christians may share with youthatyou are not 100% perfectand Holy, and Christians 
will Admitand acknowledge thatTHEY are NOT perfect or Holy. 

Christians admit that they need a savior, that they cannot be good enough on their 
own,andthattheycannotperform ENOUGH good and HOLY actions to please God. 
That is the starting pointfor anyone to become a Christian. 

Those who engage Christians in discussions about religion should be willing to look 
atthe history, the archeology, the science and all of the aspects of religion and the 
books that they use or defend. That is simply being honest. And those who seek 
spiritual truth are NOT afraid to discuss honestly issues of religion. 

IF GOD is GOD, then GOD will STILL be GOD after a conversation takes place. 
Those who follow God should be willing to think and usethemind that God gave to 
them. IF God gave people a mind, HE expects them to use it. Discussions are part 

There is a lotof history about OTHER religions that can be found in the West. In 
other nations, FEAR of being wrong induces and provokes censorship. Buthistory 
can be proven and demonstrated. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947-48. 
Those scrolls contained the J ewish Old Testament. They were dated scientifically 
to be 200 years OLDER than the time of J esus Christ. The J ewish Old Testament 
has NOT been changed or altered. This is simply a scientific and historic Fact. 

God Preserves His Word. His word is the Old and New Testament. IF you are 
seeking truth, what do you have to fear from Truth ? 

Concerning History and the Early Cliurcli 

Christians do NOT pray to IVIARY. Jhe Bible never teaclies to Pray 
to IVIary. IVJary was born a human sinner, and became a Clirist-follower. 

Prayers to ANY Human (Except Jesus Ctnrist, who was God 
who became Human for a short time) is IDOLATRY 

Christians do not pray To Statues, which is IDOLATRY 

Christians do not pray To Icons, which is a Graven Image, 
which is ALSO IDOLATRY. 

The Early Church and the Early Christians did NOT pray to Mary. 

The Early Church and the Early Christians did NOT pray to Saints, 
as this would be blasphemy, and taking worship and adoration 
away from God. 

It is the Mediation of Jesus Christ alone which serves to 
communicate between God and Man, and NOT any other Human. 

Christians know which books of the Bible are part of the Bible and 
belong in the Bible. There is a great deal of evidence and 
documentation over the whole world for the conclusion, about 
which books belong in the Bible. 

Some books mav help to clarify or explain (these are Free Books): 

For those who read English: 

1) The Seventh General Council (held 787 AD) in which the 
Worship of Images was established, by John Mendham - 1850 

2) Image worship in the Church of Rome by James Endell Tyler 

3) Primitive Christian Worship by James Endell Tyler 

4) The worship of Mary [proven to be Unbiblical] 
by James Endell Tyler 


Concerning History and the Early Church 

We recommend, for your potential consideration, 
the following books: 

1) The Seventh General Council (held 787 AD) in which the 
Worship of Images was established, with copious notes 
from the Caroline books compiled by order of 
Charlemagne by Rev John Mendham - 1850 

2) Image worship in the Church of Rome by James Endell Tyler 

The image-worship of the Church of Rome : proved to be contrary 
to Holy Scripture and the faith and discipline of the primitive church 
and to involve contradictory and irreconcilable doctrines within the 
Church of Rome itself (1847) 

3) Primitive Christian Worship by James Endell Tyler 

Primitive christian worship, or. The evidence of Holy Scripture and 
the church, concerning the invocation of saints and angels, and the 
blessed Virgin Mary (1840) 

4) The worship of Mary by James Endell Tyler 

5) The Pope of Rome and the popes of the Oriental Orthodox 

by Caesarious Tondini (1875) also makes for interesting reading, 
even though it is a Roman Catholic work which was approved 
with the Nihil Obstat (not indexed by the inquisition) notice. 


Concerning History and the Roman Catholic Church 

Historic Information on the Roman Catholic Church 
can be found - in online searches - under the words: 

papal, roman catholic, papist, popish, 
romanist, Vatican, popery, romish. 

There are many free Ebooks available 
online and at Google that cover these topics. 

There is of course the standard 

works on the proven history of the Vatican: 

The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop, which uses 
more than 200 ancient Latin and Greek sources. 

The Roman Schism illustrated from the Records 

of the Earlv Roman Catholic Church 

by Rev. Perceval. 

Those who have trouble with Vatican documents concerning 
early Church Councils should conduct their own research 
into a document called the " Donation of Constantine ", 
which was the false land grant from the Roman Emperors 
to the Vatican. 

Saved - How To become a 


how to be saved 

A Christian is someone 

who believes the 


steps to Take in order to become a 

true Christian, to be Saved & Have a 

reai reiationsliip & genuine 

experience with the reai God 

Read, understand, accept and 

believe the following verses from 

the Bible: 

1. All men are sinners and fall short 
of God's perfect standard 

Romans 3: 23 states that 

For all have sinned, and come short of 

the glory of God; 

2. Sin - which is imperfection in our 
lives - denies us eternal life with 
God. But God sent his son Jesus 
Christ as a gift to give us freely 
Eternal Life by believing on Jesus 

Romans 6: 23 states 
For the wages of sin is death; but the 
gift of God is eternal life through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. 

3. You can be saved, and you are 
saved by Faith in Jesus Christ. You 
cannot be saved by your good 
works, because they are not "good 
enough". But God's good work of 
sending Jesus Christ to save us, 
and our response of believing - of 
having faith - in Jesus Christ, that is 
what saves each of us. 

Ephesians 2: 8-9 states 

8 For by grace are ye saved through 
faith; and that not of yourselves: it is 
the gift of God: 

9 Not of works, lest any man should 

4. God did not wait for us to become 
perfect in order to accept or 
unconditionally love us. He sent 
Jesus Christ to save us, even 
though we are sinners. So Jesus 
Christ died to save us from our sins, 
and to save us from eternal 
separation from God. 

Romans 5:8 states 

But God commendeth his love toward 
us, in that, while we were yet sinners, 
Christ died for us. 

5. God loved the world so much that 
He sent his one and only Son to die, 
so that by believing in Jesus Christ, 
we obtain Eternal Life. 

John 3: 16 states 

For God so loved the world, that he 
gave his only begotten Son, that 
whosoever believeth in him should not 
perish, but have everlasting life. 

6. If you believe in Jesus Christ, and 
in what he did on the Cross for us, 
by dying there for us, you know for a 

fact that you have been given 
Eternal Life. 

I John 5: 13 states 
These things have I written unto you 
that believe on the name of the Son of 
God; that ye may know that ye have 
eternal life, and that ye may believe on 
the name of the Son of God. 

7. If you confess your sins to God, 
he hears you take this step, and you 
can know for sure that He does hear 
you, and his response to you is to 
forgive you of those sins, so that 
they are not remembered against 
you, and not attributed to you ever 

I John 1 : 9 states 

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and 

just to forgive us our sins, and to 

cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 

If you believe these verses, or want 

to believe these verses, pray the 


" Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you 

for dying on the cross for my sins. I 

open the door of my life and ask you 

to save me from my sins and give 
me eternal iife. Tiiank you for 
forgiving me of my sins and giving 
me eternal life. I receive you as my 
Savior and Lord. Please take control 
of the throne of my life. Make me the 
kind of person you want me to be. 
Help me to understand you, and to 
know you and to learn how to follow 
you. Free me from all of the things in 
my life that prevent me from 
following you. In the name of the 
one and only and true Jesus Christ I 
ask all these things now, Amen". 

Does this prayer express your desire to 
know God and to want to l<now His love 
? If you are sincere in praying this 
prayer, Jesus Christ comes into your 
heart and your life, just as He said he 

It often takes courage to decide to 
become a Christian. It is the right 
decision to make, but It is difficult to 
fight against part of ourselves that 
wants to hang on, or to find against 
that part of our selves that has 
trouble changing. The good news is 

that you do not need to change 
yourself. Just Cry out to God, pray 
and he will begin to change you. 
God does not expect you to become 
perfect before you come to Him. Not 
at all. ..this is why He sent Jesus. 
that we would not have to become 
perfect before being able to know 

Steps to take once you have asked 
Jesus to come into your life 

Find the following passages in the 
Bible and begin to read them: 

1. Read Psalm 23 (in the middle of 
the Old Testament - the 1st half of 
the Bible) 

2. Read Psalm 91 

3. Read the Books in the New 
Testament (in the Bible) of John, 
Romans & I John 

4. Tell someone of your prayer and 
your seeking God. Share that with 
someone close to you. 

5. Obtain some of the books on the 
list of books, and begin to read 

them, so that you can understand 
more about God and how He works. 

6. Pray, that is - just talk to and with 
God, thank l-iim for saving you, and 
tell him your 

fears and concerns, and ask him for 
help and guidance. 

7. email or tell someone about the 
great decision you have made today 

Does the "being saved" 
process only work for those 
who believe ? 

For the person who is not yet 
saved, their understanding of 
1) their state of sin and 2) God's 
personal love and care for 
them, and His desire and 
ability to save what 
enables anyone to become 

So yes, the "being saved" 
process works only for those 

who believe in J esus Christ 
and Him only, and place their 
faith in Him and in His work 
done on the Cross. 

...and if so , then how does 
believing save a person? 

Believing saves a person because of 
what it allows God to do in the Heart 
and Soul of that person. 

But it is not simply the fact of a 
"belief". The issue is not having 
"belief" but rather what we have a 
belief about. 

IF a person believes in Salvation by 
Faith Alone in Jesus Christ (ask us 
by email if this is not clear), then 
That belief saves them. Why ? 
because they are magical ? 
No, because of the sovereignty of 
God, because of what God does to 
them, when they ask him into their 
heart & life. When a person decides 
to place their faith in Jesus Christ 
and ask Him to forgive them of 

their sins and invite Jesus Clirist 
into tlieir life & lieart, this is wliat 
saves tliem - because of what God 
does for them at that moment in 

At that moment in time when they 
sincerely believe and ask God to 
save them (as described above), 
God takes the life of that person, 
and in accordance with the will of 
that human, having requested God 
to save them from their sins through 
Jesus Christ - God takes that 
person's life and sins [all sins past, 
present and future], and allocates 
them to the category: of "one of 
those people who Accepted the Free 
Gift of Eternal Salvation that God 

From that point forward, their sins 
are no longer counted against them, 
because that is an account that is 
paid by the shed blood of Jesus 
Christ. And there is no person that 
could ever sin so much, that God's 
love would not be good enough for 
them, or that would somehow not be 
able to be covered by the penalty of 

death that Jesus Christ paid the 
price for. (otherwise, sin would be 
more powerful than Jesus Christ - 
which is not true). 

Sometimes, People have trouble 
believing in Jesus Christ because of 
two extremes: 

First the extreme that they are not 
sinners (usually, this means that a 
person has not committed a "serious" 
sin, such as "murder", but God says that 
all sins separates us from God, even 
supposedly-small sins. We - as humans 
- tend to evaluate sin Into more serious 
and less serious categories, because we 
do not understand just how serious 
"small" sin Is). 

Since we are all sinners, we all have 
a need for God, in order to have 
eternal salvation. 

Second the extreme that they are 
not good enough for Jesus Christ to 
save them. This is basically done by 
those who reject the Free offer of 
Salvation by Christ Jesus because 
those people are -literally - unwilling 

to believe. After death, they will 
believe, but they can only chose 
Eternal Life BEFORE they die. 
The fact is that all of us, are not 
good enough for Jesus Christ to 
save them. That is why Paul wrote in 
the Bible "For all have sinned, and 
come short of the glory of God" 
(Romans 3:23). 

Thankfully, that Is not the end of the 
story, because he also wrote " For the 
wages of sin is death; but the gift of God 
is eternal life through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. "(Romans 6: 23) 

That Free offer of salvation is 
clarified in the following passage: 

John 3: 16 For God so loved the 
world, that he gave his only 
begotten Son, that whosoever 
believeth in him should not perish, 
but have everlasting life. 
17 For God sent not his Son into the 
world to condemn the world; but 
that the world through him might be 

Prayers that count 

The prayers that God hears 

We don't make the rules any more 
than you do. We just want to help 
others know how to reach God, and 
know that God cares about them 

The only prayers that make it to 
Heaven where God dwells are those 
prayers that are prayed directly to 
Him " through Jesus Christ " or "in 
the name of Jesus Christ' . 

God hears our prayers because we 
obey the method that God has 
established for us to be able to 
reach him. If we want Him to hear 
us, then we must use the methods 
that He has given us to 
communicate with Him. 

And he explains - in the New 
Testament - what that method is: 
tallying to God (praying) in 
accordance with God's will - and 
coming to Him in the name of Jesus 
Christ . Here are some examples of 
that from the New Testament: 

(Acts 3:6) Then Peter said, Silver and 
gold have I none; but such as I have give 
I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of 
Nazareth rise up and walk. 

(Acts 16:18) And this did she many days. 
But Paul, being grieved, turned and said 
to the spirit, I command thee in the 
name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. 
And he came out the same hour. 

(Acts 9:27) But Barnabas took him, and 
brought him to the apostles, and 
declared unto them how he had seen the 
Lord in the way, and that he had spoken 
to him, and how he had preached boldly 
at Damascus in the name of Jesus. 

(2 Cor 3:4) And such trust have we 
through Christ to God-ward: (i.e. 
toward God) 

(Gal 4:7) Wherefore thou art no more a 
servant, but a son; and if a son, then an 
heir of God through Christ . 
(Eph 2:7) That in the ages to come he 
might show the exceeding [spiritual] 
riches of his grace in his kindness toward 
us through Christ Jesus . 

(Phil 4:7) And the peace of God, which 
passeth all understanding, shall keep 
your hearts and minds through Christ 

(Acts 4:2) Being grieved that they taught 
the people, and preached through Jesus 
the resurrection from the dead. 

(Rom 1:8) First, I thank my God 
through Jesus Christ for you all, that 
your faith is spoken of throughout the 
whole world. 

(Rom 6:11) Likewise reckon ye also 
yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, 

but alive unto God through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. 

(Rom 6:23) For the wages of sin is death; 
but the gift of God is eternal life through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. 

(Rom 15:17) I have therefore whereof I 
may glory through Jesus Christ in those 
things which pertain to God. 

(Rom 16:27) To God only wise, be glory 
through Jesus Christ for ever. Amen. 

(1 Pet 4:11) ...if any man minister, let 
him do it as of the ability which God 
giveth: that God in all things may be 
glorified through Jesus Christ , to whom 
be praise and dominion for ever and 
ever. Amen. 

(Gal 3:14) That the blessing of Abraham 
might come on the Gentiles through 
Jesus Christ ; that we might receive the 
promise of the [Holy] Spirit through 

(Titus 3:6) Which he shed on us 
abundantly through Jesus Christ our 

(Heb 13:21) Make you perfect in every 
good work to do his will, working in you 
that which is wellpleasing in his sight, 
through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

Anyone who has questions is encouraged to contact us by 
email, with the address that is posted on our website. 

Note for Foreign Language and 
International Readers & Users 

Foreign Language Versions of the 
Introduction and Postcript/Afterword 
will be included (hopefully) in future 

IF a person wanted to become a Christian, what would they pray ? 

God, I am praying this to you so that you will help me. Please help 
me to want to know you better. Please help me to become a Christian. 

God I admit that I am not perfect. I understand that you cannot allow 
anyone into Heaven who is not perfect and Holy. I understand that 
if I believe in Jesus Christ and in what He did, that God you will 
see my life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and that this will 
allow me to have eternal life and know that I am going to Heaven. 

God, I admit that I have sin and things in my life that are not perfect. 
I know I have sinned in my life. Please forgive me of my sins. 
I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He came to Earth 
to save those who ask Him, and that He died to pay the penalty for 
all of my sins. 

I understand that Jesus physically died and physically arose from the 
dead, and that God can forgive me because of the death and 
resurrection of Jesus Christ. I thank you for dying for me, and for 
paying the price for my sins. I accept to believe in you, and I thank 
you Lord God from all of my heart for your help and for sending 
your Son to die and raise from the Dead. 

I pray that you would help me to read your word the Bible. I 
renounce anything in my Ufe, my thoughts and my actions that is 
not from you, and I do this in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me 
to not be spiritually deceived. Help me to grow and learn how to have 
a strong Christian walk for you, and to be a good example, with your 
help. Help me to have and develop a love of your word the Bible, and 
please bring to my life, people and situations that will help me to 
understand how to live my life as your servant. Help me to learn 
how to share the good news with those who may be willing to learn 
or to know. I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, and 
I thank you for what you have done for me. Amen. 

Please Remember: Christianity is NEVER forced. No one can 
force anyone to become a Christian. God does NOT recognize 
^^ny desire for Him, unless it is genuine and motivated from^_ 
tW giJnsreie^feaefT-ef'Bj.. ^ 

Prayers for help to God 


For YOU, for US, for your Family 

Dear God, 

Thank you that this New Testament has been released so 

that we are able to learn more about you. 

Please help the people responsible for making this 
Electronic book available. Please help them to be able to 
work fast, and make more Electronic books available 
Please help them to have all the resources, the money, the 
strength and the time that they need in order to be able to 
keep working for You. 

Please help those that are part of the team that help them on 
an everyday basis. Please give them the strength to continue 
and give each of them the spiritual understanding for the 
work that you want them to do. Please help each of them to 
not have fear and to remember that you are the God who 
answers prayer and who is in charge of everything. 

I pray that you would encourage them, 

and that you protect them, and the work & ministry that they 

are engaged in. I pray that you would protect them from 
the Spiritual Forces or other obstacles that could harm them 
or slow them down. 

Please help me when I use this New Testament to also think 
of the people who have made this edition available, so that I 
can pray for them and so they can continue to help more 

I pray that you would give me a love of your 
Holy Word (the New Testament), and that you would give 
me spiritual wisdom and discernment to know you better 
and to understand the period of time that we are living in. 
Please help me to know how to deal with the difficulties that 
I am confronted with every day. Lord God, Help me to want 
to know you Better and to want to help other Christians in 
my area and around the world. 

I pray that you would give the Electronic book team and 
those who work on the website and those who help them 
your wisdom. 

I pray that you would help the individual members of their 
family (and my family) to not be spiritually deceived, but 
to understand you and to want to accept and follow you in 
every way. and I ask you to do these things 
in the name of Jesus, 



5 minutos a ayudar excepto otros - diferencie eterno 

Dios querido, 

gracias que se ha lanzado este nuevo testamento 

de modo que poder aprender mas sobre usted. 

Ayude por favor a la gente responsable de hacer este Ebook disponible. 

Ayudele por favor a poder trabajar rapidamente, y haga que 

mas Ebooks disponible por favor le ayuda a tener todos los recursos, 

los fondos, la fuerza y el tiempo que necesitan 

para poder guardar el trabajar para usted. 

Ayude por favor a los que sean parte del equipo que 

les ayuda sobre una base diaria. Por favor deles la fuerza para continuar 

y para dar a cada uno de ellos la comprension espiritual para el trabajo 
que usted quisiera que hicieran. Ayude por favor a cada uno de 
ellos a no tener miedo y a no recordar que usted es el dios que contesta 

a rezo y que esta a cargo de todo. 

Ruego que usted los animara, y que usted los proteja, 

y el trabajo y el ministerio que estan contratados adentro. 

Ruego que usted los protegiera contra las fuerzas espirituales 

que podrian danarlas o retardarlas abajo. Ayudeme por favor cuando 

utilize este nuevo testamento tambien para pensar en ellas de modo 

que pueda rogar para ellas y asi que pueden continuar ayudando a mas 
gente Ruego que usted me diera un amor de su palabra santa, 
y que usted me daria la sabiduria y el discernimiento espirituales 

para conocerle mejor y para entender los tiempos que estamos 
adentro y como ocuparse de las dificultades que me enfrentan con cada dfa. 
Serior God, me ayuda a desear conocerle mejor y desear ayudar 
a otros cristianos en mi area y alrededor del mundo. Ruego que usted 
diera el Web site y los de Ebook el equipo y los que trabajan en 

que les ayudan su sabiduria. Ruego que usted ayudara a los miembros 
individuales de su familia (y de mi familia) espiritual a no ser engafiado, 

pero entenderle y desear aceptarle y seguir de cada manera. 
y pido que usted haga estas cosas en el nombre de Jesus, amen, i 

(por que lo hacemos tradujeron esto a muchas idiomas? 

Porque necesitamos a tanto rezo como sea posible, 

y a tanta gente que ruega para nosotros y el este ministerio 

tan a menudo como sea posible. Gracias por su ayuda. 

El rezo es una de las mejores maneras que usted puede ayudarnos mas) 


Hungary, Hungarian, Hungary Hungarian Maygar PrayerJ ezus Krisztus 

Imadsag hoz Isten Hogyan viselkedni Imadkozik hoz tud hall az en m 

viselkedni kerdez ad segitszamomra 

Hungarian - Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) to God 
- explained in Hungarian Language 

Beszelo -hoz Isten , a Alkoto -bol Vilagegyetem , a Lord : 
L amit on akar ad szamomra a batorsag -hoz imadkozik a 
dolog amit Vennem kell imadkozik 

2. amit on akar ad szamomra a batorsag -hoz hisz on es 
elfogad amit akrsz igy csinalni eletemmel , helyett en 
felemel az en -m sajat akarat ( szandek ) fenti one. 

3. amit on akar add nekem segit -hoz nem enged az en -m 
fel -bol ismeretlen -hoz valik a kifogas , vagy a alap ertem 
nem -hoz szolgal you. 

4. amit on akar add nekem segit -hoz lat es -hoz megtanul 
hogyan viselkedni volna a szellemi ero Sziiksegem van ( 
atmeno -a szo a Biblia ) egy ) reszere a esemeny elore es b 
betii ) reszere az en -m sajat szemelyes szellemi utazas. 

5. Amit on Isten akar add nekem segit -hoz akar -hoz szolgal 
On tobb 

6. Amit on akar emlekeztet en -hoz -val beszel on 
prayerwhen ) En csalodott vagy -ban nehezseg , helyett 
kiprobalas -hoz hatarozat dolog en magam egyetlen atmeno 
az en -m emberi ero. 

7. Amit on akar add nekem Bolcsesseg es egy sziv toltott - 
val Bibliai Bolcsesseg azert EN akar szolgal on tobb 

8. Amit on akar adjon nekem egy -t vagy -hoz dolgozoszoba 
-a szo , a Biblia ,( a Uj Vegrendelet Evangelium -bol Budi ), 
-ra egy szemelyes alap 

9. amit on akar ad segitseg szamomra azert En kepes -hoz 
eszrevesz dolog -ban Biblia ( -a szo ) melyik EN tud 
szemelyesen elmond -hoz , es amit akarat segitsen nekem ert 
amit akrsz en -hoz csinal eletemben. 

10. Amit on akar add nekem nagy itelokepesseg , -hoz ert 
hogyan viselkedni megmagyaraz -hoz masikak ki on , es 
amit EN akar kepesnek lenni megtenni megtanul hogyan 
viselkedni megtanul es tud hogyan viselkedni kiall mellett 
on es en -a szo ( a Biblia ) 

1 1 . Amit on akar hoz emberek ( vagy websites ) eletemben 
ki akar -hoz tud on es en , ki van eros -ban -uk pontos 
megertes -bol on ( Isten ); es Amit on akar hoz emberek ( 
vagy websites ) eletemben ki lesz kepes -hoz batorit en -hoz 
pontosan megtanul hogyan viselkedni feloszt a Biblia a szo - 
bol igazsag (2 Komocsin 215:). 

12. Amit on akar segitsen nekem -hoz megtanul -hoz volna 
nagy megertes koriilbelul melyik Biblia valtozat van legjobb 
, melyik van a leg— bb pontos , es melyik birtokol a leg— bb 
szellemi ero & ero , es melyik valtozat egyeztet -val a 
eredeti kezirat amit on ihletett a iroi hivatas -bol Uj 
Vegrendelet -hoz ir. 

13. Amit on akar ad segit szamomra -hoz hasznal idom -ban 
egy jo ut , es nem -hoz elpusztit idom -ra Hamis vagy iires 
modszer kozelebb keriilni -hoz Isten ( de amit van nem 

hiisegesen Bibliai ), es hoi azok modszer termel nem hosszu 
ideje vagy tartos szellemi gyiimolcs. 

14. Amit on akar ad segitseg szamomra -hoz ert mit tenni 
keres -ban egy templom vagy egy istentisztelet helye , mi 
fajta -bol kerdes -hoz kerdez , es amit on akar segitsen 
nekem -hoz talal hivok vagy egy lelkesz -val nagy szellemi 
bolcsesseg helyett konnyii vagy hamis valaszol. 

15. amit on akar okoz en -hoz emlekszik -hoz memorizal -a 
szo a Biblia ( mint Romaiak 8), azert EN tud volna ez 
szivemben es volna az en -m torodik elokeszitett , es lenni 
kesz ad egy valaszol -hoz masikak -bol remel amit Nekem 
van koriilbelUl on. 

16. Amit on akar hoz segit szamomra azert az en -m sajat 
teologia es tetelek -hoz egyeterteni -a szo , a Biblia es amit 
on akar folytatodik segiteni neki en tud hogyan az en -m 
megertes -bol doktrina lehet kozmiivesitett azert az en -m 
sajat elet , eletmod es megertes folytatodik -hoz lenni zaro - 
hoz amit akrsz ez -hoz lenni ertem. 

17. Amit on akar nyit az en -m szellemi bepillantas ( 
kovetkeztetes ) tobb es tobb , es amit hoi az en -m megertes 
vagy eszrevetel -bol on van nem pontos , amit on akar 
segitsen nekem -hoz megtanul ki Jezus Krisztus hiisegesen 

18. Amit on akar ad segit szamomra azert EN akar kepesnek 
lenni megtenni szetvalaszt akarmi hamis ritusok melyik 
Nekem van fljgges -ra , -bol -a tiszta tanitas -ban Biblia , ha 
akarmi mibol En alabbiak van nem -bol Isten , vagy van 
ellenkezo -hoz amit akrsz -hoz tanit minket koriilbelUl 
alabbiak on. 

19. Amit akarmi kenyszerit -bol rossz akar nem eltesz 
akarmi szellemi megertes melyik Nekem van , de elegge 
amit EN akar megtart a tudas -bol hogyan viselkedni tud on 
es en nem -hoz lenni tevedesben lenni ezekben a napokban - 
bol szellemi csalas. 

20. Amit on akar hoz szellemi ero es segit szamomra azert 
EN akarat nem -hoz lenni resze a Nagy Eses El vagy -bol 
akarmi mozgalom melyik akar lenni lelkileg utanzott -hoz 
on es en -hoz -a Szent Szo 

21. Amit ha van akarmi amit Nekem van megtett eletemben 
, vagy barmilyen modon amit Nekem van nem alperes -hoz 
on ahogy ettem kellet volna volna es ez minden 
megakadalyozas en -bol egyik gyaloglas veled , vagy 
birtoklas megertes , amit on akar hoz azok dolog / valasz / 
esemeny vissza bele az en -m torodik , azert EN akar 
lemond oket neveben Jezus Krisztus , es mind az osszes -uk 
hat es kovetkezmeny , es amit on akar helyettesit akarmi 
uresseg , sadness vagy ketsegbeeses eletemben -val a Orom - 
bol Lord , es amit EN akar lenni tobb fokuszalva tanulas - 
hoz kovet on mellett olvaso -a szo , a Biblia 

22. Amit on akar nyit az en -m szemek azert EN akar 
kepesnek lenni megtenni vilagosan lat es felismer ha van 
egy Nagy Csalas koriilbelul Szellemi tema , hogyan 
viselkedni ert ez jelenseg ( vagy ezek esemeny ) -bol egy 
Bibliai perspektiva , es amit on akar add nekem bolcsesseg - 
hoz tud es igy amit EN akarat megtanul hogyan viselkedni 
segit barataim es szeretett egyek ( rokon ) nem lenni resze it. 

23. Amit on akar biztosit amit egyszer az en -m szemek van 
kinyitott es az en -m torodik ert a szellemi jelentoseg -bol 
idoszerii esemeny bevetel hely a vilagon , amit on akar 
elokeszit szivem elfogadtatni magam -a igazsag , es amit on 
akar segitsen nekem ert hogyan viselkedni talal batorsag es 

ero atmeno -a Szent Szo , a Biblia. Neveben Jezus Krisztus , 
En kerdezek mindezekert igazol kivansagom -hoz lenni -ban 
megallapodas -a akarat , es En kerdezes reszere -a 
bolcsesseg es kocsit berelni szerelem -bol Igazsag Amen 

Tobb alul -bol Oldal 
Hogyan viselkedni volna Orokelet 

Vagyunk boldog ha ez oldalra dol ( -bol imadsag kereslet - 
hoz Isten ) van kepes -hoz tamogat on. Mi ert ez majus nem 
lenni a legjobb vagy a leg— bb hatasos forditas. Mi ert amit 
vannak sok kiilonbozo ways -bol kifejezheto gondoUcodas es 
szoveg. Ha onnek van egy javaslat reszere egy jobb forditas 
, vagy ha tetszene neked -hoz fog egy kicsi osszeg -bol idod 
-hoz kiild javaslatok hozzank , lesz lenni eteladag ezer -bol 
mas emberek is , ki akarat akkor olvas a kozmiivesitett 
forditas. Mi gyakran volna egy Uj Vegrendelet elerheto -ban 
-a nyelv vagy -ban nyelvek amit van ritka vagy regi. Ha on 
latszo reszere egy Uj Vegrendelet -ban egy kiilonleges nyelv 
, legyen szives tr hozzank. Is , akarunk hogy biztosak 
legyiink es megprobal -hoz kommunikal amit neha , 
megtesszuk felajanl konyv amit van nem Szabad es amit 
csinal ar penz. De ha on nem tud ad nehanyuk elektronikus 
konyv , mi tud gyakran csinal egy cserel -bol elektronikus 
konyv reszere segit -val forditas vagy forditas dolgozik. 
Csinalsz nem kell lenni profi munkas , csak keves szabalyos 
szemely akit erdekel eteladag. Onnek kellene volna egy 
szamitogep vagy onnek kellene volna belepes -hoz egy 
szamitogep -on -a helyi konyvtar vagy kollegium vagy 
egyetem , ota azok altalaban volna jobb kapcsolatok -hoz 

Tudod is altalaban alapit -a sajat szemelyes SZABAD 
elektronikus posta szamla mellett halado 

Legyen szives fog egy pillanat -hoz talal a elektronikus 
posta cim eUielyezett alul vagy a veg ebbol oldal. Mi remel 
lesz kiild elektronikus posta hozzank , ha ez -bol segit vagy 
batoritas. Mi is batorit on -hoz kapcsolat minket 
vonatkozolag Elektronikus Konyv hogy tudunk felajanl amit 
van nelkiil ar , es szabad. 

Megtessziik vohia sok konyv -ban kiilfoldi nyelvek , de 
megtessziik nem mindig hely oket -hoz kap elektronikusan ( 
letolt ) mert mi egyetlen csinal elerheto a konyv vagy a tema 
amit van a leg— bb kereslet. Mi batorit on -hoz folytatodik - 
hoz imadkozik -hoz Isten es -hoz folytatodik -hoz megtanul 
rola mellett olvaso a Uj Vegrendelet. Mi szivesen lat -a 
kerdes es magyarazat mellett elektronikus posta. 



Italian- Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) to God - 
explained in Italian Language 

Italian prayer jesus Cristo Preghiera come pregare al del dio 11 dio puo 
sentirsi preghiera come chiedere dio di dare allaiuto me 

Parlando al dio, il creatore dell' universe, il signore: 

1. che dareste me al coraggio pregare le cose di che ho 
bisogno per pregare 

2. che dareste me al coraggio crederli ed accettare che cosa 
desiderate fare con la mia vita, anziche me che exalting il 
miei propri volonta (intenzione) sopra il vostro. 

3. che mi dareste I'aiuto per non lasciare i miei timori dello 
sconosciuto transformarsi in nelle giustificazioni, o la base 
per me per non servirlo. 

4. che mi dareste I'aiuto per vedere ed imparare come avere 
la resistenza spiritosa io abbia bisogno (con la vostra parola 
bibbia) di a) per gli eventi avanti e b) per il mio proprio 
viaggio spiritoso personale. 

5. Che dio mi dareste I'aiuto per desiderare servirli di piii 

6. Che mi ricordereste comunicare con voi (prayer)when io 
sono frustrati o in difficolta, invece di provare a risolvere le 
cose io stesso soltanto con la mia resistenza umana. 

7. Che mi dareste la saggezza e un cuore si e riempito di 
saggezza biblica in modo che li servissi piii efficacemente. 

8. Che mi dareste un desiderio studiare la vostra parola, la 
bibbia, (il nuovo gospel del Testamento di John), a titolo 

9. che dareste ad assistenza me in modo che possa notare le 
cose nella bibbia (la vostra parola) a cui posso riferire 
personalmente ed a che Io aiutera a capire che cosa Io 
desiderate fare nella mia vita. 

10. Che mi dareste il discernment grande, per capire come 
spiegare ad altri che siate e che potrei imparare come 
imparare e sapere levarsi in piedi in su per voi e la vostra 
parola (bibbia) 

1 1 . Che portereste la gente (o i Web site) nella mia vita che 
desidera conoscerla e che e forte nella loro comprensione 
esatta di voi (dio); e quello portereste la gente (o i Web site) 
nella mia vita che potra consigliarmi imparare esattamente 
come dividere la bibbia la parola della verita (2 coda di todo 

12. Che lo aiutereste ad imparare avere comprensione 
grande circa quale versione della bibbia e la cosa migliore, 
che e la piii esatta e che ha la resistenza & I'alimentazione 
pill spiritose e che la versione accosente con i manoscritti 
originali che avete ispirato gli autori di nuovo Testamento 

13. Che dareste I'aiuto me per usare il mio tempo in un buon 
senso e per non sprecare il mio tempo sui metodi falsi o 
vuoti di ottenere piii vicino al dio (ma a quello non sia 
allineare biblico) e dove quel metodi non producono frutta 
spiritosa di lunga durata o durevole. 

14. Che dareste I'assistenza me capire che cosa cercare in 
una chiesa o in un posto di culto, che generi di domande da 
chiedere e che lo aiutereste a trovare i believers o un pastor 
con saggezza spiritosa grande anziche le risposte facili o 

15. di che lo indurreste a ricordarsi per memorizzare la 
vostra parola la bibbia (quale Romans 8), di modo che posso 
averlo nel mio cuore e fare la mia prepararsi mente ed e 

aspetti per dare una risposta ad altre della speranza che ho 
circa voi. 

16. Che portereste I'aiuto me in modo che la mie proprie 
teologia e dottrine per accosentire con la vostra parola, la 
bibbia e che continuereste a aiutarli a sapere la mia 
comprensione della dottrina puo essere migliorata in modo 
che la miei propri vita, lifestyle e capire continui ad essere 
pill vicino a che cosa lo desiderate essere per me. 

17. Che aprireste la mia comprensione spiritosa 
(conclusioni) di piii e piii e che dove la mia comprensione o 
percezione di voi non e esatta, che lo aiutereste ad imparare 
chi Jesus Christ allineare e. 

18. Che dareste I'aiuto me in modo che possa separare tutti i 
rituali falsi da cui ho dipeso, dai vostri insegnamenti liberi 
nella bibbia, se c'e ne di che cosa sono seguente non e del 
dio, o e contrari a che cosa desiderate per insegnarli - circa 
quanto segue. 

19. Che alcune forze della malvagita non toglierebbero la 
comprensione affatto spiritosa che abbia, ma piuttosto che 
mantennrei la conoscenza di come conoscerli e non essere 
ingannato dentro attualmente di inganno spiritoso. 

20. Che portereste la resistenza spiritosa ed aiutereste a me 
in modo che non faccia parte del ritirarsi grande o di alcun 
movimento che sarebbe spiritual falsificato a voi ed alia 
vostra parola santa. 

21. Quello se ci e qualche cosa che faccia nella mia vita, o 
qualsiasi senso che non ho risposto a voi come dovrei avere 
e quello sta impedendomi di camminare con voi, o avere 
capire, che portereste quel things/responses/events 
nuovamente dentro la mia mente, di modo che rinuncerei 

loro in nome di Jesus Christ e tutte i loro effetti e 
conseguenze e che sostituireste tutta la emptiness, tristezza o 
disperazione nella mia vita con la gioia del signore e che di 
pill sarei messo a fuoco sull'imparare seguirli leggendo la 
vostra parola, bibbia. 

22. Che aprireste i miei occhi in modo che possa vedere e 
riconoscere chiaramente se ci e un inganno grande circa i 
soggetti spiritosi, come capire questo fenomeno (o questi 
eventi) da una prospettiva biblica e che mi dareste la 
saggezza per sapere ed in modo che imparl come aiutare i 
miei amici ed amavo ones (parenti) per non fare parte di 

23. Che vi accertereste che i miei occhi siano aperti una 
volta e la mia mente capisce I'importanza spiritosa degli 
eventi correnti che avvengono nel mondo, che abbiate 
preparato il mio cuore per accettare la vostra verita e che lo 
aiutereste a capire come trovare il coraggio e la resistenza 
con la vostra parola santa, la bibbia. In nome di Jesus Christ, 
chiedo queste cose che confermano il mio desiderio essere 
nell'accordo la vostra volonta e sto chiedendo la vostra 
saggezza ed avere un amore della verita. Amen. 

Pill in calce alia pagina 
come avere vita Etema 

Siamo felici se questa lista (delle richieste di preghiera al 
dio) puo aiutarli. Capiamo che questa non puo essere la 
traduzione migliore o piii efficace. Capiamo che ci sono 
molti sensi differenti di esprimere i pensieri e le parole. Se 
avete un suggerimento per una traduzione migliore, o se 

voleste occorrere una piccola quantita di vostro tempo di 
trasmettere i suggerimenti noi, aiuterete i migliaia della 
gente inoltre, che allora leggera la traduzione migliorata. 
Abbiamo spesso un nuovo Testamento disponibile in vostra 
lingua o nelle lingue che sono rare o vecchie. 

Se state cercando un nuovo Testamento in una lingua 
specifica, scriva prego noi. Inoltre, desideriamo essere sicuri 
e proviamo a comunicare a volte quello, offriamo i libri che 
non sono liberi e che costano i soldi. Ma se non potete 
permettersi alcuni di quel libri elettronici, possiamo fare 
spesso uno scambio di libri elettronici per aiuto con la 
traduzione o il lavoro di traduzione. 

Non dovete essere un operaio professionista, solo una 
persona normale che e interessata nell'assistenza. Dovreste 
avere un calcolatore o dovreste avere accesso ad un 
calcolatore alia vostra biblioteca o universita o universita 
locale, poiche quelli hanno solitamente collegamenti 
migliori al Internet. Potete anche stabilire solitamente il 
vostro proprio cliente LIBERO personale della posta 
elettronica andando al ### di prego 
occorrete un momento per trovare I'indirizzo della posta 
elettronica situato alia parte inferiore o all'estremita di 
questa pagina. Speriamo che trasmettiate la posta elettronica 
noi, se questa e di aiuto o di incoraggiamento. Inoltre vi 
consigliamo metterseli in contatto con riguardo ai libri 
elettronici che offriamo quello siamo senza costo e 

che libero abbiamo molti libri neUe lingue straniere, ma 
non le disponiamo sempre per ricevere elettronicamente 
(trasferimento dal sistema centrale verso i satelliti) perche 
rendiamo soltanto disponibile i libri o i soggetti che sono 
chiesti. Vi consigliamo continuare a pregare al dio ed a 
continuare ad imparare circa lui leggendo il nuovo 

Testamento. Accogliamo favorevolmente le vostre domande 
ed osservazioni da posta elettronica. 

Preghiera al dio Caro Dio, Grazie che questo gospel o 
questo nuovo Testamento e stato liberato in modo che 
possiamo impararvi piii circa. Aiuti prego la gente 
responsabile del rendere questo libro elettronico disponibile. 
Conoscete che chi sono e potete aiutarle. 

Aiutile prego a potere funzionare velocemente e renda i libri 
piu elettronici disponibili Aiutili prego ad avere tutte le 
risorse, i soldi, la resistenza ed il tempo di che hanno 
bisogno per potere continuare a funzionare per voi. 
Aiuti prego quelli che fanno parte della squadra che le aiuta 
su una base giomaliere. Prego dia loro la resistenza per 
continuare e dare ciascuno di loro la comprensione spiritosa 
per il lavoro che li desiderate fare. Aiuti loro prego ciascuno 
a non avere timore ed a non ricordarsi di che siete il dio che 
risponde alia preghiera e che e incaricato di tutto. Prego che 
consigliereste loro e che li proteggete ed il lavoro & il 
ministero che sono agganciati dentro. 

Prego che li proteggereste dalle forze spiritose o da altri 
ostacoli che potrebbero nuoc o ritardarli giii. Aiutilo prego 
quando uso questo nuovo Testamento anche per pensare alia 
gente che ha reso questa edizione disponibile, di modo che 
posso pregare per loro ed in modo da puo continuare a 
aiutare piil gente. 

Prego che mi dareste un amore della vostra parola santa (il 
nuovo Testamento) e che mi dareste la saggezza ed il 
discernment spiritosi per conoscerli meglio e per capire il 

periodo di tempo ou stiamo vivendo. Aiutilo prego a sapere 
risolvere le difficolta che sono confrontato con ogni giomo. 
II signore God, lo aiuta a desiderare conoscerli piu meglio e 
desiderare aiutare altri cristiani nella mia zona ed intomo al 

Prego che dareste la squadra elettronica e coloro del libro 
che le aiuta la vostra saggezza. 

Prego che aiutereste i diversi membri della loro famiglia (e 
della mia famiglia) spiritual a non essere ingannati, ma 
capirli e desiderare accettarli e seguire in ogni senso. Inoltre 
diaci la comodita ed il consiglio in questi periodi ed io vi 
chiedono di fare queste cose in nome di Jesus, amen. 



Portuguese PrayerCristo Pedidoa DeusComoorara Deus 
podemouvirmy pedido perguntarDeus darajuda a me 
Portuguese - Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) to God 
- explained in Portugues (Portugues) Language 

Falando ao deus, o criador do universo, senhor: 

1 . que voce daria a mim a coragem pray as coisas que eu 
necessito pray 

2. que voce daria a mim a coragem o acreditar e aceitar o 
que voce quer fazer com minha vida, em vez de mim que 
exalting meus proprios vontade (inten^ao) acima de seu. 

3. que voce me daria a ajuda para nao deixar meus medos do 
desconhecido se transformar as desculpas, ou a base para 
mim para nao Die servir. 

4. que voce me daria a ajuda para ver e aprender como ter a 
for^a espiritual mim necessite (com sua palavra o bible) a) 
para os eventos adiante e b) para minha propria viagem 
espiritual pessoal. 

5. Que voce deus me daria a ajuda para querer Die servir 

6. Que voce me lembraria falar com voce (prayer)when me 
sao frustrados ou na dificuldade, em vez de tentar resolver 
coisas eu mesmo somente com minha for^a humana. 

7. Que voce me daria a sabedoria e um cora^ao encheu-se 
com a sabedoria biblical de modo que eu Die servisse mais 

8. Que voce me daria um desejo estudar sua palavra, o bible, 
(o gospel do testament novo de John), em uma base pessoal, 

9. que voce daria a auxilio a mim de modo que eu pudesse 
observar coisas no bible (sua palavra) a que eu posso 
pessoalmente se relacionar, e a que me ajudara compreender 
o que voce me quer fazer em minha vida. 

10. Que voce me daria o discernment grande, para 
compreender como explicar a outro que voce e, e que eu 

poderia aprender como aprender e saber estar acima para 
voce e sua palavra (o bible) 

1 1 . Que voce traria os povos (ou os Web site) em minha 
vida que querem o conhecer, e que sao fortes em sua 
compreensao exata de voce (deus); e isso voce traria povos 
(ou Web site) em minha vida que podera me incentivar 
aprender exatamente como dividir o bible a palavra da 
verdade (2 timothy 2: 15). 

12. Que voce me ajudaria aprender ter a compreensao 
grande sobre que versao do bible e a mais meUior, que sao a 
mais exata, e que tem a forga & o poder os mais espirituais, 
e que a versao concorda com os manuscritos originals que 
voce inspirou os autores do testament novo escrever. 

13. Que voce me daria a ajuda para usar meu tempo em uma 
maneira boa, e para nao desperdi^ar minha hora em metodos 
falsos ou vazios de come^ar mais perto do deus (mas 
daquele nao seja verdadeiramente biblical), e onde aqueles 
metodos nao produzem nenhuma fruta espiritual a longo 
prazo ou duravel. 

14. Que voce me daria o auxilio compreender o que 
procurar em uma igreja ou em um lugar da adoragao, que 
tipos das perguntas a pedir, e que voce me ajudaria 
encontrar believers ou um pastor com sabedoria espiritual 
grande em vez das respostas faceis ou falsas. 15. que voce 
faria com que eu recordasse memorizar sua palavra o bible 
(tal como Romans 8), de modo que eu pudesse o ter em meu 
coragao e ter minha mente preparada, e estivessem pronto 
para dar uma resposta a outra da esperanfa que eu tenho 
sobre voce. 

16. Que voce me traria a ajuda de modo que mens proprios 
theology e doutrinas para concordar com sua palavra, o 

bible e que voce continuaria a me ajudar saber minha 
compreensao da doutrina pode ser melhorada de modo que 
meus proprios vida, lifestyle e compreensao continuem a ser 
mais perto de o que voce a quer ser para mim. 

17. Que voce abriria minha introspec^ao espiritual 
(conclusoes) mais e mais, e que onde minha compreensao 
ou percep^ao de voce nao sao exata, que voce me ajudaria 
aprender quem Jesus Christ e verdadeiramente. 

18. Que voce me daria a ajuda de modo que eu possa 
separar todos os rituals falsos de que eu depender, de sens 
ensinos desobstruidos no bible, se alguma de o que eu sou 
seguinte nao sao do deus, nem sao contrarias a o que voce 
quer nos ensinar - sobre o seguir. 

19. Que nenhumas for^as do evil nao removeriam a 
compreensao espiritual que eu tenho, mas rather que eu 
reteria o conhecimento de como o conhecer e nao ser iludido 
nestes dias do deception espiritual. 

20. Que voce traria a for^a espiritual e me ajudaria de modo 
que eu nao seja parte da queda grande afastado ou de 
nenhum movimento que fosse espiritual forjado a voce e a 
sua palavra holy. 

21. Isso se houver qualquer coisa que eu fiz em minha vida, 
ou alguma maneira que eu nao Uie respondi como eu devo 
ter e aquela esta impedindo que eu ande com voce, ou ter a 
compreensao, que voce traria aqueles 
things/responses/events para tras em minha mente, de modo 
que eu os renunciasse no nome de Jesus Christ, e em todas 
sens efeitos e conseqiiencias, e que voce substituiria todo o 
emptiness, sadness ou desespero em minha vida com a 
alegria do senhor, e que eu estaria focalizado mais na 
aprendizagem o seguir lendo sua palavra, o bible. 

22. Que voce abriria meus olhos de modo que eu possa ver e 
reconhecer claramente se houver um deception grande sobre 
topicos espirituais, como compreender este fenomeno (ou 
estes eventos) de um perspective biblical, e que voce me 
daria a sabedoria para saber e de modo que eu aprenderei 
como ajudar a meus amigos e amei (parentes) nao ser parte 

23. Que voce se asseguraria de que meus oUios estejam 
abertos uma vez e minha mente compreende o significado 
espiritual dos eventos atuais que ocorrem no mundo, que 
voce prepararia meu cora^ao para aceitar sua verdade, e que 
voce me ajudaria compreender como encontrar a coragem e 
a for^a com sua palavra holy, o bible. No nome de Jesus 
Christ, eu pe^o estas coisas que confirmam meu desejo ser 
no acordo sua vontade, e eu estou pedindo sua sabedoria e 
para ter um amor da verdade. Amen. 

Mais no fundo da pagina 
como ter a vida eternal 

Nos estamos contentes se esta lista (de pedidos do prayer ao 
deus) puder Die ajudar. Nos compreendemos que esta nao 
pode ser a mais melhor ou tradu^ao a mais eficaz. Nos 
compreendemos que ha muitas maneiras diferentes de 
expressar pensamentos e palavras. Se voce tiver uma 
sugestao para uma tradu^ao melhor, ou se voce gostar de 
fazer exame de um pouco de seu tempo nos emitir 
sugestoes, voce estara ajudando a miUiares dos povos 
tambem, que lerao entao a tradu^ao meUiorada. Nos temos 
frequentemente um testament novo disponivel em sua lingua 
ou nas linguas que sao raras ou veUias. Se voce estiver 
procurando um testament novo em uma lingua especifica, 
escreva-nos por favor. 

Tambem, nos queremos ser certos e tentamos comunicar as 
vezes isso, nos oferecemos os livros que nao estao livres e 
que custam o dinheiro. Mas se voce nao puder ter recursos 
para alguns daqueles livros eletronicos, nos podemos 
frequentemente fazer uma troca de livros eletronicos para a 
ajuda com tradu^ao ou trabaUio da tradu^ao. Voce nao tern 
que ser um trabaUiador profissional, only uma pessoa 
regular que esteja interessada na ajuda. 

Voce deve ter um computador ou voce deve ter o acesso a 
um computador em sua biblioteca ou faculdade ou 
universidade local, desde que aqueles tem geralmente 
conexoes melhores ao Internet. 

Voce pode tambem geralmente estabelecer seu proprio 
cliente LIVRE pessoal do correio eletronico indo ao ### de faz exame por favor de um momento para 
encontrar o enderego do correio eletronico ficado situado no 
fundo ou na extremidade desta pagina. Nos esperamos que 
voce nos emita o correio eletronico, se este for da ajuda ou 
do incentivo. Nos incentivamo-lo tambem contatar-nos a 
respeito dos livros eletronicos que nos oferecemos a isso 
somos sem custo, e 

que livre nos temos muitos livros em linguas extrangeiras, 
mas nos nao as colocamos sempre para receber 
eletronicamente (download) porque nos fazemos somente 
disponivel os livros ou os topicos que sao os mais pedidos. 
Nos incentivamo-lo continuar a pray ao deus e a continuar a 
aprender sobre ele lendo o testament novo. Nos damos boas- 
vindas a sens perguntas e comentarios pelo correio 


Estimado Dios , Gracias aquel esto Nuevo Testamento has 
estado disparador a fin de que nosotros estamos capaz a 
aprender mas acerca de usted. Por favor ayiideme la gente 
responsable por haciendo esto Electronica libro disponible. 
Por favor ayudeme esten capaz de obra ayuna , y hacer mas 
Electronica libros mayor disponible Por favor ayudeme 
esten haber todo el recursos , el dinero , el potencia y el 
tiempo aquel ellos necesidad para poder guardar laboral para 
ti. Por favor ayudeme esos aquel esta parte de la equipo 
aquel ayuda ellas en un corriente base. 

Por favor dar ellas el potencia a continuar y dar cada de ellas 
el espiritual comprension por lo obra aquel usted necesidad 
esten hacer. Por favor ayudeme cada de esten no haber 
miedo y a acordarse de aquel usted esta el Dios quien 
respuestas oracion y quien es el encargado de todo. 
Oro aquel usted haria animar ellas , y aquel usted amparar 
ellas , y los trabajadores & ministerio aquel son ocupado en. 
Oro aquel usted haria amparar ellas desde el Espiritual 
Fuerzas o otro obstaculos aquel puedes dano ellas o lento 
ellas down. 

Por favor ayudeme cuando YO uso esto Nuevo Testamento 
a tambien creer de la personas quien haber hecho esto 
edicion disponible , a fin de que YO lata orar por ellas y asi 
ellos lata continuar a ayuda mas personas Oro aquel usted 
haria deme un amor de su Santo Palabra ( el Nuevo 
Testamento ), y aquel usted haria deme espiritual juicio y 
discemimientos saber usted mejor y a comprender el tiempo 
aquel nosotros estamos viviente en. 

Por favor ayiideme saber como a tratar con el dificultades 
aquel Estoy confrontar con todos los dias. Senor Dios , 
Ayiidame querer saber usted Mejor y querer a ayuda otro 
Cristianos en mi area y alrededor del mundo. Oro aquel 
usted haria dar el Electronica libro equipo y esos quien obra 
en la telas y esos quien ayuda ellas su juicio. 

Oro aquel usted haria ayuda el individuo miembros de su 
familia ( y mi familia ) a no estar espiritualmente engaiiado , 
pero a comprender usted y querer a aceptar y seguir usted en 
todos los dias camino. y YO preguntar usted hacer estos 
cosas en nombre de Jesus , Amen , 


Kjsere God , Takk skal du ha det denne Ny Testamentet 

er blitt befridd i den grad at vi er dugelig a h0re Here om du. 
Behage hjelpe folket ansvarlig for gj0r denne Elektronisk 
bestille anvendelig. Behage hjelpe seg a bli kj0pedyktig 
arbeide rask , og lage flere Elektronisk b0ker anvendelig 
Behage hjelpe seg a ha alle ressursene , pengene , det styrke 
og klokken det de n0d for at vsere i stand til oppbevare 
arbeider til deres. 

Behage hjelpe dem det er del av teamet det hjelpe seg opp 
pa en hverdags basis. Behage gir seg det styrke a fortsette og 
gir hver av seg det sprit forstaelse for det arbeide det du 
0nske seg a gj0re. 

Behage hjelpe hver av seg a ikke ha rank og a erindre det du 
er det God hvem svar b0nn og hvem er i ledelsen av alt. JEG 
be det du ville oppmuntre seg , og det du beskytte seg , og 
det arbeide & ministerium det de er forlovet inne. JEG be 
det du ville beskytte seg fra det Sprit Presser eller annet 
obstacles det kunne skade seg eller langsom seg ned. 

Behage hjelpe meg nar JEG bruk denne Ny Testamentet a 
likeledes tenke pa folket hvem ha fremstilt denne opplag 
anvendelig , i den grad at JEG kanne be for seg hvorfor de 
kanne fortsette a hjelpe flere folk JEG be det du ville gir 
meg en kjserlighet til din Hellig Ord ( det Ny Testamentet ), 
og det du ville gir meg sprit klokskap og discernment a vite 
du bedre og a oppfatte perioden det vi lever inne. 
Behage hjelpe meg a vite hvor a beskjeftige seg med 
problemene det JEG er stilt overfor hver dag. Lord God , 
Hjelpe meg a vil gjeme vite du Bedre og a vil gjeme hjelpe 
annet Kristen inne meg omrade og i nserheten verden. 
JEG be det du ville gir det Elektronisk bestille lag og dem 
hvem arbeide med det website og dem hvem hjelpe seg din 
klokskap. JEG be det du ville hjelpe individet medlemmer 
av deres slekt ( og meg slekt ) a ikke vsere spiritually narret , 
bortsett fra a oppfatte du og a vil gjeme godkjenne og f0lge 
etter etter du inne enhver vei. og JEG anmode du a gj0re 
disse saker inne navnet av Jesus , Samarbeidsvillig , 



Swedish - Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) to God - 
explained in Swedish Language 

Swedish Prayer Bon till Gud Jesus Hur till Be Hur kanna 
hora min Hur till fraga Gud till ger hjalp finna ande Ledning 
Talande till Gud , skaparen om Universum , den Var Herre 
och Fralsare : 

1 . sa pass du skulle ger till jag tapperheten till be sakema sa 
pass Jag nod till be 

2. sa pass du skulle ger till jag tapperheten till tro pa du och 
accept vad du vilja till gor med min liv , i stallet for jag 
upphoja min aga vilja ( avsikt ) over din. 

3. sa pass du skulle ge mig hjalp till inte lata min radsla om 
okand till bli den ursakta , eller basisten for jag inte till tjana 

4. sa pass du skulle ge mig hjalp till se och tiU lara sig hur 
till har den ande styrka Jag nod ( igenom din uttrycka bibeln 
) en ) for handelsen fore och b ) for min aga personlig ande 

5. Sa pass du Gud skulle ge mig hjalp till vilja till tjana Du 

6. Sa pass du skulle paminna jag till samtal med du 
prayerwhen ) JAG er frustrerat eller i svarigheten , i stallet 
for forsokande till besluta sakema mig sjalv bara igenom 
min mansklig styrka. 

7. Sa pass du skulle ge mig Visdom och en hjartan fyllt med 
Biblisk Visdom sa fakta at JAG skulle tjana du mer 
effektivt. 8. Sa pass du skulle ge mig en onska till studera 
din uttrycka , bibeln , ( den Ny Testamente Evangelium av 
John ), pa en personlig basis 9. sa pass du skulle ger hjalp 

till jag sa fakta at JAG er kopa duktig marka sakema inne 
om Bibel ( din uttrycka ) vilken JAG kanna personlig beratta 
till , och den dar vill hjalpa mig forsta vad du vilja jag till 
gor i min liv. 

10. Sa pass du skulle ge mig stor discernment , till forsta hur 
till forklara till sjalvaste vem du er , och sa pass JAG skulle 
kunde lara sig hur till lara sig och veta hur till lopa upp for 
du och mig din uttrycka ( bibeln ) 

1 1. Sa pass du skulle komma med folk ( eller websites ) i 
min liv vem vilja till veta du och mig , vem de/vi/du/ni ar 
stark i deras exakt forstandet av du ( Gud ); och Sa pass du 
skulle komma med folk ( eller websites ) i min liv vem vilja 
kunde uppmuntra jag till ackurat lara sig hur till fordela 
bibeln orden av sanning Timothy 215:). 

12. Sa pass du skulle hjalpa mig till lara sig till har stor 
forstandet om vilken Bibel version ar bast , vilken ar mest 
exakt , och vilken har mest ande styrka & formaga , och 
vilken version samtycke med det original manuskripten sa 
pass du inspirerat lorfattama om Ny Testamente till skriva. 

13. Sa pass du skulle ger hjalp till jag till anvanda min tid i 
en god vag , och inte till slosa min tid pa Falsk eller tom 
metodema till komma narmare till Gud ( utom sa pass 
blandar inte sant Biblisk ), och var den har metodema 
produkter ingen for lange siden tid eller varande ande frukt. 

14. Sa pass du skulle ger hjalp till jag till forsta vad till blick 
for i en kyrka eller en stalle av dyrkan , vad slagen av 
sporsmalen till fraga , och sa pass du skulle hjalpa mig till 
finna tro pa eller en pastor med stor ande visdom i stallet for 
latt eller falsk svar. 

15. sa pass du skulle orsak jag till minas till minnesmarke 
din uttrycka bibeln ( sadan som Romersk 8), sa fakta at JAG 
kanna har den i min hjartan och har min sinne beredd , och 
vara rede till a ger en svar till sjalvaste om hoppa pa att Jag 
har omkring du. 

16. Sa pass du skulle komma med hjalp till jag sa fakta at 
min aga theology och doktrin till samtycke med din uttrycka 
, bibeln och sa pass du skulle fortsatta till hjalpa mig veta 
hur min forstandet av doktrin kanna bli forbattrat sa fakta at 
min aga liv , livsform och forstandet fortsatt till vara nqjer 
till vad slut du vilja den till vara for jag. 

17. Sa pass du skulle oppen min ande inblicken ( 
sluttningama ) mer och mer , och sa pass var min forstandet 
eller uppfattningen av du ar inte exakt , sa pass du skulle 
hjalpa mig till lara sig vem Jesus Christ sant ar. 

18. Sa pass du skulle ger hjalp till jag sa fakta at JAG skulle 
kunde skild fran nagon falsk ritual vilken Jag har bero pa , 
fran din klar undervisning inne om Bibel , eventuell om vad 
JAG foljer ar inte av Gud , eller ar i strid mot vad du vilja 
till undervisa oss omkring foljande du. 

19. Sa pass nagon pressar av onda skulle inte ta bort nagon 
ande forstandet vilken Jag har , utom hellre sa pass JAG 
skulle halla kvar kunskap om hur till veta du och mig inte 
till bli lurat i den har dagen av ande bedrageri. 

20. Sa pass du skulle komma med ande styrka och hjalp till 
jag sa fakta at Jag vill inte till bli del om den Stor Stjarnfall 
Bort eller av nagon rorelse vilken skulle bli spiritually 
forfalskad till du och mig till din Helig Uttrycka 

21. Sa pass om dar er nagot sa pass Jag har gjort det min liv 
, eller nagon vag sa pass Jag har inte reagerat till du sa JAG 

skulle har och den dar er forhindrande jag fran endera 
vandrande med du , eller har forstandet , sa pass du skulle 
komma med den har sakema / svaren / handelsen rygg in i 
min sinne , sa fakta at JAG skulle avsaga sig dem inne om 
Namn av Jesus Christ , och all av deras verkningen och 
konsekvenserna , och sa pass du skulle satta tillbaka nagon 
tomhet , sadness eller fortvivlan i min liv med det Gladje om 
Var Herre och Fralsare , och sa pass JAG skulle bli mer 
focusen pa inlamingen tiU folja du vid lasande din uttrycka , 
den Bibel 

22. Sa pass du skulle oppen min oga sa fakta at JAG skulle 
kunde klar se och recognize om dar er en Stor Bedrageri 
omkring Ande amnena , hur till forsta den har phenomenon 
( eller de har handelsen ) fran en Biblisk perspektiv , och sa 
pass du skulle ge mig visdom till veta och sa sa pass Jag vill 
lara sig hur till hjalp min vannema och alskat en ( slaktingen 
) inte bli del om it. 

23. Sa pass du skulle tillforsakra sa pass en gang min oga 
de/vi/du/ni ar oppnat och min sinne forstar den ande mening 
av Strom handelsen tagande stalle pa jorden , sa pass du 
skulle forbereda min hjartan till accept din sanning , och sa 
pass du skulle hjalpa mig forsta hur till finna mod och styrka 
igenom din Helig Uttrycka , bibeln. Inne om namn av Jesus 
Christ , JAG fraga om de har sakema bekraftande min onska 
till vara i folje avtalen din vilja , och JAG fragar till deras 
visdom och till har en karlek om den Sanning 

Mer pa botten av Sida 
Hur till har Oandlig Liv 

Vi er glad om den har lista over ( bon anmoder till Gud ) ar 
duglig till hjalpa du. Vi forsta den har Maj inte bli den bast 
eller mest effektiv oversattning. Vi forsta det dar de/vi/du/ni 
ar manga olik vag av yttranden tanken och orden. Om du har 
en forslagen for en battre oversattning , eller om du skuUe 
lik till ta en liten belopp av din tid till sanda forslag till oss , 
du vill bli hjalpande tusenden av annan folk ocksa , vem 
vilja da lasa den fijrbattrat oversattning. Vi ofta har en Ny 
Testamente tillganglig i din sprak eller i spraken sa pass 
de/vi/du/ni ar sallsynt eller gammal. Om du er sett for en Ny 
Testamente i en bestamd sprak , behaga skriva till oss. 
Ocksa , vi behov till vara saker och forsok till meddela sa 
pass ibland , vi gor erbjudande bokna sa pass blandar inte 
Fri och sa pass gor kostnad pengar. Utom om du kan icke 
har rad med det nagot om den har elektronisk bokna , vi 
kanna ofta gor en byta av elektronisk bokna for hjalp med 
oversattning eller oversattning verk. 

Du hade inte till vara en professionell arbetaren , enda et par 
regelbunden person vem er han intresserad i hjalpande. Du 
borde har en computem eller du borde ha ingang till en 
computem pa din lokal bibliotek eller college eller 
universitet , sedan dess den har vanligtvis har battre 
forbindelsema till Internet. Du kanna ocksa vanligtvis 
grunda din aga personlig FRI elektronisk sanda med posten 
redovisa vid gar till 

### Behaga ta en stund till finna den elektronisk sanda med 
posten adress lokaliserat nederst eller sluten av den har sida. 
Vi hoppas du vill sanda elektronisk sanda med posten till 
oss , om den har er av hjalp eller uppmuntran. Vi ocksa 
uppmuntra du till komma i kontakt med oss angaande 
Elektronisk Bokna sa pass vi erbjudande sa pass de/vi/du/ni 
ar utan kostnad , och fri. 

Vi gor har manga bokna i utlandsk spraken , utom vi inte 
alltid stalle dem till ta emot elektronisk ( data overfor ) 
emedan vi bara gora tillganglig bokna eller amnena sa pass 
de/vi/du/ni ar mest begaret. Vi uppmuntra du till fortsatta till 
be till Gud och till fortsatta till lara sig omkring Honom vid 
lasande den Ny Testamente. Vi valkomnande din 
sporsmalen och kommentarema vid elektronisk sanda med 


Anwylyd Celi , Ddiolch 'ch a hon 'n Grai 
Destament gollyngwyd fel a allwn at ddysg hychwaneg 
amdanat. Blesio chyfnertha 'r boblogi 'n atebol achos yn 
gwneud hon Electronic llyfr ar gael. 

Blesio chyfnertha 'u at all gweithia ymprydia , a gwna 
hychwaneg Electronic llyfrau ar gael Blesio chyfnertha 'u at 
ca pawb 'r adnoddau , 'r arian , 'r chryfder a 'r amsera a hwy 
angen er all cadw yn gweithio atat. Blesio chyfnertha hynny 
sy barthu chan 'r heigia a chyfnertha 'u acha an everyday 

Blesio anrhega 'u 'r chryfder at arhosa a anrhega pob un 
chanddyn 'r 'n ysbrydol yn deall achos 'r gweithia a 'ch 
angen 'u at gwna. 

Blesio chyfnertha pob un chanddyn at mo ca arswyda a at 
atgofia a ach 'r Celi a atebiadau arawd a sy i mewn 
chyhudda chan bopeth. Archa a anogech 'u , a a achlesi 'u , a 
'r gweithia & gweinidogaeth a ]n cyflogedig i mewn. Archa 

a achlesech 'u chan 'r 'n Ysbrydol Grymoedd ai arall 
rhwystrau a could amhara 'u ai arafa 'u i lawr. 
Blesio chyfnertha 'm pryd Arfera hon 'n Grai Destament at 
hefyd dybied chan 'r boblogi a wedi gwneud hon argraffiad 
ar gael , fel a Alia gweddio am 'u a fel allan arhosa at 
chyfiiertha hychwaneg boblogi Archa a anrhegech 'm 
anwylaeth chan 'ch 'n gysegr-lan Eiria ( 'r 'n Grai Destament 
), a a anrhegech 'm 'n ysbrydol callineb a ddimadaeth at 
adnabod gwellhawch a at ddeall 'r atalnod chan amsera a ]m 
yn bucheddu i mewn. Blesio chyfnertha 'm at adnabod fel at 
ymdrin 'r afrwyddinebau a Dwi wynebedig ag ddiwedydd. 
Arglwydd Cell , Chyfnertha 'm at angen at adnabod 
gwellhawch a at angen at chyfnertha arall Cristnogion i 
mewn 'm arwynebedd a am 'r byd. Archa a am^hegech 'r 
Electronic llyfr heigia a hynny a gweithia acha 'r website a 
hynny a chyfnertha 'u 'ch callineb. Archa a chyfnerthech 'r 
hunigol aelodau chan 'n hwy deulu ( a 'm deulu ) at mo bod 
'n ysbrydol dwylledig , namyn at ddeall 'ch a at angen at 
chymer a canlyn 'ch i mewn 'n bob ffordd. a Archa 'ch at 
gwna hyn bethau i mewn 'r enwa chan lesu , Amen , 


Iceland - Icelandic 


Icelandic Icelandic - Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) 

to God - explained in Icelandic Language 

Prayer Isceland Icelandic Jesus Kristur Baen til Guo 
Hvernig til Bioja Hvernig geta spyrja gefa hjalpa andlegur 

Tal til Gu5 the Skapari af the Alheimur the Herra : 

1 . |3essi |3u vildi gefa til mig the hugrekki til biQja the hlutur 
|3essi EG J)orf til biSja 

2. |3essi |3u vildi gefa til mig the hugrekki til triia |3u og 
J)iggja hvaQa |3u vilja til komast af me9 minn Iff , i staQinn af 
mig upphefja minn eiga vilja ( asetningur ) yfir |3inn. 

3. |3essi |3u vildi gefa mig hjalpa til ekki lata minn ogurlegur 
af the 6|3ekktur til verSa the afsokun , e6a the undirstaQa 
fyrir mig ekki til bera fram you. 4. |3essi |3u vildi gefa mig 
hjalpa til sja og til Isera hvernig til hafa the andlegur styrkur 
EG J)orf ( 1 gegnum |3inn or6 the Biblia a ) fyrir the atburSur 
a undan ) og b ) fyrir minn eiga personulegur andlegur ferQ. 

5. E>essi |3u Gu9 vildi gefa mig hjalpa til vilja til bera fram 
M fleiri 6. E>essi |3u vildi minna a mig til tala me9 |3u 
prayerwhen ) EG er svekktur e9a i vandi , i staQinn af 
erfiSur til asetningur hlutur eg sjalfur eini i gegnum minn 
mannlegur styrkur. 

7. E>essi |3u vildi gefa mig Viska og a hjarta fiskflak me9 
Bibliulegur Viska svo |3essi EG vildi bera fram |3u fleiri a 
ahrifarikan hatt. 

8. E>essi |3u vildi gefa mig a longun til nema J)inn or9 the 
Biblia the Nyja testamentiS GuSspjall af Klosett ), a a 
personulegur undirstaQa 

9. |3essi |3u vildi gefa aSstoS til mig svo |3essi EG er fser til 
taka eftir hlutur i the Biblia ( |3inn orQ ) hver EG geta 
personulega segja fra til , og |3essi vilja hjalpa mig skilja 
hvaQa |3u vilja mig til gera lit af vi9 minn Iff. 

10. E>essi |3u vildi gefa mig mikill skarpskyggni , til skilja 
hvemig til litskyra til annar hver |3u ert , og |3essi EG vildi 
vera fser til Isera hvemig til Isera og vita hvemig til standa 
me9 |3u og |3inn or6 the Biblia ) 

1 1 . l>essi |3u vildi koma me6 folk ( e9a websites ) i minn Iff 
hver vilja til vita |3u , og hver ert sterkur i |3eirra nakvsemur 
skilningur af |3u ( gu9 ); og l>essi |3u vUdi koma me9 folk ( 
e6a websites ) i minn Iff hver vilja vera fser til hvetja mig til 
nakvsemur Isera hvernig til deila the Biblia the orQ guQs 
sannleikur (2 HrseQslugjarn 215:). 

12. l>essi |3u vildi hjalpa mig til Isera til hafa mikill 
skilningur 69ur i hver Biblia utgafa er bestur , hver er 
nakvsemur , og hver hefur the andlegur styrkur & mattur , og 
hver utgafa sam|3ykkja me6 the frumeintak handrit |3essi |3u 
blasa 1 brjost the ritstorf af the Nyja testamentiQ til skrifa. 

13. E>essi J)u vildi gefa hjalpa til mig til nota minn timi i goQ 
kaup vegur , og ekki til soa minn timi a Falskur e9a tomur 
aQferQ til fa loka til Gu6 ( en |3essi ert ekki hreinskilnislega 
Bibliulegur ), og hvar|3essir aSferS avextir og grsenmeti 
neitun langur or6 e9a varanlegur andlegur avoxtur. 

14. E>essi |3u vildi gefa a6sto6 til mig til skilja hvaQa til leita 
a9 1 a kirkja e6a a staSur af dyrkun , hvaSa goQur af 
spuming til spyrja , og |3essi |3u vildi hjalpa mig til finna 
trumaSur e6a a prestur me9 mikill andlegur viska i staSinn 
af |3segilegur e9a falskur svar. 

15. |3essi |3u vildi orsok mig til muna til leggja a minniS |3inn 
or6 the Biblia ( svo sem eins og Latneskt letur 8), svo |3essi 
EG geta hafa |3a9 i minn hjarta og hafa minn hugur tilbuinn , 
og vera tilbuinn til gefa oakveSinn greinir i ensku svar til 
annar af the von J)essi EG hafa 66ur i |3u. 

16. E>essi |3u vildi koma me6 hjalpa til mig svo |3essi minn 
eiga gu6frse6i og kenning til vera i samrsemi vi6 |3inn or6 
the Biblia og |3essi |3u vildi halda afram til hjalpa mig vita 
hvernig minn skilningur af kenning geta vera bseta svo |3essi 
minn eiga Iff lifestyle og skilningur halda afram til vera loka 
til hvaSa |3u vilja |3a9 til vera fyrir mig. 

17. f>essi J)u vildi opinn minn andlegur innsJTi ( endir ) fleiri 
og fleiri , og |3essi hvar minn skilningur e6a skynjun af |3u er 
ekki nakvsemur , |3essi |3u vildi hjalpa mig til Isera hver Jesus 
Kristur hreinskilnislega er. 

18. l>essi |3u vildi gefa hjalpa til mig svo J)essi EG vildi vera 
fser til aSskilinn allir falskur helgisiSir hver EG hafa 
osjalfstseSi a , fra |3inn bjartur kennsla i the Biblia , ef allir af 
hvaQa EG er hopur stuSningsmanna er ekki af Gu9 , eSa er 
gegn hvaSa {)u vilja til kenna okkur 69ur i hopur 
stuSningsmanna {)u. 

19. E>essi allir herafli af vondur vildi ekki taka burt allir 
andlegur skilningur hver EG hafa , en fremur |3essi EG vildi 
halda the vitneskja af hvernig til vita |3u og ekki til vera 
blekkja i |3essir sem minnir a gomlu dagana) af andlegur 

20. l>essi |3u vildi koma me9 andlegur styrkur og hjalpa til 
mig svo |3essi EG vilja ekki til vera hluti af the Mikill Bylta 
Burt e9a af allir hreyfing hver vildi vera andlegur folsun til 
]3u og til |3inn Heilagur Or9 

21. l>essi ef there er nokkuQ |3essi EG hafa buinn minn Iff , 
e9a allir vegur |3essi EG hafa ekki sa sem svarar til |3u eins 
og EG oxl hafa og |3essi er sem koma ma i veg fyrir e9a 
afstyra mig fra annar hvor gangandi me9 |3u , e6a having 
skilningur , |3essi |3u vildi koma me5 |3essir hlutur / svar / 

atburSur bak inn i minn hugur , svo J)essi EG vildi afneita J)a 
1 the Nafn af Jesiis Kristur , og ekki minna en J)eirra ahrif og 
afleiQing , og |3essi |3u vildi skipta um allir tomleiki , sadness 
e9a orvaenting i minn Iff me9 the GleQi af the Herra , og 
|3essi EG vildi vera fleiri brennidepill a Iserdomur til fylgja 
]3u vi9 lestur |3inn or9 the Biblia 

22. E>essi Jju vildi opinn minn augsyn svo |3essi EG vildi vera 
faer til greinilega sja og |3ekkjanlegur ef there er a Mikill 
Blekking 69ur i Andlegur atriQi , hvemig til skilja this q ( 
e9a l^essir atburQur ) fra a Bibliulegur yfirsyn , og |3essi |3u 
vildi gefa mig viska til vita og svo |3essi EG vilja Isera 
hvemig til hjalpa minn vinatta og ast sjalfur ( aettingi ) ekki 
vera hluti af it. 

23. E>essi J)u vildi tryggja |3essi einu sinni minn augsJTi ert 
opnari og minn hugur skilja the andlegur merking af 
straumur atburQur hrifandi staQur i the verold , J)essi |3u vildi 
undirbiia minn hjarta til J)iggja J)inn sannleikur , og J)essi J)u 
vildi hjalpa mig skilja hvemig til finna hugrekki og styrkur i 
gegnum J)inn Heilagur Or9 the Biblia. I the nafn af Jesiis 
Kristur , EG spyrja fyrir J)essir hlutur staSfesta minn longun 
til vera i samkomulag J)inn vilja , og EG er asking fyrir J)inn 
viska og til hafa a ast af the Sannleikur Mottsekilegur 

Fleiri a the Botn af Bla9si9a 
Hvernig til hafa Eilifiir Lif 

Vi9 ert glaQur ef this listi ( af bsen beiQni til Gu9 ) er faer til 
a9sto9a J)u. Vi9 skilja this mega ekki vera the bestur e9a 
arangursrikur |3y9ing. Vi9 skilja |3essi there ert margir olikur 
lifna9arhsettir af tjaning hugsun og or9. Ef |3u hafa a 
uppastunga fyrir a betri J)y9ing , e9a ef J)u vildi eins og til 

taka a litill magn af |3inn timi til senda uppastunga til okkur , 
|3u vilja vera skammtur |3usund af annar folk einnig , hver 
vilja |3a lesa the bseta |3y6ing. 

Vi6 oft hafa a Nyja testamentiS laus i |3inn tungumal e9a i 
tungumal |3essi ert sjaldgsefur e6a gamall. Ef |3u ert utlit fyrir 
a Nyja testamentiQ i a serstakur tungumal , |36knast skrifa til 
okkur. Einnig , vi6 vilja til vera viss og reyna til miSla |3essi 
stundum , vi9 gera tilboS bok |3essi ert ekki Frjals og |3essi 
gera kostnaQur peningar. En ef |3u geta ekki hafa efni a 
sumir af |3essir raftseknilegur bok , vi6 geta oft gera 
oakveSinn greinir i ensku skipti af raftseknilegur bok fyrir 
hjalpa me6 |3y6ing e6a |3y6ing vinna. E>u gera ekki verQa ad 
vera a faglegur verkamaSur , eini a venjulegur manneskja 
hver er ahugasamur i skammtur. M oxl hafa a tolva e6a |3u 
oxl hafa aSgangur til a tolva a |3inn heimamaSur bokasafn 
e6a haskoli e6a haskoli , si6an |3essir venjulega hafa betri 
tengsl til the. E>u geta einnig venjulega stofnsetja |3inn eiga 
personulegur FRJALS raftseknilegur postur reikningur vi9 
ad fara til 

E>6knast taka a augnablik til finna the raftseknilegur postur 
heimilisfang staSgreina a the botn e6a the endir af this 
blaQsiSa. Vi6 von |3u vilja senda raftseknilegur postur til 
okkur , ef this er af hjalpa e6a hvatning. Vi6 einnig hvetja 
|3u til snerting okkur viSvikjandi Raftseknilegur Bok |3essi 
vi6 tilbod |3essi ert an kostnaSur , og frjals. 

Vi6 gera hafa margir bok i erlendur tungumal , en vi9 gera 
ekki alltaf staSur |3a til taka a moti electronically ( ssekja 
skra af fjarlsegri tolvu ) |3vi vi6 eini gera laus the bok e9a the 
atriQi |3essi ert the beiSni. Vi6 hvetja |3u til halda afram til 
biQja til Gu6 og til halda afram til Isera 69ur i Hann vi6 

lestur the Nyja testamentiQ. Vi9 velkominn J)mn spuming og 
athugasemd vi9 raftaeknilegur postur. 


Danish - Danemark 

Danish -Prayer Requests (praying/Taii(ing)to God - 
explained in Danish Language 

Prayer Danish Dannish Denmarkjesus Bon hen til God HvorBed 
l<unne hore mig Hvoropfordre indromme haelp hen mig 

Taler hen til God , den Skaberen i den Alt , den Lord : 1. at 
jer ville indr0mme hen til mig den mod hen til bed den sager 
at JEG savn hen til bed 

2. at jer ville indr0mme hen til mig den mod hen til tro jer 
og optage hvad jer ville gerne lave hos mig liv , istedet for 
mig oph0je mig besidde vil ( hensigt ) ovenfor jeres. 

3. at jer ville indr0mme mig hjselp hen til ikke lade mig 
skrsek i den ubekendt hen til blive den bede om tilgivelse , 
eller den holdepunkt nemlig mig ikke hen til anrette you. 

4. at jer ville indr0mme mig hjselp hen til se efter og hen til 
Isere hvor hen til nyde den appel krsefter JEG savn ( 
igennem jeres ord den Bibel ) en ) nemlig den begivenheder 
foran og b ) nemlig mig besidde personlig appel rejse. 

5. At jer God ville indr0mme mig hjselp hen til ville gerne 
anrette Jer flere 

6. At jer ville erindre mig hen til samtale hos jer prayerwhen 
) Jeg er kuldkastet eller i problem , istedet for pr0ver hen til 
l0se sager selv bare igennem mig human krsefter. 

7. At jer ville indr0mme mig Klogskab og en hjerte fyldte 
hos Bibelsk Klogskab i den grad at JEG ville anrette jer 
Here effektive. 

8. At jer ville indr0mme mig en lyst hen til Isese jeres ord , 
den Bibel , ( den Ny Testamente Gospel i John ), oven pa en 
personlig holdepunkt 

9. at jer ville indr0mme hjselp hen til mig i den grad at Jeg er 
k0bedygtig mserke sager i den Bibel ( jeres ord ) hviUce JEG 
kunne jeg for mit vedkommende henh0re til , og at vil hjselp 
mig opfatte hvad jer savn mig hen til lave i mig liv. 

10. At jer ville indr0mme mig stor discernment , hen til 
opfatte hvor hen til forklare hen til andre hvem du er , og at 
JEG ville vsere i stand til Isere hvor hen til Isere og kende 
hvor hen til rage op nemlig jer og jeres ord ( den Bibel ) 

1 1 . At jer ville overbringe folk ( eller websites ) i mig liv 
hvem ville geme kende jer , og hvem er kraftig i deres 
n0jagtig opfattelse i jer God ); og At jer ville overbringe 
folk ( eller websites ) i mig liv hvem vil vsere i stand til give 
mod mig hen til akkurat Isere hvor hen til skille den Bibel 
den ord i sandhed Timothy 215:). 

12. At jer ville hjselp mig hen til Isere hen til nyde stor 
opfattelse hvorom Bibel gengivelse er bedst , hvilke er h0jst 
n0jagtig , og hvilke har den h0jst appel krsefter & kraft , og 
hvilke gengivelse indvilliger hos den selvstsendig 
handskreven at jer inspireret den forfatteres i den Ny 
Testamente hen til skriv. 

13. At jer ville indr0mme hjselp hen til mig hen til hjselp mig 
gang i en artig made , og ikke hen til affald mig gang oven 
pa Falsk eller indholdsl0s metoder hen til komme nsermere 
hen til God ( men at er ikke sandelig Bibelsk ), og der hvor 
dem metoder opf0re for ikke sa Isenge siden periode eller 
varer appel fruit. 

14. At jer ville indr0mme hjselp hen til mig hen til opfatte 
hvad hen til kigge efter i en kfrke eller en opstille i 
andagts0gende , hvad arter i sp0rgsmal hen til opfordre , og 
at jer ville hjselp mig hen til hitte tro eller en sidst hos stor 
appel klogskab istedet for nemme eller falsk svar. 

15. at jer ville hidf0re mig hen til huske hen til Isere udenad 
jeres ord den Bibel ( sasom Romersk 8), i den grad at JEG 
kunne nyde sig i mig hjerte og nyde mig indre forberedt , og 
vsere rede til at indr0mme en besvare hen til andre i den 
habe pa at Jeg har omkring jer. 

16. At jer ville overbringe hjselp hen til mig i den grad at 
mig besidde theology og doctrines hen til samtykke med 
jeres ord , den Bibel og at jer ville fortssette hen til hjselp 
mig kende hvor mig opfattelse i doctrine kan forbedret i den 
grad at mig besidde liv lifestyle og opfattelse fortssetter at 
blive n0jere hvortil jer savn sig at blive nemlig mig. 

17. At jer ville lukke op mig appel indblik ( afslutninger ) 
flere og flere , og at der hvor mig opfattelse eller 
opfattelsesevne i jer er ikke n0jagtig , at jer ville hjselp mig 
hen til Isere hvem Jesus Christ sandelig er. 

18. At jer ville indr0mme hjselp hen til mig i den grad at 
JEG ville vsere i stand til selvstsendig hvilken som heist 
falsk rituals hvilke Jeg har afhsenge oven pa , af jeres slette 
Iserer i den Bibel , eventuel hvoraf Jeg er nseste er ikke i God 

, eller er imod hvad jer ville gerne belsere os omkring naeste 

19. At hviUcen som heist tvinger i darlig ville ikke holde 
bortrejst hvilken som heist appel opfattelse hvilke Jeg har , 
men nsermest at JEG ville beholde den kundskab i hvor hen 
til kende jer og ikke at blive narrede i i denne tid i appel 

20. At jer ville overbringe appel krsefter og hjselp hen til mig 
i den grad at Ja ikke at blive noget af den Stor Nedadgaende 
Bortrejst eller i hvilken som heist bevsegelse som kunne 
vsere spiritually counterfeit hen til jer og hen til jeres Hellig 

2 1 . At selv om der er alt at Jeg har skakmat mig liv , eller 
hvilken som heist made at Jeg har ikke reageret hen til jer 
nemlig JEG burde nyde og det vil sige afholder mig af enten 
den ene eller den anden af omvandrende hos jer , eller har 
opfattelse , at jer ville overbringe dem sager / svar / 
begivenheder igen i mig indre , i den grad at JEG ville afsta 
fra sig i den Bensevne i Jesus Christ , og al i deres effekter 
og f0lger , og at jer ville skifte ud hvilken som heist tomhed 
, sadness eller opgive habet i mig liv hos den Glsede i den 
Lord , og at JEG ville vsere Here indstille oven pa indlsering 
hen til komme efter jer af Isesning jeres ord , den Bibel 

22. At jer ville lukke op mig 0jne i den grad at JEG ville 
vsere i stand til klart se efter og anerkende selv om der er en 
Stor Bedrag omkring Appel emner , hvor hen til opfatte 
indevserende phenomenon ( eller disse begivenheder ) af en 
Bibelsk perspektiv , og at jer ville indr0mme mig klogskab 
hen til kende hvorfor at Ja Isere hvor hen til hjselp mig 
bekendte og elske ones ( slsegtninge ) ikke vsere noget af it. 

23. At jer ville sikre sig at nar f0rst mig 0jne er anlagde og 
mig indre forstar den appel vsegt i indevserende 
begivenheder indtagelse opstille pa jorden , at jer ville Isegge 
til rette mig hjerte hen til optage jeres sandhed , og at jer 
ville hjselp mig opfatte hvor hen til hitte mod og krsefter 
igennem jeres Hellig Ord , den Bibel. I den bensevne i Jesus 
Christ , JEG anmode om disse sager bekrseftende mig lyst at 
blive overensstemmende jeres vil , og Jeg er bede om 
nemlig jeres klogskab og hen til nyde en kaerlighed til den 
Sandhed Amen 

Flere forneden Side 
Hvor hen til nyde Evig Liv 

Vi er glad selv om indevserende liste over ( b0n anmoder 
hen til God ) er kan hen til hjselpe jer. Vi opfatte 
indevserende ma ikke vsere den bedst eller h0jst effektiv 
gengivelse. Vi er klar over, at der er mange anderledes veje i 
gengivelse indfald og ord. Selv om du har en henstilling 
nemlig en bedre gengivelse , eller selv om jer ville geme 
hen til holde en ringe bel0b i jeres gang hen til sende 
antydninger hen til os , jer vil vsere hjalp tusindvis i andre 
ligeledes , hvem vil sa er der ikke mere Isese den forbedret 

Vi ofte nyde en Ny Testamente anvendelig i jeres sprog eller 
i sprogene at er sjselden eller forhenvserende. Selv om du er 
ser ud nemlig en Ny Testamente i en specifik sprog , behage 
henvende sig til os. Ligeledes , vi ville geme vsere sikker og 
pr0ve hen til overf0rer at engang imellem , vi lave pristilbud 
b0ger at er ufri og at lave omkostninger penge. Men selv om 
jer kan ikke afgive noget af dem elektronisk b0ger , vi 
kunne ofte lave en udveksle i elektronisk b0ger nemlig 

hjselp hos gengivelse eller gengivelse arbejde. Jer som ikke 
har at blive en professional arbejder , kun fa sand 
pagseldende hvem er interesseret i hjalp. 

Jer burde nyde en computer eller jer burde have adgang til 
en computer henne ved jeres lokal bibliotek eller kollegium 
eller universitet , siden dem til hverdag nyde bedre 
slsegtskaber hen til den indre. Jer kunne ligeledes til hverdag 
indrette jeres besidde personlig OMKOSTNINGSFRIT 
elektronisk indlevere beretning af igangvserende hen til 


Behage holde for et 0jeblik siden hen til hitte den 
elektronisk indlevere henvende placeret nederst eller den 
enden pa legen indevserende side. Vi hab jer vil sende 
elektronisk indlevere hen til os , selv om indevserende er i 
hjselp eller ophjselpning. Vi ligeledes give mod jer hen til 
henvende sig til os med henblik pa Elektronisk B0ger at vi 
pristilbud at er uden omkostninger , og omkostningsfrit. 

Vi lave nyde mange b0ger i udenlandsk sprogene , men vi 
lave ikke altid opstille sig hen til byde velkommen 
elektronisk ( dataoverf0re ) fordi vi bare skabe anvendelig 
den b0ger eller den emner at er den h0jst anmodede. 

Vi give mod jer hen tU fortssette hen til bed hen til God og 
hen til fortssette hen til Isere omkring Sig af Isesning den Ny 
Testamente. Vi velkommen jeres sp0rgsmal og 
bemserkninger af elektronisk indlevere. 


Norway - Norway - Norwegian - 

Norway - Prayer Requests (praying ) to God - explained 
in Norwegian Language 

Norway Norwegian Nordic Prayer Jesus Christ a God Hvor Be 
kanne hore meg bonn anmode gir hjelpe meg firmer sprit Som kan 

Snakker a God , skaperen av det Univers , det Lord : 

L det du ville gir a meg tapperheten a be tingene det JEG 
n0d a be 

2. det du ville gir a meg tapperheten a mene du og 
godkjenne hva du vil gjeme gj0re med meg livet , istedet for 
meg opph0ye meg egen ville ( hensikten ) over din. 

3. det du ville gir meg hjelpe a ikke utleie meg rank av det 
ubekjent a bli det be om tilgivelse , eller grunnlaget for meg 
ikke for a anrette you. 

4. det du ville gir meg hjelpe a se og a h0re hvor a har den 
sprit styrke JEG n0d ( igjennom din ord bibelen ) en ) for 
begivenhetene for ut og b ) for meg egen personlig sprit 

5. Det du God ville gir meg hjelpe a vil gjeme anrette Du 

6. Det du ville minne meg a samtalen med du prayerwhen ) 
JEG er frustrert eller inne problemet , istedet for pr0ver a 
l0se saker meg selv bare igjennom meg human styrke. 

7. Det du ville gir meg Klokskap og en hjertet fylte med 
Bibelsk Klokskap i den grad at JEG ville anrette du Here 

8. Det du ville gir meg en 0nske a studere din ord , bibelen , 
( det Ny Testamentet Gospel av John ), opp pa en personlig 

9. det du ville gir assistanse a meg i den grad at JEG er 
kj0pedyktig legge merke til saker inne bibelen ( din ord ) 
hvilke JEG kanne personlig fortelle til , og det vill hjelpe 
meg oppfatte hva du 0nske meg a gj0re inne meg livet. 

10. Det du ville gir meg stor discernment , a oppfatte hvor a 
forklare a andre hvem du er , og det JEG ville vsere i stand 
til h0re hvor a h0re og vite hvor a sta opp for du og din ord ( 
bibelen ) 

1 1 . Det du ville bringe folk ( eller websites ) inne meg livet 
hvem vil gjeme vite du , og hvem er kraftig inne deres 
akkurat forstaelse av du God ); og Det du ville bringe folk ( 
eller websites ) inne meg livet hvem ville vsere i stand til 
oppmuntre meg a akkurat h0re hvor a dividere bibelen ordet 
av sannhet (Timothy 215:). 

12. Det du ville hjelpe meg a h0re a ha stor forstaelse om 
hvilken Bibel versjon er best , hvilke er h0yst akkurat , og 
hvilke har de fleste sprit styrke & makt , og hvilke versjon 
avtaler med det original manuskriptet det du inspirert 
forfatternes av det Ny Testamentet a skrive. 

13. Det du ville gir hjelpe a meg a bruk meg tid inne en fint 
vei , og ikke for a sl0seri meg tid opp pa False eller tom 
emballasje metoder a komme nsermere a God ( bortsett fra 

det er ikke virkelig Bibelsk ), og der hvor dem metoder 
tilvirke for ikke sa lenge siden frist eller varer sprit fruit. 

14. Det du ville gir assistanse a meg a oppfatte hva a kikke 
etter inne en kirken eller en sted av -tilbeder , hva arter av 
sp0rsmal a anmode , og det du ville hjelpe meg a finner 
mene eller en fortid med stor sprit klokskap istedet for lett 
eller false svar. 

15. det du ville anledning meg a erindre a huske din ord 
bibelen ( som Romersk 8), i den grad at JEG kanne ha den 
inne meg hjertet og ha meg sinn ferdig , og vsere rede til a 
gir en svaret a andre av det hape pa at JEG ha om du. 

16. Det du ville bringe hjelpe a meg i den grad at meg egen 
theology og doctrines a vsere enig i din ord , bibelen og det 
du ville fortsette a hjelpe meg vite hvor meg forstaelse av 
doctrine kan forbedret i den grad at meg egen livet lifestyle 
og forstaelse fortsetter a bli n0yere hvorfor du 0nske den a 
bli for meg. 

17. Det du ville apen meg sprit innblikk ( konklusjonene ) 
Here og flere , og det der hvor meg forstaelse eller 
oppfattelse av du er ikke akkurat , det du ville hjelpe meg a 
h0re hvem Jesus Christ virkelig er. 

18. Det du ville gir hjelpe a meg i den grad at JEG ville 
vaere i stand til separat alle false rituals hvilke JEG ha 
avhenge opp pa , fra din helt Iserer inne bibelen , eventuell 
av hva JEG f0lger er ikke av God , eller er i motsetning til 
hva du vil gjerne Isere oss om fulgte du. 

19. Det alle presser av darlig ville ikke ta fjerne alle sprit 
forstaelse hvilke JEG ha , bortsett fra temmelig det JEG 
ville selge i detalj kjennskapen til hvor a vite du og ikke for 
a vsere narret inne i disse dager av sprit bedrag. 

20. Det du ville bringe sprit styrke og hjelpe a meg i den 
grad at Jeg vil ikke for a vsere del av det Stor Faller Fjerne 
eller av alle bevegelse hvilket kunne vsere spiritually 
counterfeit a du og a din Hellig Ord 

21. Det hvis det er alt det JEG ha gjort det meg livet , eller 
alle vei det JEG ha ikke reagert a du idet JEG burde ha og 
det er forhindrer meg fra enten den ene eller den andre av 
gaing med du , eller har forstaelse , det du ville bringe dem 
saker / svar / begivenheter rygg i meg sinn , i den grad at 
JEG ville renonsere pa seg inne navnet av Jesus Christ , og 
alle av deres virkninger og konsekvensene , og det du ville 
ombytte alle tomhet , sadness eller gi opp hapet inne meg 
livet med det Glede av det Lord , og det JEG ville vsere flere 
fokusere opp pa innlsering a f0lge etter etter du av lesing din 
ord , det Bibel 

22. Det du ville apen meg eyes i den grad at JEG ville vsere i 
stand til klare se og anerkjenne hvis det er en Stor Bedrag 
om Sprit emner , hvor a oppfatte denne phenomenon ( eller 
disse begivenheter ) fra en Bibelsk perspektiv , og det du 
ville gir meg klokskap a vite hvorfor det Jeg vil h0re hvor a 
hjelpe meg venner og elsket seg ( slektningene ) ikke vsere 
del av it. 

23. Det du ville sikre det en gang meg eyes er apen og meg 
sinn forstar det sprit vekt av aktuelle begivenheter tar sted 
pa jorden , det du ville forberede meg hjertet a godkjenne 
din sannhet , og det du ville hjelpe meg oppfatte hvor a 
finner tapperheten og styrke igjennom din Hellig Ord , 
bibelen. Inne navnet av Jesus Christ , JEG anmode om disse 
saker bekreftende meg 0nske a bli i f0lge avtalen din ville , 
og JEG sp0r til deres klokskap og a har en kjserlighet til det 
Sannhet Samarbeidsvillig 

Here pa bunnen av Side 
Hvor a ha Evig Livet 

Vi er glad hvis denne liste over ( b0nn anmoder a God ) er 
dugelig a hjelpe du. Vi oppfatte denne kanskje ikke vsere det 
best eller h0yst effektiv oversettelse. Vi forsta det der er 
mange annerledes veier av gjengivelsen innfall og ord. Hvis 
du har en forslag for en bedre oversettelse , eller hvis du 
ville like a ta en liten bel0pet av din tid a sende antydninger 
a OSS , du ville vsere hjalp tusenvis av andre mennesker 
likeledes , hvem ville sa lese det forbedret oversettelse. Vi 
ofte har en Ny Testamentet anvendelig inne din 
omgangssprak eller inne sprakene det er sjelden eller gamle. 
Hvis du er ser for en Ny Testamentet inne en spesifikk 
omgangssprak , behage skrive til oss. Likeledes , vi vil 
gjerne vsere sikker og pr0ve a meddele det en gang imellom 
, vi gj0re tilbud b0ker det er ufri og det gj0re bekostning 

Bortsett fra hvis du kan ikke by noen av dem elektronisk 
b0ker , vi kanne ofte gj0re en bytte av elektronisk b0ker for 
hjelpe med oversettelse eller oversettelse arbeide. Du som 
ikke har a bli en profesjonell arbeider , kun fa stamgjest 
personen hvem er interessert i hjalp. Du burde har en 
computer eller du burde ha adgang til en computer for din 
innenbys bibliotek eller universitet eller universitet , siden 
dem vanligvis ha bedre forbindelser a det sykehuslege. Du 
kanne likeledes vanligvis opprette din egen personlig 
LEDIG elektronisk innlevere regningen av gar a 

Behage ta en 0yeblikk a finner det elektronisk innlevere 
henvende seg lokalisert nederst eller utgangen av denne 
side. Vi hape du ville sende elektronisk innlevere a oss , 

hvis denne er av hjelpe eller oppmuntring. Vi likeledes 
oppmuntre du a sette seg i forbindelse med oss angaende 
Elektronisk B0ker det vi tilbud det er uten bekostning , og 

Vi gj0re ha mange b0ker inne utenlandsk sprakene , bortsett 
ira vi ikke alltid sted seg a fa elektronisk ( dataoverf0re ) 
fordi vi bare lage anvendelig b0kene eller emnene det er de 
fleste anmodet. Vi oppmuntre du a fortsette a be a God og a 
fortsette a h0re om Seg av lesing det Ny Testamentet. Vi 
velkommen din sp0rsmal og kommentarer av elektronisk 


Modern Greek 

ripooeuxTi OTO 080 Aya7triT6<; 0e6<;, Era; euxapioxouiie oxi 
ooTO TO Euayyeko x] aoxii t] vea 5ia9fiKri exei 
(meXet)9epco9el exm cboxe eliiaoxe oe Beor] va |id9ot)|i£ 
Tispioooxepcov yia cac,. riapaKoM) PoriBfioxe xotx; 
av9pcb7iot)<; ap|i65iot)<; yia va Kaxaoxiioei ooxo xo 
TiXeKxpoviKo PipXlo 5ia9em|io. Sepexe tioioi elvai Kai eloxe 
oe 9e(jri va xotx; Pori9fi(jexe. riapaKoM) xotx; Pori9fi(jxe yia 
va eloxe oe 9eori va a3iaoxoXri9el ypiiyopa, Kai va 
Kaxaoxiioei oe Tiepioooxepa riXeKxpoviKd PipXia 5ia9eoi|ia 
IlapaKalcb xou<; Pori9fioxe yia va exexe 6Xou<; xou<; Tiopoix;, 
xa xpilliaxa, xr] Swaiiri Kai xo xpovo 6xi xpeioi^ovxai 
7ipoKei|ievou va eivai oe 9eori va ouvexioouv yia oo;. 
IlapaKalcb Pori9fioxe eKeivoi kov eivai |iepo<; xri<; 0|id5a; 
Kov xovq Pori9d oe Ka9ri|iepivri pdor]. IlapaKalcb xou<; 
Scboxe XT] 5i)va|iri yia va ouvexioexe Kai va Scboexe oe Kd9e 
evav OKO xovq xo ompixooual kov KaxalaPaivei yia xriv 

epyaola oxi xovq BeXexe yia va Kovexe. nopaKolcb poriBfioxe 
Kd9e eva; omo xotx; yia va |iriv exexe xo cpopo Kai yia va 
9t)|iri9elxe 6xi eloxe o 0e6<; kov ajiavxd oxriv Tipooeuxii Kai 
7101) elvai rmsvOmoq yia 6Xa. 
npo(jei3xo|iai 6xi 9a xovq ev9appi3vaxe, Kai 6xi xou<; 
Tipooxaxeuexe, Kai t] epyaola & xo iwioupyeio 6xi 

npo(jei3xo|iai 6xi 9a xou<; Tipooxaxeuaxe ajio xk; iwzviiauKs.q 
5uvd|ieK; x] dlXa e|i7i65ia kov 9a iiTiopouoav va xou<; 
pXdv|/ouv 11 va xou<; emPpaSwouv. IlapaKaM) \\£ Pori9fi(jxe 
oxav xpTioi|i07ioicb aoxiiv xriv vea 5ia9fiKri yia va oKecpxcb 
e7ii(jri<; xou<; av9pcb7iou<; kov exouv Kaxaoxiioei aoxiiv xriv 
ekSooti 5ia9e(ji|iri, exoi cboxe \mopa) va 7ipo(jeri9cb yia xou<; 
Kai exoi \mopom va cruvexioouv va Pori9oi)v Tiepioooxepoix; 

ripooeuxoiiai 6xi 9a \iov Sivaxe |iia aydviri xou lepou Word 
(5ac, (ri vea 5ia9fiKri), Kai 6xi 9a \iov Sivaxe xriv TtveuiiaxiKec; 
cppovrior] Kai xr] SidKpior] yia va oo; ^epexe Kaluxepa Kai 
yia va Kaxaldpexe xr] xpoviKf] viepioSo 6xi Qj()\ie [reoa. 
IlapaKalcb \\£ Pori9fi(jxe yia va ^epexe k&ic, va e^exdoei xi<; 
5r)(jKoXie<; 6xi epxo|iai avxi|iexco7io<; \\£ Kd9e ri|iepa. O 
A6p5o<; God, |ie Pori9d yia va 9eXfi(jei va oa^ ^epei 
Kaluxepa Kai va 9eXfi(jei va Pori9fi(jei dlXorx; Xpioxiavoix; 
oxrjv TiepioxT] |ior) Kai oe 6Xo xov k6(J|io. 
ripooeuxoiiai 6xi 9a Sivaxe xriv riXeKxpoviKf] 0|id5a PipXicov 
Kai EKeivoi Kov xovq Pori9or)v r] cppovriofi oo;. ripooeuxoiiai 
6x1 9a Pori9or)(jaxe xa |ie|iovco|ieva [ieXr] xri<; oiKoyeveia; 
xorx; (Kai xri<; oiKoyeveid; \iov) yia va e^a7iaxri9eixe 6xi 
TtveuiiaxiKd, dkla yia va oa^ Kaxaldpexe Kai yia va 
9eXfi(jexe va oa^ Sexxeixe Kai va aKoXor)9fi(jexe \\£ Kd9e 
xpoTio. E7ii(jri<; Tiapexexe |ia; xqv dveor] Kai o5riyie<; oe 
aoxoix; xorx; xpovorx; Kai oo; (^rixcb yia va Kdvco aoxd xa 
7ipdy|iaxa oxo 6vo|ia xou Irioou, Amen, 


German - Deutch - Allemand 

German Prayers Gebet zum Gott wie man wie horen kann 
dass meinem Gebet wie bittet Hilfe zu mir zu geben wie 
man geistige Anleitung 

German - Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) to God - 
explained in German Language 

Mit Gott sprechen, der Schopfer des Universums, der Lord: 

L, die Sie zu mir dem Mut, die Sachen zu beten geben 
wiirden, die ich benotige, um 2. zu beten, die Sie zu mir dem 
Mut, Ihnen zu glauben und anzunehmen geben wiirden, was 
Sie mit meinem Leben tun mochten, anstelle von mir meine 
Selbst erhebend Wille (Absicht) iiber Ihrem. 

3., den en Sie mir Hilfe geben wiirden, um meine Furcht vor 
dem Unbekannten die Entscliuldigungen niclit werden zu 
lassen oder die Grundlage flir mich, zum Sie niclit zu 

4., der Sie mir Hilfe, um zu sehen geben wiirden und zu 
erlemen, wie man die geistige Starke ich hat, benotigen Sie 
(durch Ihr Wort die Bibel) A) flir die Falle voran und B) flir 
meine eigene personliche geistige Reise. 

5. DaB Sie Gott mir Hilfe geben wiirden, um Sie mehr 
dienen zu wiinschen 

6. DaB Sie mich erinnern wiirden, mit Ihnen zu sprechen 
(prayer)when mich werden frustriert oder in der 
Schwierigkeit, anstatt zu versuchen, Sachen selbst nur durch 
meine menschliche Starke zu beheben. 

7. DaB Sie mir Klugheit und ein Herz geben wiirden, fiillten 
mit biblisclier Kluglieit, damit icli Sie effektiv dienen wiirde. 

8. DaB Sie mir einen Wunsch geben wiirden, Ihr Wort, die 
Bibel zu studieren, (das neues Testament-Evangelium von 
John) auf personlicher Ebene 

9. das Sie Unterstutzung zu mir geben wiirden, damit ich 
bin, Sachen in der Bibel (Ihr Wort) zu beachten der ich auf 
und der personlich beziehen kann mir hilft, zu verstehen, 
was Sie mich in meinem Leben tun wunschen. 

10. DaB Sie mir groBe Einsicht geben wiirden, um zu 
verstehen wie man anderen erklart, die Sie sind, und daB ich 
sein wiirde, zu erlemen, wie man erlemt und kann flir Sie 
und Ihr Wort (die Bibel) oben stehen 

11. DaB Sie Leute (oder Web site) in meinem Leben holen 
wiirden, die Sie kennen mochten und die in ihrem genauen 
Verstandnis von Ihnen stark sind (Gott); und das wiirden Sie 
Leute (oder Web site) in meinem Leben holen, das ist, mich 
anzuregen, genau zu erlernen, wie man die Bibel das Wort 
der Wahrheit (2 Timotheegras 2: 15) teilt. 

12. DaB Sie mir helfen wiirden zu erlernen, groBes 
Verstandnis liber, welche Bibelversion zu haben am besten 
ist, die am genauesten ist und die die geistigste Starke u. die 
Energie hat und dem Version mit den ursprlinglichen 
Manuskripten libereinstimmt, daB Sie die Autoren des neuen 
Testaments anspornten zu schreiben. 

13. DaB Sie mir Hilfe, um meine Zeit in einer guten Weise 
zu verwenden geben wiirden, und meine Zeit auf den 
falschen oder leeren Meihoden nicht zu vergeuden, naeher 
an Gott (aber dem, zu erhalten nicht wirklich biblisch seien 
Sie) und wo jene Methoden keine lange Bezeichnung oder 
dauerhafte geistige Frucht produzieren. 

14. DaB Sie mir Unterstutzung geben wiirden, was zu 
verstehen, in einer Kirche oder in einem Ort der Anbetung 
zu suchen, welche Arten der Fragen zum zu bitten und daB 
Sie mir helfen wiirden, Glaubiger oder einen Pastor mit 
groBer geistiger Klugheit anstelle von den einfachen oder 
falschen Antworten zu finden. 

15. den Sie mich veranlassen wiirden, mich zu erinnern, um 
sich Ihr Wort zu merken die Bibel (wie Romans ist 8), damit 
ich es in meinem Herzen haben und an meinen Verstand 
sich vorbereiten lassen kann, und bereit, eine Antwort zu 
anderen der Hoffnung zu geben, die ich liber Sie habe. 

16. DaB Sie mir Hilfe damit meine eigene Theologie und 
Lehren holen wiirden, um mit Ihrem Wort, die Bibel 
libereinzustimmen und daB Sie fortfahren wiirden, mir zu 
helfen, zu konnen, mein Verstandnis der Lehre verbessert 
werden kann, damit mein eigenes Leben, Lebensstil und 
Verstehen fortfahrt, zu sein naeher an, was Sie es flir mich 
sein wiinschen. 

17. DaB Sie meinen geistigen Einblick 
(Zusammenfassungen) mehr und mehr offnen wiirden und 
daB, wo mein Verstandnis oder Vorstellung von Dinen nicht 
genau ist, daB Sie mir helfen wiirden, zu erlernen, wem 
Jesus Christ wirklich ist. 

18. DaB Sie mir Hilfe geben wiirden, damit ich in der 
LageSEIN wiirde, alle falschen Rituale zu trennen, denen 
ich von, von Ihrem freien Unterricht in der Bibel, wenn 
irgendwelche abgehangen habe von, was ich folgend bin, ist 
nicht vom Gott, oder ist kontrar zu, was Sie uns unterrichten 
wUnschen - Uber das Folgen Sie. 

19. DaB keine Krafte des Ubels nicht irgendwie geistiges 
Verstandnis wegnehmen wiirden, das ich habe, aber eher, 
daB ich das Wissen behalten wiirde von, wie man Sie kennt 
und nicht an diesen Tagen der geistigen Tauschung betrogen 

20. DaB Sie geistige Starke holen und zu mir helfen wiirden, 
damit ich nicht ein Teil von groBen weg fallen oder 
irgendeiner Bewegung bin, die zu Ihnen und zu Ihrem 
heiligen Wort Angelegenheiten nachgemacht sein wiirde. 

21. Das, wenn es alles gibt, das ich in meinem Leben getan 
habe oder irgendeine Weise, daB ich nicht auf Sie reagiert 
habe, wie ich haben sollte und die mich entweder am Gehen 
mit Ihnen hindert oder Haben des Verstehens, daB Sie jene 
things/responses/events zuriick in meinen Verstand, damit 
ich auf sie im Namen Jesus Christ verzichten wiirde, und 
alle ihre von und von Konsequenzen holen wiirden und daB 
Sie jede mogliche Leere, Traurigkeit oder Verzweiflung in 
meinem Leben mit der Freude am Lord ersetzen wiirden und 
daB ich mehr auf das Lemen, Ihnen zu folgen gerichtet 
wiirde, indem man Ihr Wort las, die Bibel. 

22. DaB Sie meine Augen offnen wiirden, damit ich in der 
LageSEIN wiirde, offenbar zu sehen und zu erkennen, wenn 
es eine groBe Tauschung iiber geistige Themen gibt, wie 
man dieses Phanomen (oder diese Falle) von einer 
biblischen Perspektive und daB Sie mir Klugheit geben 
wiirden, um zu wissen und damit ich erlernt versteht, wie 

man meinen Freunden und liebte eine (Verwandte) ein Teil 
von ihm nicht zu sein hilft. 

23 DaB Sie sicherstellen wiirden, daB einmal meine Augen 
und mein Verstand geoffnet sind, versteht die geistige 
Bedeutung der gegenwartigen Falle, die in der Welt 
stattfinden, daB Sie mein Herz vorbereiten wiirden, um Dire 
Wahrheit anzunehmen und daB Sie mir lielfen wiirden, zu 
verstehen, wie man Mut und Starke durch Dir heiliges Wort, 
die Bibel findet. Im Namen Jesus Christ, bitte ich um diese 
Sachen, die meinen Wunsch bestatigen, Dir Wille 
ubereinzustimmen, und ich bitte um Dire Klugheit und eine 
Liebe der Wahrheit zu haben. Amen. 

Mehr an der Unterseite der Seite 
wie man ewiges Leben u. 

Wir sind froh, wenn diese Lisle (der Gebetantrage zum 
Gott) in der LagelST, Sie zu unterstutzen. Wir verstehen, 
daB diese moglicherweise nicht die beste oder 
wirkungsvollste Ubersetzung sein kann. Wir verstehen, daB 
es viele unterschiedliche Weisen des Ausdrlickens von von 
Gedanken und von von Wortern gibt. Wenn Sie einen 
Vorschlag flir eine bessere Ubersetzung haben oder wenn 
Sie etwas Ihrer Zeit dauem mochten, Vorschlage zu 
schicken uns, werden Sie Tausenden der Leute auch helfen, 
die dann die verbesserte Ubersetzung lesen. Wir haben 
haufig ein neues Testament, das in Direr Sprache oder in den 
Sprachen vorhanden ist, die selten oder alt sind. 

Wenn Sie nach einem neuen Testament in einer spezifischen 
Sprache suchen, schreiben Sie uns bitte. Auch wir mochten 
sicher sein und versuchen, das manchmal mitzuteilen, bieten 
wir BUcher an, die nicht frei sind und die Geld kosten. 
Aber, wenn Sie nicht einige jener elektronischen Biicher 
sich leisten konnen, konnen wir einen Austausch der 
elektronischen Biicher flir Hilfe bei der Ubersetzung oder 
bei der Ubersetzung Arbeit haufig tun. Sie mlissen nicht ein 
professioneller Arbeiter sein, nur eine regelmaBige Person, 
die interessiert ist, an zu helfen. 

Sie sollten einen Computer haben, oder Sie sollten Zugang 
zu einem Computer an Ihrer lokalen Bibliothek oder 
Hochschule oder Universitat haben, da die normalerweise 
bessere Anschlusse zum Internet haben. Sie konnen Ihr 
eigenes personliches FREIES Konto der elektronischen 
Post, indem Sie zum 

auch normalerweise herstellen gehen dauem bitte einen 
Moment, um die Adresse der elektronischen Post zu finden 
befiinden an der Unterseite oder am Ende dieser Seite. 
Wir hoffen, daB Sie uns elektronische Post schicken, wenn 
diese hilfreich oder Ermutigung ist. Wir regen Sie auch an, 
mit uns hinsichtlich der elektronischen Biicher in 
Verbindung zu treten, die wir dem sind ohne Kosten und 

anbieten, die, wir viele Biicher in den Fremdsprachen haben, 
aber wir nicht sie immer setzen, um elektronisch zu 
empfangen (Download) well wir nur vorhanden die Biicher 
oder die Themen bilden, die erbeten sind. Wir regen Sie an 
fortzufahren, zum Gott zu beten und fortzufahren, iiber ihn 
zu erlemen, indem wir das neue Testament lesen. Wir 

begriiBen Dire Fragen und Anmerkungen durch 
elektronische Post. 


Caro Deus , Obrigada que esta Novo Testamento tem sido 
lan^ado de modo a que nos somos capaz aprender mais 
sobre a ti. Por favor ajudar a gente responsavel por fazendo 
esta Electronico livro disponivel. 

Por favor ajudar eles estarem capaz de trabalho rapidamente 
, e fazer mais Electronico livros disponivel Por favor ajudar 
eles haverem todos os recursos , o dinheiro , a for^a e as 
horas que elas precisar a fim de ser capaz de guardar 
trabaUiando para si. 

Por favor ajudar aquelas esse are parte da equipa essa ajuda 
Dies num todos os dias base. Por favor dar Dies a for^a 
continuar e dar cada deles o espiritual comprendendo para o 
trabalho que voce quer eles fazerem. Por favor ajudar cada 
um deles para nao ter medo e lembrar que tu es o deus o 
qual respostas ora^ao e quern e encarregado de todas as 

EU orar que a ti would encorajar Dies , e que voce protege 
Uies , e o trabalho & ministerio que elas sao comprometido 
em. EU orar que voce protegeria Dies de o Espiritual Forgas 
ou outro barreiras isso podeia ser maleficio Uies ou lento 
Uies abaixo. 

Por favor ajudar a mim quando Eu uso esta Novo 
Testamento para tambem reflectir a gente o qual ter feito 
esta edi^ao disponivel , de modo a que eu possa orar para 
eles e por conseguinte eles podem continuar ajudar mais 

pessoas EU orar que voce daria a mim um amar do seu 
Divino Palavra ( o novo Testamento ), e que voce daria a 
mim espiritual sabedoria e discernment conhecer a ti melhor 
e para comprender o periodo de tempo que nos somos 
vivendo em. 

Por favor ajudar eu saber como lidar com as dificuldades 
que Eu sou confrontado com todos os dias. Lorde Deus , 
Ajudar eu querer conhecer a ti Melhor e querer ajudar outro 
Christian no meu area e pelo mundo. EU orar que voce daria 
o Electronico livro equipa e aquelas o qual trabalho no 
Websters e aqueles que ajudar Ihes seu sabedoria. EU orar 
que voce ajudaria o individuo membros do seu famflia ( e a 
minha familia ) para nao ser espiritual enganar , mas 
comprender a ti e querer aceitar e seguir a ti em todos 
bastante. e Eu pergunto voce fazer estas coisas em nome de 
Jesus , Amen , 

Dear God, 

Thank you that this New Testament 
has been released so that we are able 
to learn more about you. 

Please help the people responsible for making this 
Electronic book available. Please help them to be able to 
work fast, and make more Electronic books available 
Please help them to have all the resources, the money, the 
strength and the time that they need in order to be able to 
keep working for You. 

Please help those that are part of the team that help them on 
an everyday basis. Please give them the strength to continue 
and give each of them the spiritual understanding for the 
work that you want them to do. Please help each of them to 
not have fear and to remember that you are the God who 

answers prayer and who is in charge of everything. 

I pray that you would encourage them, and that you protect 
them, and the work & ministry that they are engaged in. 
I pray that you would protect them from the Spiritual Forces 
or other obstacles that could harm them or slow them down. 

Please help me when I use this New Testament to also think 
of the people who have made this edition available, so that I 
can pray for them and so they can continue to help more 

I pray that you would give me a love of your Holy Word 
(the New Testament), and that you would give me spiritual 
wisdom and discernment to know you better and to 
understand the period of time that we are living in. 

Please help me to know how to deal with the difficulties that 
I am confronted with every day. Lord God, Help me to want 
to know you Better and to want to help other Christians in 
my area and around the world. 

I pray that you would give the Electronic book team and 
those who work on the website and those who help them 
your wisdom. 

I pray that you would help the individual members of their 
family (and my family) to not be spiritually deceived, but 
to understand you and to want to accept and follow you in 
every way. 

and I ask you to do these things in the name of Jesus, 



Croatian Croatian Croatian 

Croatian - Prayer Requests (praying ) to God - explained 
in Croatian Language 

Croatian Croatia Prayer Isus Krist Moljenje to Bog Kako to 
Moliti moze cuti moj pitati popustanje ponuditi mene 

Govorenje to Bog , Stvoritelj dana Svemir , Gospodar : 

1. taj te ce popustanje meni u lirabrost to moliti predmet taj 
Trebam to moliti 

2. taj te ce popustanje meni u hrabrost to vjerovati te i 
prihvatiti sto koji zelite za napraviti sa mojim zivot , 
umjesto mene uznijeti moj posjedovati htijenje ( namjera ) 
iznad tvoj. 

3. taj te ce popustanje mene ponuditi ne pustiti moj 
strahovanje dana nepoznat postati isprika , ili baza za mene 
ne to posluzitelj you. 

4. taj te ce popustanje mene ponuditi vidjeti i nauciti kako to 
imati duhovni snaga Trebam ( preko tvoj rijec Biblija ) ) za 
jedan dan dogadaj ispred i b ) za moj posjedovati osobni 
duhovni putovanje. 

5. Taj te Bog ce popustanje mene ponuditi istanje to 
posluzitelj Te vise 

6. Taj te ce podsjetiti mene to pricati sa te prayerwhen ) Ja 
sam frustriran ili u problemima , umjesto tezak to odluka 
predmet ja osobno jedini preko moj covjecji snaga. 

7. Taj te ce popustanje mene Mudrost i srce ispunjen sa 
Biblijski Mudrost tako da JA ce posluzitelj te vise efektivno. 

8. Taj te ce popustanje mene zelja to studirati tvoj rijec , 
Biblija , ( novim Oporuka Evandelje od John ), na osobni 

9. taj te ce popustanje pomoc meni u tako da Ja sam u 
mogucnosti to obavijest predmet in Biblija ( tvoj rijec ) sto 
Ja mogu osobni povezivati se , i da htijenje pomoc mene 
shvatiti sto koji zelite mene za napraviti u mojem zivot. 

10. Taj te ce popustanje mene velik raspoznavanje , to 
shvatiti kako to objasniti to ostali tko ti si , i da JA bi bilo u 
mogucnosti nauciti kako nauciti i znati kako to pristajati uza 
sto te i tvoj rijec ( Biblija ) 

1 1 . Taj te ce donijeti narod ( ili websiteovi ) u mojem zivot 
tko istanje to znati te , i tko jesu jak in njihov tocnost 
sporazum od te ( bog ); i da te ce donijeti narod ( ili 
websiteovi ) u mojem zivot koji ce biti u mogucnosti to 
hrabriti mene to precizan naucite kako podijeliti Biblija rijec 
od istina (2 Plasljiv 215:). 

12. Taj te ce pomoc mene nauciti to imati velik sporazum o 
sto Biblija inacici je najbolji , sto je vecina tocnost , i sto je 
preko duhovni snaga & Power PC , i sto inacici sporazum sa 
izvomi rukopis taj te nadahnut autorstvo dana Nov Oporuka 
to pisati. 

13. Taj te ce popustanje ponuditi mene koristenje moj 
vrijeme in dobar put , i ne to prosipati moj vrijeme na 
Neistinit ili prazan Metodije da biste dobili Zatvori to Bog ( 
ali koji nisu vjerno Biblijski ), i gdje svi oni Metodije 
stvarajuci nijedan ceznuti uvjeti ili trajan duhovni voce. 

14. Taj te ce popustanje pomoc meni u to shvatiti sto uciniti 
traziti in Churchill ili mjesto od moliti se , sto rod od pitanje 
to pitati , i da te ce pomoc mene pronaci onaj koji vjeruje ili 
pastor sa velik duhovni mudrost umjesto lahak ili neistinit 

15. taj te ce nanijeti mene to sjecati se to sjecati se tvoj rijec 
Biblija ( kao sto je Rumunjski 8), tako da Ja mogu imati 
Internet u mojem srce i imati moj imati sto protiv spreman , 
i biti spreman to popustanje odgovoriti to ostali dana 
uzdanica taj Imam o te. 

16. Taj te ce donijeti ponuditi mene tako da moj posjedovati 
teologija i doktrina to poklapati se tvoj rijec , Biblija i da te 
ce nastaviti to pomoc mene znati kako moj sporazum od 
doktrina moze poboljsati tako da moj posjedovati zivot , stil 
zivota i sporazum nastaviti biti Zatvori to sto koji zelite 
Internet biti za mene. 

17. Taj te ce OpenBSD moj duhovni unutar ( zakljucak ) 
vise i vise , i da gdje svi moj sporazum ili percepcija od te 
nije tocnost , taj te ce pomoc mene nauciti tko Isus Krist 
vjerno je. 

18. Taj te ce popustanje ponuditi mene tako da JA bi bilo u 
mogucnosti to odijeljen bilo koji neistinit ritualni sto Imam 
zavisnost na , from tvoj jasan pomoc u ucenju in Biblija , 
ako postoje od sto Ja sam sljedece nije od Bog , ili je ugovor 
to sto koji zelite to vas nauciti nas o sljedece te. 

19. Taj bilo koji sila od zlo ce ne oduteti bilo koji duhovni 
sporazum sto Imam , ali radije taj JA ce cvrsto drzati znanje 
kako to znati te i ne biti lukav in te dani od duhovni varka. 

20. Taj te ce donijeti duhovni snaga i ponuditi mene tako da 
JA nece biti dio ognjevit Jesen Daleko ih od bilo koji pokret 
sto bi bilo produhovljeno krivotvoren novae vama i u vas 
Svet Rijec 

21. Da ako ima je ista taj Imam ispunjavanja u mojem zivot 
, ili bilo koji put taj Imam ne odgovaranje vama kao JA 
trebaju imati i da je koji se moze sprijeciti mene sa ili 
hodanje sa te , ili vlasnistvo sporazum , taj te ce donijeti oni 
predmet / reakcija / dogadaj leda u moj imati sto protiv , 
tako da JA ce odreci se njima in ime od Isus Krist , i svi od 
njihov efekt i posljedica , i da te ce opet staviti bilo koji 
praznina , sadness ili izgubiti nadu u mojem zivot sa Ono sto 
pruza uzitak dana Gospodar , i da JA bi bilo vise fokusirati 
na znanje to udarac te mimo citanje tvoj rijec , Biblija 

22. Taj te ce OpenBSD moj oci tako da JA bi bilo u 
mogucnosti to jasno vidjeti i prepoznati ako ima Velik 
Varka o Duhovni tema , kako to shvatiti ovaj fenomen ( ili 
te dogadaj ) from Biblijski perspektiva , i da te ce 
popustanje mene mudrost to znati i tako dalje taj JA htijenje 
naucite kako pomoc moj prijatelj i voljen sam sebe ( 
odnosni ) ne biti dio it. 

23. Taj te ce osigurali da jedanput moj oci jesu OpenBSD i 
moj imati sto protiv shvatiti duhovni izrazajnost od tekuci 
dogadaj uzimanje mjesto u svijetu , taj te ce pripremiti moj 
srce to prihvatiti tvoj istina , i da te ce pomoc mene shvatiti 
kako pronaci hrabrost i snaga preko tvoj Svet Rijec , Biblija. 
In ime od Isus Krist , JA traziti te predmet potvrditi moj 

zelja biti slozno tvqj htijenje , i Ja sam iskanje tvqj mudrost i 
to imati hatar dana Istina Da 

Vise podno Stranica 
Kako to imati Vjecan Zivot 

Mi jesu veseo ako ovaj rub ( od moljenje molba to Bog ) je 
u mogucnosti to pomoci te. Mi shvatiti ovaj mozda nece biti 
najbolji ili vecina djelotvoran prevodenje. Mi shvatiti koji su 
mnogobrojan razlicit putevi od istiskivanje misao i rijec. 
Ukoliko imati sugestija za bolji prevodenje , ili ukoliko ce 
voljeti uzeti malolitrazan iznos od tvoj vrijeme to poslati 
sugestija nama , te htijenje biti pomoc tisuca od ostah narod 
isto tako , koji ce onda citanje oplemenjen prevodenje. Mi 
vise puta imati Nov Oporuka raspoloziv u vas jezik ih in 
jezik koji su rijedak ili star. Ako ste oblicje za Nov Oporuka 
in specifican jezik , ugoditi korespondirati nas. Isto tako , mi 
istanje istinabog i pokusati komunicirati taj katkada , mi 
obaviti ponuda knjiga koji nisu Slobodan i da obaviti trosak 

Ali ukoliko ne moci priustiti neki od oni elektronski knjiga , 
mi moze vise puta obaviti izmjena od elektronski knjiga za 
pomoc sa prevodenje ili prevodenje funkcionirati. Nemate 
biti koji se odnosi na zvanje radnik , samo jedan dan 
pravilan osoba tko je zainteresirana za pomoc. Te trebaju 
imati racunalo ili te trebaju imati pristup to racunalo at tvoj 
lokalni knjiznica ili fakulteti ili sveucilista , otada oni obicno 
imati bolji povezivanje to Internet. Mozete isto tako obicno 
utemeljiti tvoj posjedovati osobni SLOBODAN elektronicka 
posta racun odlaskom na 

Ugoditi uzeti tren pronaci elektronicka posta adresa smjestiti 
na dnu ili kraj od ovaj stranica. Nadamo se te htijenje poslati 
elektronicka posta nama , ako ovaj je od pomoc ili 
hrabrenje. Mi isto tako hrabriti te to kontakt nas zabrinutost 
Elektronski Knjiga koju nudimo koji su sa trosak , i 

Mi obaviti imati mnogobrojan knjiga in stran jezik , ali mi 
ne uvijek mjesto njima to primiti elektronski ( preuzimanje 
datoteka ) jer mi jedini izraditi raspoloziv knjiga ili tema 
koji su preko molba. Mi hrabriti te to nastaviti to moliti to 
Bog i to nastaviti nauciti o Njemu mimo citanje novim 
Oporuka. Mi dobrodosli na tvoj pitanje i komentirajte mimo 
elektronicka posta. 



Czech Prayer Modlitba Kristian jezuita Kristus az k Buh Jak 
Modlit Buh pocinovat slyset modlitba k ptat Buh darovat 
pomoci mne 

Czech - Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) to God - 
explained in Czech Language 

Mluveni az k Buh , clen urcity Stvof itel of clen urcity 
Soubor , clen urcity Hospodin : 

1 . aby tebe chtel bych darovat az k mne clen urcity kuraz az 
k modlit clen urcity majetek aby Nemusim az k modlit 

2. aby tebe chtel bych darovat az k mne clen urcity kuraz az 
k domnivat se tebe a pfijmout jaky tebe potfeba az k jednat 
ma duch , misto mne povysit ja sam vule ( oil ) nad tvuj. 

3. aby tebe chtel bych darovat mne pomoci az k ne dovolit 
ma bat se of clen urcity neznama az k stat se clen urcity 
odpustit , ci clen urcity baze do mne rozchazet se v nazorech 
slouzit you. 

4. aby tebe chtel bych darovat mne pomoci az k videt a az k 
dostat instrukce jak? az k nut clen urcity duchovni sila 
Nemusim ( docela tvuj slovo clen urcity Bible ) jeden ) do 
clen urcity pfihoda vpfed a b ) do ja sam osobni duchovni 

5. Aby tebe Buh chtel bych darovat mne pomoci az k 
potfeba az k slouzit Tebe vice 6. Aby tebe chtel bych 
pfipomenout komu mne az k rozmlouvat s tebe prayerwhen 
) JA am zmafeny ci do nesnaz , misto trying az k analyzovat 
majetek ja sam ale docela ma lidsky sila. 

7. Aby tebe chtel bych darovat mne Moudrost a jeden srdce 
nakyp s Biblicky Moudrost tak, ze JA chtel bych slouzit 
tebe vice efektivni. 8. Aby tebe chtel bych darovat mne 
jeden porucit az k uceni tvuj slovo , clen urcity Bible , ( 
Novy zakon Evangelium of Jan ), dale jeden osobni baze 

9. aby tebe chtel bych darovat pomoc az k mne tak, ze J A 
am schopny az k oznameni majetek do clen urcity Bible ( 
tvuj slovo ) kdo Dovedu co se me tyce byt v pomeru k sem 
tam , to postaci pomoci mne dovidat se jaky tebe potfeba 
mne az k zavrazdit ma duch. 

10. Aby tebe chtel bych darovat mne celek bystrost , az k 
dovidat se jak? az k jasne se vyjadf it az k jini kdo tebe ar , a 
aby JA chtel bych bj^ schopny az k dostat instrukce jak? az 
k dostat instrukce a vRdRt jak? az k postavit se za tebe a 
tvuj slovo ( clen urcity Bible ) 

1 1 . Aby tebe chtel bych nest lid ( ci websites ) do ma duch 
kdo potfeba az k vRdRt tebe , a kdo ar silny do jejich pfesny 
dohoda of tebe ( buh ); a Aby tebe chtel bych nest lid ( ci 
websites ) do ma duch kdo vule bj^ schopny az k dodat 
mysli mne az k pfesny dostat instrukce jak? az k delit clen 
urcity Bible Pismo svate pravda (2 Bazlivy 215:). 

12. Aby tebe chtel bych pomoci mne az k dostat instrukce az 
k nut celek dohoda kolem kdo Bible liceni is nejlepe , kdo is 
nejcetnejsi pfesny , a kdo 3sg.prez.od have clen urcity 
nejcetnejsi duchovni sila & mnozstvi , a kdo liceni souhlasi 
jit s duchem casu original rukopis aby tebe dychat clen 
urcity spisovatele of Novy zakon az k psat. 

13. Aby tebe chtel bych darovat pomoci az k mne az k 
cviceni ma cas do jeden blaho cesta , a rozchazet se v 
nazorech zpustosit ma cas dale Chybny ci hladovy metody 
az k brat blizky az k Buh ( kdyby ne ar ne opravdu Biblicky 
), a kde those metody napsat ne dlouha hlaska cas ci 
{lastingllstalylltrvaly} } duchovni nest ovoce. 

14. Aby tebe chtel bych darovat pomoc az k mne az k 
dovidat se jaky az k hledat do jeden ctrkev ci jeden bydliste 
of uctivani , jaky rody of otazky az k ptat se , a aby tebe 
chtel bych pomoci mne az k nalez vef ici ci jeden duchovni s 
celek duchovni moudrost misto bezstarostny ci chybny 

15. aby tebe chtel bych b}^ pficinou mne na pametnou az k 
memorovat tvuj slovo clen urcity Bible ( jako takovy Riman 
8), tak, ze Dovedu nut ono do ma srdce a nut ma mysl 
pfipraveny , a bj^ hbity az k darovat neurc. clen bjh; v 
souhlase s jini of clen urcity nadeje aby Mam u sebe tebe. 

16. Aby tebe chtel bych nest pomoci az k mne tak, ze ja sam 
bohoslovi a doktrina az k souhlasit s tvuj slovo , clen urcity 

Bible a aby tebe chtel bych stale byt pomoci mne vRdRt 
jak? ma dohoda of doktrina pocinovat bj^ opravit tak, ze ja 
sam duch lifestyle a dohoda odrocit az k bj^ blizky k 
jakemu licelu tebe potfeba ono az k bjH; pro mne. 

17. Aby tebe chtel bych nechraneny ma duchovni jasnozf eni 
( konec ) cim dale, tim vice , a aby kde ma dohoda ci 
chapavost of tebe is ne pfesny , aby tebe chtel bych pomoci 
mne az k dostat instrukce kdo Jezuita Kristus opravdu is. 

18. Aby tebe chtel bych darovat pomoci az k mne tak, ze JA 
chtel bych bjH; schopny az k oddeleny jakykoliv chybny 
obfad kdo J A mit duvera dale , die tvuj cely doktrina do clen 
urcity Bible , jestli vubec of jaky JA am nasledujici is ne of 
Buh , ci is proti cemu jaky tebe potfeba az k ucit us kolem 
nasledujici tebe. 

19. Aby jakykoliv dohnat of nestesti chtel bych ne odebrat 
jakykoliv duchovni dohoda kdo JA mit , aby ne dosti aby JA 
chtel bych drzet clen urcity znalost ceho jak? az k vRdRt 
tebe a rozchazet se v nazorech bj^ klamat do tezaury days of 
duchovni klam. 

20. Aby tebe chtel bych nest duchovni sila a pomoci az k 
mne tak, ze JA vule rozchazet se v nazorech bj^ cast of 
notablove Klesani Pryc ci of jakykoliv pohyb kdo chtel bych 
bj^ duchovo falsovat az k tebe a az k tvuj Svaty Slovo 

21. Aby -li tam is cokoli aby JA mit utahany ma duch , ci 
jakkoli aby JA mit ne dotazovana osoba az k tebe ackoliv 
Sel bych mit a to jest opatfeni mne die jeden nebo druhy 
kraceni s tebe , ci having dohoda , aby tebe chtel bych nest 
those majetek / citlivost pfistroje / pfihoda bek do ma mysl , 
tak, ze JA chtel bych nectit barvu je jmenem koho Jezuita 
Kristus , a celek of jejich dojem a dosah , a aby tebe chtel 
bych dat na dnvejsi misto jakykoliv emptiness , sadness ci 

beznadejnost do ma duch jit s duchem casu Radost of clen 
urcity Hospodin , a aby J chtel bych b}^ vice lozisko dale 
ucenost az k doprovazet tebe do cetba tvuj slovo , Bible 

22. Aby tebe chtel bych nechraneny probuh tak, ze JA chtel 
bych bj^ schopny az k jasne videt a pochopit -li tarn is jeden 
Celek Klam kolem Duchovni namet , jak? az k dovidat se 
tato pfechodny ( ci tezaury pnhoda ) die jeden Biblicky 
perspektiva , a aby tebe chtel bych darovat mne moudrost az 
k vRdRt a tak, ze JA vule dostat instrukce jak? poslouzit 
jidlem ma druh a Amor sam ( pfibuzni ) ne bjH; cast of it. 

23. Aby tebe chtel bych pojistit aby drahdy probuh ar 
nechraneny a ma mysl dovidat se clen urcity duchovni 
vyznam of beh pnhoda dobyti bydliste do clen urcity svet , 
aby tebe chtel bych chystat se ma srdce az k pfijmout tvuj 
pravda , a aby tebe chtel bych pomoci mne dovidat se jak? 
az k nalez kuraz a sila docela tvuj Svaty Slovo , clen urcity 
Bible. Jmenem koho Jezuita Kristus , JA tazat se na tezaury 
majetek bifmovat ma porucit az k byt doma souhlas tvuj 
vule , a JA am ptani se do tvuj moudrost a az k mit jeden 
laska ke komu clen urcity Pravda Amen 

Vice V clen urcity Duo of Blok 
Jak? az k mit Nekonecny Duch 

My ar rad -li tato barevny pruh of modlitba dotaz az k Buh 
is schopny az k pomahat tebe. My dovidat se tato moci ne 
bj^ clen urcity nejlepe ci nejcetnejsi efektivni desifrovani. 
My dovidat se tamhleten ar mnoho neobvykly cesty of 
interpretace domneni a slova. -li tebe mit jeden navrh do 
jeden lepe desifrovani , ci -li tebe chtel bych do teze miry az 

k brat jeden maly cinit of tvuj cas az k poslat navrhy az k us 
, tebe vule bjH; porce jidla tisic of druhy lid rovnez , kdo vule 
nekdy cist clen urcity opravit desifrovani. My casto mit 
jeden Novy Posledni vule pfistupny do tvuj jazyk ci do 
jazyk aby ar nedovafeny ci davny. -li tebe ar hledet do jeden 
Novy Posledni vule do jeden specificky jazyk , bjH; pfijemny 
psat az k us. Rovnez , my potfeba az k jiste a namahat az k 
bj^ ve styku aby nekdy , my cinit nabidka blok aby ar ne 
Drzy a aby cinit cena penize. 

Aby ne -li tebe delostfelectvo pfitok nejaky of those 
elektronicky blok , my pocinovat casto cinit neurc. clen 
burza of elektronicky blok do pomoci s desifrovani ci 
desifrovani prace. Tebe cinit ne mit az k b}^ jeden odborny 
delnik , ale jeden pofadny osoba kdo is obchod do porce 
jidla. Tebe pozadovat mit jeden pocitac ci tebe pozadovat 
mit pfistup az k jeden pocitac v tvuj lokaUca knihovna ci 
akademie ci univerzita , od te doby those obvykly mit lepe 
klientela az k clen urcity intemovana osoba. Tebe pocinovat 
rovnez obvykly upevnit tvuj drahy osobni DRZY 
elektronicka posta licet do existujici az k 

BjH; pfijemny brat jeden dulezitost az k nalez clen urcity 
elektronicka posta adresovat nalezt v clen urcity dno ci clen 
urcity cil of tato blok. My nadeje tebe vule poslat 
elektronicka posta az k us , -li tato is of pomoci ci podpora. 
My rovnez dodat mysli tebe az k dotyk us pokud jde o 
Elektronicky Blok aby my nabidka aby ar bez cena , a drzy. 

My cinit mit mnoho blok do cizi jazyk , aby ne my cinit 
nekdy bydliste je az k dostat electronically ( zavadeni ) 
ponevadz my ale delat pfistupny clen urcity blok ci clen 
urcity namet aby ar clen urcity nejcetnejsi dotaz. My dodat 
mysli tebe az k stale bjH; modlit az k Buh a az k stale bj^ 

dostat instrukce kolem Jemu do cetba Novy zakon. My vitat 
tvuj otazky a poznamky do elektronicka posta. 


Drogi Bog , Dzigkujg 6w ten Nowy Testament 

ma byl zwolniony byle tylko jestesmy able wobec nauczyc 
si§ liczniejszy okolo ty. Prosz^ mi pomoc ludzie 
odpowiedzialny pod k^tem wykonaniem ten Elektroniczny 
ksi^zka rozporz^dzalny. 

Prosz^ mi pomoc im zostac wyplacalny praca umocowany , 
i zrobic liczniejszy Elektroniczny ksi^zki rozporz^dzalny 
Prosz^ mi pomoc im wobec miec wszystko ten zasoby , ten 
pieni^dze , ten sila i ten czas 6w oni potrzebowac w klasa 
zostac wyplacalny utrzymywac dzialanie pod k^tem Ty. 
Prosz^ mi pomoc 6w 6w jestescie obowi^zek od ten druzyna 
6w wspolpracownik im u an codzienny podstawa. 

Podobac si§ dawac im ten sila wobec kontynuowac i dawac 
kazdy od im ten duchowy zgoda pod k^tem ten praca 6w ty 
potrzeba im wobec czynic. Prosz^ mi pomoc kazdy od im 
wobec nie miec strach i wobec zapami^tac 6w jestes ten 
Bog ktory odpowiedzi modlitwa i ktory jest w koszt od 
wszystko. JA blagac 6w ty bylby zach^cac im , i 6w ty 
ochraniac im , i ten praca & ministerstwo 6w oni s^^ zaj^ty. 
J A blagac 6w ty bylby ochraniac im z ten Duchowy Sily 
zbrojne albo inny przeszkody 6w kulisy szkoda im albo 
powolny im w dol. Prosz^ mi pomoc podczas JA uzywac 
ten Nowy Testament wobec takze pomyslec od ludzie ktory 
miec wykonane ten wydanie rozporz^dzalny , byle tylko JA 

puszka metalowa modlic si§ za im i tak oni puszka 
metalowa robic w dalszym ci^u wspolpracownik 

liczniejszy spdeczenstwo JA blagac 6w ty bylby dawac mi 
pewien milosc od twqj Swi^ty Wyraz ( ten Nowy Testament 
), i 6w ty bylby dawac mi duchowy m^drosc i orientacja 
wobec znac ty polepszyc i wobec rozumiec ten okres 6w 
jestesmy zyj^cy w. Prosz^ mi pomoc wobec znac jak wobec 
zawierac z transakcj^ ten trudnosci 6w JA jestem 
skonfrontowany rezygnowac codziennie. 

Lord Bog , Wspolpracownik mi wobec potrzeba wobec znac 
ty Polepszyc i wobec potrzeba wobec wspolpracownik inny 
Chrzescijanie w mqj powierzchnia i wokolo ten swiat. 
JA blagac 6w ty bylby dawac ten Elektroniczny ksi^zka 
druzyna i 6w ktory praca od paj^czyny i 6w ktory 
wspolpracownik im twqj m^drosc. JA blagac 6w ty bylby 
wspolpracownik ten indywidualny czlonki od ich rodzina ( i 
mqj rodzina ) wobec nie bye duchowo zwodzil , oprocz 
wobec rozumiec ty i ja wobec potrzeba wobec uznawac i 
nast^powac po ty w na wszelki sposob. i JA zapytac ty 
wobec czynic tych rzeczy na Boga Jezus , Amen , 




Slovenian - Prayer Requests (praying / Talking) to God - 
explained in Slovenian Language 

Slovenian prayer jezuitKristus molitev Bog kako prositi kako moci 
slisati svoj zaprositi podati ponuditi komu kaj mi 

pri aparatu imeti se za boga , tvorec od vsemirje , bog : 

1 . to vi hoteti izrociti mi pogum prositi stvari to rabim 

2. to vi hoteti izrociti mi pogum v vemik vi ter uvazevati 
kaksen hoces vzdrzati svoj zivljenje , namesto mi 
navdusenje svoj lasten hoteti ( namen ) zgoraj vas. 

3. to vi hoteti izrociti mi ponuditi komu kaj ne pustiti svoj 
grozen od neznano v postati opravicilo , ali osnova navzlic 
ne streci you. 

4. to vi hoteti izrociti mi ponuditi komu kaj zagledati ter 
zvedeti kako imeti bozji zakon cvrstost rabim ( skozi vas 
izraziti z besedami biblija ) a ) zakaj pripetljaj spredaj ter b ) 
zakaj svoj lasten oseben netelesen potovanje. 

5. to vi Bog hoteti izrociti mi ponuditi komu kaj biti brez 
streci vi vec 

6. to vi hoteti spomniti se mi pogovarjati se vi prayerwhen ) 
jaz sem unicen ali v tezava , namesto tezaven odlociti stvari 
sebi sele skozi svoj cloveski cvrstost. 

7. to vi hoteti izrociti mi modrost ter a srcika poln Biblical 
modrost tako da jaz hoteti zacetni udarec z zogo vi vec 

8. to vi hoteti izrociti mi a zahteva studirati vas izraziti z 
besedami , biblija , ( novi testament evangelij od John ), 
naprej a oseben osnova 

9. to vi hoteti izrociti pomoc mi tako da morem opaziti 
stvari v biblija ( vas izraziti z besedami ) kateri morem 
osebno tikati se cesa , ter to zadostuje pomoc mi razumeti 
kaksen vi biti brez mi uganjati v svoj zivljenje. 

10. to vi hoteti izrociti mi velik bistroumnost , v razumeti 
kako razlagati drugim kdo vi ste , ter to jaz domisljavec 
zmozen zvedeti kako zvedeti ter znanje kako stati pokoncu 
zakaj vi ter vas izraziti z besedami ( biblija ) 

1 1. to vi hoteti privleci narod ( ali websites ) v svoj zivljenje 
kdo biti brez znati vi , ter kdo ste krepek v svoj natancen 
razumeven od vi ( Bog ); ter to vi hoteti privleci narod ( ali 
websites ) v svoj zivljenje kdo hoteti obstati zmozen v 
podzigati mi v natancen zvedeti kako razpreti biblija izraziti 
z besedami od resnica (2 plasljiv 215:). 

12. to vi hoteti pomoc mi zvedeti imeti velik razumeven 
priblizno kateri biblija prevod je najprimemejsi , kateri je 
najvec natancen , ter kateri has najvec netelesen cvrstost & 
sila , ter kateri prevod strinjati se s samorasel rokopis to vi 
vdihniti pisec od novi testament pisati. 

13. to vi hoteti izrociti ponuditi komu kaj mi rabiti svoj cas 
V a dober izuriti za hojo ali jezo po cesti , ter ne v 
razsipavati svoj cas naprej napacen ali puhel metoda 
zadobiti sklepnik v Bog ( ce ze ne ste ne resnicno Biblical ), 
ter kraj oni metoda predelki ne dolg pogoj ali trajen 
netelesen sadje. 

14. to vi hoteti izrociti pomoc mi v razumeti kaksen iskati v 
a cerkvica ali a mesto od castiti , kaksen milosten od 
vprasanje zaprositi , ter to vi hoteti pomoc mi najti vernik ali 
a pastor s velik netelesen modrost namesto neprisiljen ali 
napacen odgovor. 

15. to vi hoteti vzrok mi spomniti se nauciti se na pamet vas 
izraziti z besedami biblija ( kot na primer retoromanski 8), 
tako da morem zivljati to v svoj srcika ter zivljati svoj srce 

pripravljen , ter obstati radovoljen podati odgovor drugim 
od upanje to imam priblizno vi. 

16. to vi hoteti privleci ponuditi komu kaj mi tako da svoj 
lasten teologija ter nauk ujemati se s vas izraziti z besedami 
, biblija ter to vi hoteti vzdrznost v pomoc mi znanje kako 
svoj razumeven od nauk moci obstati izpopolniti tako da 
svoj lasten zivljenje lifestyle ter razumeven vzdrznost to live 
at warefare with s.o. sklepnik eemu vi biti brez to v obstati 

17. to vi hoteti plan svoj netelesen vpogled ( sklep ) bolj in 
bolj , ter to kraj svoj razumeven ali zaznavanje od vi ni 
natancen , to vi hoteti pomoc mi zvedeti kdo jezuit Kristus 
resnicno je. 

18. to vi hoteti izrociti ponuditi komu kaj mi tako da jaz 
domisljavec zmozen razstati se poljuben napacen cerkveni 
obredi kateri imam odvisnost naprej , s vas veder 
poucevanje v biblija , ce sploh kateri od kaksen jaz sem 
sledec ni od Bog , ali je nasprotno eemu kaksen hoces uciti 
nas priblizno sledec vi. 

19. to poljuben vojna sila od zlo hoteti ne odvzeti poljuben 
netelesen razumeven kateri imam , sele precej to jaz hoteti 
obdrzati znanost od kako znati vi ter ne v obstati goljufati 
dandanes od netelesen prevara. 

20. to vi hoteti privleci netelesen cvrstost ter ponuditi komu 
kaj mi tako da nocem v obstati del od velika gospoda 
padanje stran ali od poljuben tok kateri domisljavec 
netelesen ponarejen vam na uslugo ter v vas svet izraziti z 

21. to ce je nic to imam velja v svoj zivljenje , ali vsekakor 
to imam ne odgovor vam na uslugo kot jaz should zivljati 
ter to je preprecljiv mi s vsak izmed obeh pesacenje z vami , 
ali imetje razumeven , to vi hoteti privleci oni stvari / 
odgovor / pripetljaj prislon v svoj srce , tako da jaz hoteti 
odreci se jih v imenu Ijudstva, usmiljenja itd. jezuit Kristus , 
ter prav do svoj vrednostni papirji ter posledica , ter to vi 
hoteti nadomestiti poljuben puhlost , sadness ali obup v svoj 

zivljenje s veselje od bog , ter to jaz domisljavec vec zarisce 
naprej ucenje slediti vi z citanje vas izraziti z besedami , 

22. to vi hoteti plan svoj oci tako da jaz domisljavec zmozen 
V jasno zagledati ter pred sodiscem se pismeno obvezati ce 
je a velik prevara priblizno netelesen predmet , kako v 
razumeti to fenomen ( ali od this pripetljaj ) s a Biblical 
perspektiven , ter to vi hoteti izrociti mi modrost znati ter 
tako da bom se ucil kako v pomoc svoj prijateljstvo ter 
Ijubezen sam sebe, sebi, se ( zlahta ) ne obstati del od it. 

23. to vi hoteti zavarovati to nekoc svoj oci ste odpirac ter 
svoj srce razumeti bozji zakon pomen od tok pripetljaj 
taking mesto na svetu , to vi hoteti pripraviti se svoj srcika 
vzeti vas resnica , ter to vi hoteti pomoc mi razumeti kako 
najti pogum ter cvrstost skozi vas svet izraziti z besedami , 
biblija. v imenu Ijudstva, usmiljenja itd. jezuit Kristus , jaz 
prositi od this stvari potrditi svoj zahteva v biti znotraj 
pogodba vas hoteti , ter vprasam zakaj vas modrost ter imeti 
a Ijubezen od resnica Amen. 

vec pravzaprav od stran 
kako imeti vecen zivljenje 

mi smo vesel ce to zapisati v seznam ( od molitev prosnja v 
Bog ) je zmozen pomagati vi. mi razumeti to maj ne obstati 
najboljsi ali najvec uspesen prevod. mi razumeti to so veliko 
razlicen ways od iztisljiv mnenje ter izraziti z besedami. ce 
vi zivljati a nasvet zakaj a rajsi prevod , ali ce vi hoteti vsec 
biti zavzeti a tesen znesek od vas cas posiljati nasvet v nas , 
bos pomaganje tisoc od drugi narod tudi , kdo hoteti torej 
citanje izpopolniti prevod. mi pogosto zivljati a nova zaveza 

pri roki V vas jezik ali v jezik to ste redek ali star, ce isces a 
nova zaveza v a poseben jezik , prosim napisati rabiti. tudi , 
mi biti brez v obstati varen ter zaceti v biti obhajan to vcasih 
, mi delati oferirati knjiga to ste ne prost ter to delati strosek 

sele ce vi ne morem privosciti si nekaj tega oni elektronski 
knjiga , mi moci pogosto delati mena od elektronski knjiga 
zakaj pomoc s prevod ali prevod opus, vi nikar ne zivljati to 
live at warefare with s.o. a poklicen delavec , sele a reden 
oseba kdo je zavzet v pomaganje. vi should zivljati a 
racunalo ali vi should zivljati postranski v a racunalo v vas 
tukajsnji knjiznica ali visja gimnazija ali univerza , odkar 
oni navadno zivljati rajsi vez v stazist v bolnisnici. vi moci 
tudi navadno ustanoviti vas lasten oseben prost elektronski 
verizna srajca racun z tekoc v 

prosim zalotiti a vaznost za odkriti elektronski verizna srajca 
ogovor poiskati pravzaprav ali prenehati od to stran. mi 
upanje bos poslal elektronski verizna srajca v nas , ce to je 
od pomoc ali encouragement, mi tudi podzigati vi v zveza 
nas zadeven elektronski knjiga to mi oferirati to ste ce ne 
strosek , ter prost. 

mi delati zivljati veliko knjiga v tuji jeziki , sele mi nikar ne 
zmeraj mesto jih sprejeti electronically ( travnato gricevje ) 
zato ker mi sele izdelovanje pri roki knjiga ali predmet to ste 
najvec prosnja. mi podzigati vi v vzdrznost prositi v Bog ter 
V vzdrznost zvedeti priblizno njega z citanje novi testament, 
mi izreci dobrodoslico vas vprasanje ter razloziti z 
elektronski verizna srajca. 


srckan Bog , the same to to nova 
zaveza has been izpusttakodamismo 

zmozen zvedeti vec priblizno vi. prosim pomoc preprosti 
Ijudje odgovoren zakaj izdelava to elektronski knjiga pri 

prosim pomoc jih premoci opus nagel , ter izdelovanje vec 
elektronski knjiga pri roki prosim pomoc jih imeti vsi 
sredstvo , penez , cvrstost ter cas to oni potreba zato da 
obstati zmozen vzdrzevati ki dela zakaj vi. 
prosim pomoc oni to ste del od skupina to pomoc jih naprej 
vsakdanji osnova. prosim izrociti jih cvrstost v vzdrznost ter 
izrociti vsakteri od jih bozji zakon razumeven zakaj opus to 
vi biti brez jih uganjati. prosim pomoc vsakteri od jih v ne 
zivljati strah ter spomniti se to vi ste Bog kdo odgovor 
molitev ter kdo je v ukaz od vse. 

jaz predlagati da vi hoteti podzigati jih , ter to vi zavarovati 
jih , ter opus & ministrstvo to oni so zaposlen s cim. jaz 
predlagati da vi hoteti zavarovati jih s netelesen vojna sila 
ali drugi zapreka to strjena lava skoda jih ali pocasi vozite 
jih niz. prosim pomoc mi cas jaz raba to nova zaveza v tudi 
pretehtati od preprosti Ijudje kdo zivljati narejen to naklada 
pri roki , 

tako da morem prositi za jih ter tudi oni moci vzdrznost v 
pomoc vec narod jaz predlagati da vi hoteti izrociti mi a 
Ijubezen od vas svet izraziti z besedami ( novi testament ), 
ter to vi hoteti izrociti mi netelesen modrost ter bistroumnost 

znati vi rajsi ter v razumeti epoha od cas to mi smo zivljenje 


prosim pomoc mi znati kako v obravnavati tezek to jaz sem 
soociti s vsak dan. lord Bog , pomoc mi hoteti znanje vi rajsi 
ter hoteti pomoc drugi krscanski v svoj area ter po svetu. 
jaz predlagati da vi hoteti izrociti elektronski knjiga skupina 
ter oni kdo opus naprej tkalec ter oni kdo pomoc jih vas 
modrost. jaz predlagati da vi hoteti pomoc poedinec 
clanstvo od svoj rodbina ( ter svoj rodbina ) v ne obstati 
netelesen goljufati , sele v razumeti vi ter hoteti uvazevati 
ter slediti vi v slehemi izuriti za hojo ali jezo po cesti. ter jaz 
zaprositi vi uganjati od this stvari v imenu Ijudstva, 
usmiljenja ltd. jezuit , Amen , 


mshdl diyOS , pasalamatan ka atipan ng pawid ito 
bago testamento may been pakawalan pagayon atipan ng 
pawid tayo ay able sa mag-aral laling marami buongpaligid 
ka. masiyahan tumulong ang mga tao may pananagutan 
dahil sa making ito Electronic book makukuha. masiyahan 
tumulong kanila sa maaari able sa gumawa ayuno , at gawin 
laling marami Electronic books makukuha masiyahan 
tumulong kanila sa may lahat ang mapamaraan , ang salapi , 
ang lakas at ang takdaan ng oras atipan ng pawid sila 
mangilangan di iutos sa maaari able sa tago gumawa dahil 

masiyahan tumulong those atipan ng pawid ay mahati ng 
ang itambal atipan ng pawid tumulong kanila sa isa pang- 
araw-araw batayan. masiyahan bigyan kanila ang lakas sa 
mapatuloy at bigyan bawa't isa ng kanila ang tangayin pang- 
unawa dahil sa ang gumawa atipan ng pawid ka magkulang 

kanila sa gumawa. masiyahan tumulong bawa't isa ng kanila 
sa hindi may katakutan at sa gunitain atipan ng pawid ka ay 
ang diyos sino sumagot dasal at sino ay di pagbintangan ng 
lahat ng bagay. 

ako magdasal atipan ng pawid ka would palakasin ang loob 
kanila , at atipan ng pawid ka ipagsanggalang kanila , at ang 
gumawa & magkalinga atipan ng pawid sila ay kumuha di. 
ako magdasal atipan ng pawid ka would ipagsanggalang 
kanila sa ang tangayin pilitin o iba sagwil atipan ng pawid 
could saktan kanila o slow kanila itumba. 
masiyahan tumulong ako kailan ako gumamit ito bago 
testamento sa din isipin ng ang mga tao sino may made ito 
edisyon makukuha , pagayon atipan ng pawid ako maaari 
magdasal dahil sa kanila at pagayon sila maaari mapatuloy 
sa tumulong Ming marami mga tao ako magdasal atipan ng 
pawid ka would bigyan ako a ibigin ng mo banal salita ( ang 
bago testamento ), at atipan ng pawid ka would bigyan ako 
tangayin dunong at discernment sa malaman ka lalong 
mapabuti at sa maintindihan ang tukdok ng takdaan ng oras 
atipan ng pawid tayo ay ikinabubuhay di. 
masiyahan tumulong ako sa malaman paano sa makitungo 
kumuha ang mahirap hindi madali atipan ng pawid ako ay 
confronted kumuha bawa't araw. panginoon diyos , 
tumulong ako sa magkulang sa malaman ka lalong mapabuti 
at sa magkulang sa tumulong iba binyagan di akin malawak 
at sa tabi-tabi ang daigdig. ako magdasal atipan ng pawid ka 
would bigyan ang Electronic book itambal at those sino 
gumawa sa ang website at those sino tumulong kanila mo 

ako magdasal atipan ng pawid ka would tumulong ang isang 
tao pagkakasapi ng kanila mag-anak ( at akin mag-anak ) sa 
hindi maaari spiritually dayain , datapuwa't sa maintindihan 
ka at sa magkulang sa tanggapin at sundan ka di bawa't 
daan. at ako humingi ka sa gumawa tesis bagay di ang 
pangalanan ng heswita , susugan , 


Armas Jumala , Kiittaa te etta nyt kuluva 
Veres Jalkisaados has esittamislupa joten etta me 
aari eteva jotta kuuUa enemman jokseenkin te. 

Haluta auttaa ihmiset edesvastuullinen ajaksi ansaitseva nyt 
kuluva Elektroninen kirjanpidollinen saatavana. Haluta 
auttaa heidat jotta olla eteva jotta aikaansaada paastota , ja 
ehtia enemman Elektroninen luettelossa saatavana Haluta 
auttaa heidat jotta hankkia aivan varat , raha , kesto ja aika 
etta he kaivata kotona aste jotta olla eteva jotta elatus 
tyoskentely ajaksi Te. 

Haluta auttaa ne etta aari erita -Ita joukkue etta auttaa heidat 
model after by jokapaivainen kivijalka. Haluta kimmoisuus 
heidat kesto jotta jatkaa ja kimmoisuus joka -Ita heidat 
henki- ymmartavainen ajaksi aikaansaada etta te haluta 
heidat jotta ajaa. 

Haluta auttaa joka -Ita heidat jotta ei hankkia pelata ja jotta 
muistaa etta te aari Jumala joka tottelee nimea hartaushetki 
ja joka on kotona hinta -Ita kaikki. I-KIRJAIN pyytaa 
hartaasti etta te edistaa heidat , ja etta te suojata heidat , ja 
aikaansaada & ministerikausi etta he aari varattu kotona. I- 
KIRJAIN pyytaa hartaasti etta te suojata heidat polveutua 
Henki- Joukko eli toinen este etta haitta heidat eli hitaasti 
heidat heittaa. Haluta auttaa we jahka I-KIRJAIN apu nyt 
kuluva Veres Jalkisaados jotta kin ajatella -Ita ihmiset joka 
hankkia kokoonpantu nyt kuluva painos saatavana , joten 
etta I-KIRJAIN kanisteri pyytaa hartaasti ajaksi heidat ja 

joten he kanisteri jatkaa jotta auttaa enemman ihmiset I- 
KIRJAIN pyytaa hartaasti etta te kimmoisuus we lempia -Ita 
sinun Pyha Sana ( Veres Jalkisaados ), ja etta te kimmoisuus 
we henki- viisaus ja arvostelukyky jotta osata te vedonlyoja 
ja jotta kasittaa aika -Ita aika etta me aari asuen kotona. 
Haluta auttaa we jotta osata kuinka jotta antaa avulla 
hankala etta I-KIRJAIN olen asettaa vastakkain avulla joka 
aika. Haltija Jumala , Auttaa we jotta haluta jotta osata te 
Vedonlyoja ja jotta haluta jotta auttaa toinen Kristitty kotona 
minun kohta ja liepeilla maailma. 

I-KIRJAIN pyytaa hartaasti etta te kimmoisuus Elektroninen 
kirjanpidollinen joukkue ja ne joka aikaansaada model after 
kudos ja ne joka auttaa heidat sinun viisaus. I-KIRJAIN 
pyytaa hartaasti etta te auttaa yksilo jasenmaara -Ita heidan 
heimo ( ja minun heimo ) jotta ei olla henkisesti eksyttaa , 
ainoastaan jotta kasittaa te ja jotta haluta jotta hyvaksya ja 
harjoittaa te kotona joka elamantapa. ja I-KIRJAIN anoa te 
jotta ajaa nama tavarat kotona maine -Ita Jeesus , 
Vastuunalainen , 


Raring Gud , Tack sjalv sa pass den har Ny 

Testamente er blitt befriaren sa fakta at vi er 
duglig till lara sig mer omkring du. Behag hjalpamig 
folk ansvarig for tillverkningen den har Elektronisk bok 

Behag hjalpa mig dem till vara kopa duktig verk fort , och 
gora mer Elektronisk bokna tillganglig Behag hjalpa mig 
dem till har alia resursema , pengama , den styrka och tiden 
sa pass de behov for att kunde halla arbetande till deras. 
Behag hjalpa mig den har sa pass de/vi/du/ni ar del om 
spannen sa pass hjalp dem pa en daglig basis. Behaga ger 
dem den styrka till fortsatta och ger var av dem den ande 
forstandet for den verk sa pass du vilja dem till gor. Behag 
hjalpa mig var av dem till inte har radsla och till minas sa 
pass du er den Gud vem svar bon och vem er han i lidelse av 

JAG be sa pass du skulle uppmuntra dem , och sa pass du 
skydda dem , och den verk & ministaren sa pass de er 
forlovad i. 

JAG be sa pass du skulle skydda dem fran den Ande Pressar 
eller annan hinder sa pass kunde skada dem eller langsam 
dem ned. Behag hjalpa mig nar JAG anvanda den har Ny 
Testamente till ocksa tanka om folk vem har gjord den har 
upplagan tillganglig , sa fakta at JAG kanna be for dem och 
sa de kanna fortsatta till hjalp mer folk JAG be sa pass du 
skulle ge mig en karlek om din Helig Uttrycka ( den Ny 
Testamente ), och sa pass du skulle ge mig ande visdom och 
discernment till veta du battre och till forsta den period av 
tid sa pass vi er levande i. 

Behag hjalpa mig till veta hur till ha att gora med 
svarigheten sa pass JAG er stillt overfor var dag. Var Herre 
och Fralsare Gud , Hjalpa mig till vilja till veta du Battre 
och till vilja till hjalp annan Kristen i min areal och i 
omkrets det varld. JAG be sa pass du skulle ger den 
Elektronisk bok sla sig ihop och den har vem arbeta pa den 
spindelvav och den har vem hjalp dem din visdom. 
JAG be sa pass du skulle hjalp individuellt medlemmen av 
deras familj ( och min familj ) till inte bli spiritually lurat , 
utom till forsta du och mig till vilja till accept och folja du i 
varje vag. och JAG fraga du till gor de har sakerna inne om 
namn av Jesus , Samarbetsvillig , 


Allerkserest God , Tak for Ian at indevaerende Ny 
Testamente er blevet l0st i den grad at vi er kan hen til Isere 
flere omkring jer. Behage hjselp den folk ansvarlig nemlig 
g0r indevaerende Elektronisk skrift anvendelig. Behage 
hjselp sig at blive k0bedygtig arbejde holdbar , og skabe 
Here Elektronisk b0ger anvendelig Behage hjselp sig hen til 
nyde en hel ressourcer , den penge , den krsefter og den gang 
at de savn for at vsere i stand til opbevare i orden nemlig Jer. 

Behage hjselp dem at er noget af den hold at hjselp sig oven 
pa en hverdags holdepunkt. Behage indr0mme sig den 
krsefter hen til fortssette og indr0mme hver i sig den appel 
opfattelse nemlig den arbejde at jer savn sig hen til lave. 
Behage hjselp hver i sig hen til ikke nyde skrsek og hen til 
huske at du er den God hvem svar b0n og hvem star for 
arrangementet i alt. 

JEG bed at jer ville give mod sig , og at jer sikre sig , og 
den arbejde & ministerium at de er forlovet i. JEG bed at jer 
ville sikre sig af den Appel Tvinger eller anden hindring at 
kunne afbrsek sig eller sen sig nede. 

Behage hjselp mig hvor JEG hjselp indevserende Ny 
Testamente hen til ligeledes hitte pa den folk hvem nyde 
skabt indevserende oplag anvendelig , i den grad at JEG 
kunne bed nemlig sig hvorfor de kunne fortssette hen til 
hjselp flere folk JEG bed at jer ville indr0mme mig en 

kserlighed til jeres Hellig Ord ( den Ny Testamente ), og at 
jer ville indr0mme mig appel klogskab og discernment hen 
til kende jer bedre og hen til opfatte den periode at vi er 
nulevende i. 

Behage hjselp mig hen til kende hvor hen til omhandle den 
problemer at Jeg er stillet over for hver dag. Lord God , 
Hjselp mig hen til ville geme kende jer Bedre og hen til ville 
geme hjselp anden Christians i mig omrade og omkring den 

JEG bed at jer ville indr0mme den Elektronisk skrift hold og 
dem hvem arbejde med den website og dem hvem hjselp sig 
jeres klogskab. JEG bed at jer ville hjselp den Individ 
medlemmer i deres slsegt ( og mig slsegt ) hen til ikke vsere 
spiritually narrede , men hen til opfatte jer og hen til ville 
geme optage og komme efter jer i al mulig made, og JEG 
opfordre jer hen til lave disse sager i den bensevne i Jesus , 
Amen , 


MojiHTBa K 5ory /(oporoii Bor, Bw hto Swjih 
BbinymeHbi 3x0 Gospel hjih 3tot hobbih testament xaK, 
^rro Mbi dyjiem BbiyHHXb 6ojibme sac. nojKajiyiiCTa 
noMornxe jhoasim oxBexcTBeHHbiM /jjia /icjiaxb 3xy 
3JieKxpoHHyio KHHry HMeioineHca. Bbi 3Haexe ohh h bm 
M05Kexe noMOHb hm. nojKajiyiicxa noMornxe hm MOHb 
pa6oxaxb 6bicxpo, h cjienawre 6ojiee 3JieKxpoHHbie khhfh 
HMdoiHCHca IIOiKaiiyHCxa noMornxe hm HMCXb bcc 

pec3l)Cbi, ACHbr, npoHHOCXb h BpcMa Koxoptie ohh ajis xoro 
MTo6bi MOHb /lepjKaxb paGoxaxb /jjia sac. nojKajiyiicxa 
noMOFHxe xcM 6yAyx nacxbio KOMaimbi noMoraex hm Ha 
e5KeAHeBHoe ocHOBaHne. nojKajiyiicxa jiawre hm npoHHOCXb 
jiflR xoro Mxo6bi HpoAOJDKaxb H /laeaxb Ka>K/iOMy h3 hx 
/lyxoBHoe BHHKaHHC AJia pa6oxbi mxo bm xoxHxe hx 
CACJiaxb. no5KajiyHCxa homophxc Ka>K/iOMy h3 hx hc HMCXb 
cxpax H He BCHOMHHaxb Mxo Bbi 6yAexe 6oroM oxBenaiox 
MOJiHXBe H in charge of Bce. -3 mojuo mxo bm o6oaphjih hx, 
H Mxo Bbi 3amHmaexe hx, h pa6oxa & MHHHCxepcxBO mxo 



/ipyrHx npenoH cmofjih HOBpe^HXb hm hjih samejijiwn, hm 
BHH3. no5KajiyHCxa HOMOFHxe MHe Kor/ia a Hcnojibsyio 3xox 
HOBbiH testament xaK5Ke jiim xoro Mxo6bi /lyMaxb mojievi 
AejiajiH 3X0X Bapnanx HMeiomeiica, xaK, mxo a CMory 


HOMOHb 6ojibme jnofleii. 

il MOJUO Mxo Bbi /lajiH MHe Bjiio6jieHHOcxb Bamero 
CBaxeiiniero cjiOBa (HoBbiiia 3aBex), h mxo bm jjfijivi MHe 
/lyxoBHbie npeMy/ipocxb h pacHOsnaHHe AJm xoro Mxo6bi 
3Haxb Bac 6ojiee jiynme h HOHJixb nepnoAO BpeMenn 
KoxopoM MM 5iCHBeM B. IlojKajiyHcxa HOMOFHxe MHe cyMexb 
KaK o6maxbca c saxpy/iHeHiuiMH mxo a confronted c 
Ka>KHbiM jmem. JlopA Bor, noMoraex MHe xoxexb 3Haxb Bac 
6ojiee jiynme h xoxexb noMOHb /ipyrnM xpncxnaHKaM b 
Moeii o6jiacxH h BOKpyr MHpa. 

if MOJUO Mxo BM /lajiH 3jieKxpoHHyio KOMaimy h xe khhfh 
HOMoraiox hm Bama npcMy/ipocxb. if mojuo mxo bm 


ccMbH) /lyxoBHOCx 6bixb o6MaHyxbiM, ho HOHJixb Bac H 
xoxexb npHHJixb h nocjie/iOBaxb sa Bac b Ka^K/iOH /lopore. 
Taic5Ke Aaiixe naM KOM(J)opx h naaejieime b 3xh BpcMcna h a 

cnpaniHBaeM, mto bbi /lenaexe 3th Bemji in the name of 
CbfflOK 6ora, jesus christ, aMHHb, 


Jlpar Bor , Ejiaro/iapti th to3h to3h Hob 
3aBemaHHe has p.p. ox be ocBoSoacaaeaM xaKa 
T03H HHC cxe cnocoScH KtM yna ce noBene 
HaOKOJiO TH. XapecBaM noMaraM onpcAejiHTCJieH hjich 
xopa oxroBopcH 3a npHroTBane to3h Electronic KHHra 


XapecBaM noMaraM rax ki>m Gt/ia cnoco6eH ki>m pa6oTa 
nocxa , H npaBa noBCHC Electronic KHH5KapHHiia HajiHHCH 
XapecBaM noMaraM rax ki>m HMaM iihji onpeAejiHxejieH 
HjiCH q^CACTBO , onpeAejiHTCJieH hjich napn , 
onpeAejiHTCJieH hjich ycTOHHHBOCx h onpeAejiHxejieH hjich 
BpcMC T03H xe Hy5K/ia in pe/i ki>m Gt/ia cnoco6eH ki>m 
Ai>p>Ka ABHJKCHHC 3a Th. XapccBaM noMaraM ox that xo3h 
cxe nacx na onpeAejinxejieH hjich Bnpar xo3h noMaraM xax 
Ha an BceicimHeBeH 6a3a. 

XapecBaM /laBaM xax onpeAejinxejieH hjich ycxoHHHBOCx 
KtM npo/j-bjEKaBaM h /laBaM BceicH na xax onpeAejinxejieH 
Hjien AyxoBCH cxBamane 3a onpeAejinxejieH hjich pa6oxa 
X03H XH jninca xax ki>m npaBa. 

XapecBaM noMaraM BceicH na xax ki>m hc HMaM cxpax h ki>m 
HOMHH X03H XH cxc OHpeAejiHxejieH Hjien Bor koh oxroBop 


HacbpnaBaM xax , h xo3h xh 3amHxaBaM xax , h 

onpeAejiHxejieH hjich paGoxa & MHHHCxepcxBO xo3h xe cxe 
3am>ji5KaBaM in. A3 mojih xo3h xh yaa samnxaBaM xax ox 
onpeAejiHxejieH hjich ^xobch Cnjia hjih Apyr npcHKa xo3h 
p.t. ox can Bpe/ia rax hjih 6aBeH xax rojio BtSBHrneHHe. 
XapecBaM noMaraM me Kora A3 ynoxpe6a xo3h Hob 
3aBemaHHe ki>m cbhio mhcjih na onpeAejinxeneH hjich xopa 
KOH HMaM p.t. H p.p. ox make xo3h H3AaHHe HajiHHCH , xaKa 
X03H A3 Mora mojih 3a xax h xaKa xe Mora npoAtiracaBaM 
KtM noMaraM noBene xopa A3 mojih xo3h xh yaa /laBaM me 
a J11060B Ha your Cbsx ^Ma ( OHpeAenHxejien hjich Hob 
3aBemaHHe ), h xo3h xh yaa /laBaM me /lyxoBen Mt/ipocx h 
pa3JiHHaBaHe ki>m 3Haa xh no-AoGip h ki>m pa36HpaM 
onpeAejiHxejieH hjich nepnoA na BpeMe xo3h hhc cxe 5khb 
in. XapecBaM noMaraM me ki>m 3Haa KaK ki>m pa3AaBaM c 
onpeAejiHxejieH hjich m-bhch xo3h A3 cbm H3npaBaM npe/i c 
BceKH jien. 

JlopA Bor , IloMaraM me ki>m jninca ki>m 3Haa xh no-Ao6'bp 
H KtM jTHHca KtM HOMaraM Apyr XpHCXHHHCKH in my njiom 
H HaoKOJio onpeAejiHxejieH hjich cbsx. 

A3 MOJiH X03H XH y5K /jaBaM onpeAejiHxejieH hjich Electronic 
KHHra Bnpar h ox that koh pa6oxa na onpeAejiHxejieH hjich 
website h ox that koh noMaraM xax your Mt/ipocx. A3 mojih 
X03H XH y5K HOMaraM onpeAejiHxejieH hjich jnpieH hjichcxbo 
Ha xexen ceMciicxBO ( h my ceMciicxBO ) ki>m hc Gt/ia 

/lyXOBCH H3MaMBaM , HO KtM pa36HpaM XH H KtM JIHHCa KtM 

npncMaM h cjie/iBaM xh in BceicH ntx. h A3 iraxaM xh ki>m 
npaBa xe3H nenjo in onpeAejinxejieH hjich hmc na He3yHx , 
Amen , 


sevgili mabut , eyvallah adl. §u bu Incil bkz. 

have be serbest bu-akmak taki biz are gii^lii -e dogru 
ogrenmek daha hakkinda sen. mutlu etmek yardim etmek 
belgili tanimlik insanlar -den sorumlu i^in yapim bu 
elektronik kitap elde edilebilir. muflu etmek yardim etmek 
onlan -e dogru muktedir i§ hizli , ve yapmak daha elektronik 
kitap elde edilebilir mutlu etmek yardim etmek onlan -e 
dogru -si olmak tiim belgili tammlik kaynak , belgili 
tammlik para , belgili tanimhk gii^ ve belgili tammlik zaman 

§u onlar liizum i^in muktedir almak ^ali^ma i^in sen. mutlu 
etmek yardim etmek o adl. §u are boliim -in belgili tammlik 
takim adl. §u yardim etmek onlan ustiinde an her temel. 
mutlu etmek vermek onlan belgili tammlik gii^ -e dogru 
devam etmek ve vermek her -in onlan belgili tammlik 
ruhani basiret i^in belgili tammlik i§ adl. 
§u sen istemek onlan -e dogru yapmak. mutlu etmek yardim 
etmek her -in onlan -e dogru degil -si olmak korkmak ve -e 
dogru animsamak adl. §u sen are belgili tammlik mabut kim 
yanit dua ve kim bkz. be i^inde fiyat istemek -in her §ey. I 
dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti ylireklendirmek onlan , ve adl. 
§u sen korumak onlan , ve belgili tammlik i§ & bakanlik adl. 
§u onlar are me§gul i^inde. I dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti 
korumak onlan —dan belgili tammlik ruhani giig ya da diger 
engel adl. 

§u -ebil zarar onlan ya da yava§ onlan a§agi. mutlu etmek 
yardim etmek beni ne zaman I kullanma bu Incil -e dogru da 
du§un belgili tammlik insanlar kim -si olmak -den yapilmi§ 
bu baski elde edilebilir , taki I -ebilmek dua etmek i^in 
onlan vesaire onlar -ebilmek devam etmek -e dogru yardim 

etmek daha insanlar I dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti vermek 
beni a a§k -in senin kutsal kelime ( belgili tammlik tncil ), 
ve adl. §u sen -cekti vermek beni ruhani akillilik ve 
discernment -e dogru bilmek sen daha iyi ve -e dogru 
anlamak belgili tammlik dondiirmemem adl. §u biz are canh 
iginde. mutlu etmek yardim etmek beni -e dogru bilmek 
nasil -e dogru dagitmak ile belgili tammlik mu§kulat adl. 
§u I am kar§i koymak ile her giin. efendi mabut , yardim 
etmek beni -e dogru istemek -e dogru bilmek sen daha iyi ve 
-e dogru istemek -e dogru yardim etmek diger Hristiyan 
i^inde benim alan ve ^evrede belgili tammlik diinya. I dua 
etmek adl. §u sen -cekti vermek belgili tammlik elektronik 
kitap takim ve o kim i§ iistiinde belgili tammlik website ve o 
kim yardim etmek onlari senin akillilik. 
I dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti yardim etmek belgili tammlik 
bireysel aza -in onlarin aile ( ve benim aile ) -e dogru degil 
var olmak ruhani aldatmak , ama -e dogru anlamak sen ve -e 
dogru istemek -e dogru almak ve izlemek sen i^inde her yol. 
ve I sormak sen -e dogru yapmak bunlar e§ya adma Isa , 
amin , 



sevgili mabut , eyvallah adl. §u bu tncil bkz. have be serbest 
birakmak taki biz are giiflu -e dogru ogrenmek daha 

hakkinda sen. mutlu etmek yardim etmek belgili tanimlik 
insanlar -den sorumlu i^in yapim bu elektronik kitap elde 
edilebilir. mutlu etmek yardim etmek onlari -e dogru 
muktedir i§ hizli , ve yapmak daha elektronik kitap elde 
edilebilir mutlu etmek yardim etmek onlan -e dogru -si 
olmak tiim belgili tammlik kaynak , belgili tammlik para , 
belgili tammlik gii^ ve belgili tammlik zaman adl. 
§u onlar liizum i^in muktedir almak ^ali^ma i^in sen. mutlu 
etmek yardim etmek o adl. §u are boliim -in belgili tammlik 
takim adl. §u yardim etmek onlari ustunde an her temel. 
mutlu etmek vermek onlari belgili tammlik gii^ -e dogru 
devam etmek ve vermek her -in onlari belgili tammlik 
ruhani basiret i^in belgili tammlik i§ adl. 

§u sen istemek onlari -e dogru yapmak. mutlu etmek yardim 
etmek her -in onlari -e dogru degil -si olmak korkmak ve -e 
dogru animsamak adl. §u sen are belgili tammlik mabut kim 
yanit dua ve kim bkz. be i^inde fiyat istemek -in her §ey. I 
dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti yiireklendirmek onlari , ve adl. 
§u sen korumak onlari , ve belgili tammlik i§ & bakanlik adl. 
§u onlar are me§gul i^inde. I dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti 
korumak onlari —dan belgili tammlik ruhani giig ya da diger 
engel adl. 

§u -ebil zarar onlari ya da yava§ onlan a§agi. mutlu etmek 
yardim etmek beni ne zaman I kullanma bu tncil -e dogru da 
du§un belgili tammlik insanlar kim -si olmak -den yapilmi§ 
bu baski elde edilebilir , taki I -ebilmek dua etmek i^in 
onlan vesaire onlar -ebilmek devam etmek -e dogru yardim 
etmek daha insanlar I dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti vermek 
beni a a§k -in senin kutsal kelime ( belgili tammlik tncil ), 
ve adl. §u sen -cekti vermek beni ruhani akiUilik ve 
discernment -e dogru bilmek sen daha iyi ve -e dogru 
anlamak belgili tammlik dondiirmemem adl. §u biz are canli 
i^inde. mutlu etmek yardim etmek beni -e dogru bilmek 
nasil -e dogru dagitmak ile belgili tammlik mu§kulat adl. 

§u I am kar§i koymak ile her giin. efendi mabut , yardim 
etmek beni -e dogru istemek -e dogru bilmek sen daha iyi ve 
-e dogru istemek -e dogru yardim etmek diger Hristiyan 
i^inde benim alan ve ^evrede belgili tanimlik diinya. I dua 
etmek adl. §u sen -cekti vermek belgili tammlik elektronik 
kitap takim ve o kim i§ iistiinde belgili tanimlik website ve o 
kim yardim etmek onlari senin akillilik. 
I dua etmek adl. §u sen -cekti yardim etmek belgili tammlik 
bireysel aza -in onlarin aile ( ve benim aile ) -e dogru degil 
var olmak ruhani aldatmak , ama -e dogru anlamak sen ve -e 
dogru istemek -e dogru almak ve izlemek sen i^inde her yol. 
ve I sormak sen -e dogru yapmak bunlar e§ya adina Isa , 
amin , 


Serbia - Servia - Serbian 

Serbia Serbian Servian Prayer Isus Krist Molitva Bog Kako 
Moliti moci cuti moj molitva za pitati davati ponuditi mene 
otkriti duhovni Vodstvo 

Serbia -Prayer Requests (praying )to God -explained in 
Serbian (Servian) Language 

Molitva za Bog ## Kako za Moliti za Bog 
Kako Bog moci cuti moj molitva 
Kako za pitati Bog za davati ponuditi mene 
Kako otkriti duhovni Vodstvo 

Kako za naci predaja iz urok Raspolozenje 

Kako za zasluga odredeni clan istinit Bog nad Nebo 

Kako otkriti odredeni clan Hriscanin Bog 
Kako za moliti za Bog droz Isus Krist 
JA imati nikada molitva pre nego 
Vazan za Bog 
Bog zeljan Ijubavi svaki osoba osoba 

Isus Krist moci pomoc 
Se Bog Biti stalo moj zivot 
Molitva Trazenju 

stvar taj te moc oskudica za uzeti u obzir govorenje za Bog 
okolo Molitva Trazenju kod te , okolo te 

Govorenje za Bog , odredeni clan Kreator nad odredeni 
clan Svemir , odredeni clan Gospodar : 

1 . taj te davati za mene odredeni clan hrabrost za moliti 
odredeni clan stvar taj JA potreba za moliti 2. taj te davati za 
mene odredeni clan hrabrost za verovati te pa primiti sta te 
oskudica raditi s moj zivot , umjesto mene uznijeti moj 
vlastiti volja ( namera ) iznad vas. 

3. taj te davati mene ponuditi ne career moj bojazan nad 
odredeni clan nepoznat za postati odredeni clan isprika , 
inace odredeni clan osnovica umjesto mene ne za sluziti 

4. taj te davati mene ponuditi vidjeti pa uciti kako za imati 
odredeni clan duhovni sway JA potreba ( droz tvoj rijec 

Biblija ) jedan ) umjesto odredeni clan dogadaj ispred pa P ) 
umjesto moj vlastiti crew duhovni putovanje. 

5. Taj te Bog davati mene ponuditi oskudica za sluziti Te 

6. Taj te podsetiti mene za razgovarati sa te prayerwhen ) JA 
sam frustriran inace u problemima , umjesto tezak za odluka 
stvar ja sam jedini droz moj Ijudsko bice sway. 

7. Taj te davati mene Mudrost pa jedan srce ispunjen s 
Biblijski Mudrost tako da JA sluziti te briny delotvorno. 

8. Taj te davati mene jedan zelja za ucenje tvoj rijec , Biblija 
, ( odredeni clan Novi Zavjet Evandelje nad Zahod ), na 
temelju jedan crew osnovica 9. taj te davati pomoc za mene 
tako da JA sam u mogucnosti za obavestenje stvar unutra 
Biblija ( tvoj rijec ) sta JA moci osobno vezati za , pa taj 
volja pomoc mene shvatiti sta te oskudica mene raditi unutra 
moj zivot. 

10. Taj te davati mene velik raspoznavanje , za shvatiti kako 
za objasniti za ostali tko te biti , pa taj JA moci uciti kako 
uciti pa knotkle kako za pristajati uza sto te pa tvoj rijec ( 
Biblija ) 

11. Taj te donijeti narod ( inace websites ) unutra moj zivot 
tko oskudica za knotkle te , pa tko biti jak unutra njihov 
precizan sporazum nad te ( Bog ); pa Taj te donijeti narod ( 
inace websites ) unutra moj zivot tko ce biti u mogucnosti za 
ohrabriti mene za tocno uciti kako za podeliti Biblija rec nad 
istina (2 Timotej 215:). 

12. Taj te pomoc mene uciti za imati velik sporazum okolo 
sta Biblija prikaz 3. lice od TO BE u prezentu najbolji , sta 
3. lice od TO BE u prezentu vecina precizan , pa sta je preko 

duhovni sway & snaga , pa sta prikaz sloziti se s odredeni 
clan izvorni rukopis taj te nadahnut odredeni clan autorstvo 
nad odredeni clan Novi Zavjet za pisati. 

13. Taj te davati ponuditi mene za korist moj vrijeme unutra 
jedan dobar put , pa ne za uzaludnost moj vrijeme na 
temelju Neistinit inace prazan metod za dobiti zaglavni 
kamen za Bog ( ipak taj nisu vjerno Biblijski ), pa kuda tim 
metod proizvod nijedan dug rok inace trajan duhovni voce. 

14. Taj te davati pomoc za mene za shvatiti sta za traziti 
unutra jedan crkva inace jedan mjesto nad zasluga , sta rod 
nad sumnja za pitati , pa taj te pomoc mene za naci vemik 
inace jedan parson s velik duhovni mudrost umjesto lak 
inace neistinit odgovor. 

15. taj te uzrok mene za secati se za sjecati se tvoj rijec 
Biblija ( takav kao Latinluk 8), tako da JA moci imati pik na 
moj srce pa imati moj pamcenje spreman , pa biti spreman 
za davati dobro odgovarati ostali nad odredeni clan nadati se 
taj JA imati okolo te. 

16. Taj te donijeti ponuditi mene tako da moj vlastiti 
teologija pa doktrina za slagati tvoj rijec , Biblija pa taj te 
nastaviti za pomoc mene knotkle kako moj sporazum nad 
doktrina moci poboljsati tako da moj vlastiti zivot , stil 
zivota pa sporazum nastavlja da bude zaglavni kamen za sta 
te oskudica to da bude umjesto mene. 

17. Taj te otvoren moj duhovni uvid ( zakljucak ) sve vise , 
pa taj kuda moj sporazum inace percepcija nad te nije 
precizan , taj te pomoc mene uciti tko Isus Krist vjerno 3. 
lice od TO BE u prezentu. 

18. Taj te davati ponuditi mene tako da JA moci za odvojen 
iko neistinit obredni sta JA imati zavisnost na temelju , iz 

tvoj jasan poucavanje unutra Biblija , ako postoje nad sta JA 
sam sledece nije nad Bog , inace 3. lice od TO BE u 
prezentu u suprotnosti sa sta te oskudica za poucavati nama 
okolo sledece te. 

19. Taj iko sile nad urok ne oduteti iko duhovni sporazum 
sta JA imati , ipak radije taj JA zadrzati odredeni clan znanje 
nad kako za knotkle te pa ne da bude lukav unutra ovih dan 
nad duhovni varka. 

20. Taj te donijeti duhovni sway pa ponuditi mene tako da 
JA volja ne da bude dio nad odredeni clan Velik Koji pada 
Daleko inace nad iko pokret sta postojati produhovljeno 
krivotvoriti za te pa za tvoj Svet Rijec 

21. Taj da onde 3. lice od TO BE u prezentu bilo sto taj J A 
imati ispunjavanja unutra moj zivot , inace iko put taj JA ne 
imate odgovaranje za te ace JA treba imati pa taj 3. lice od 
TO BE u prezentu sprjecavanje mene iz oba hodanje s te , 
inace imajuci sporazum , taj te donijeti tim stvar / odgovor / 
dogadaj leda u moj pamcenje , tako da JA odreci se njima u 
ime Isus Krist , pa svi nad njihov vrijednosni papiri pa 
posledica , pa taj te opet staviti iko praznina , sadness inace 
ocajavati unutra moj zivot s odredeni clan Radost nad 
odredeni clan Gospodar , pa taj JA postojati briny 
usredotocen na temelju znanje za sledii te kod citanje tvoj 
rijec , odredeni clan Biblija 

22. Taj te otvoren moj oci tako da JA moci za jasno vidjeti 
pa prepoznati da onde 3. lice od TO BE u prezentu jedan 
Velik Varka okolo Duhovni tema , kako za shvatiti danasji 
fenomen ( inace ovih dogadaj ) iz jedan Biblijski 
perspektiva , pa taj te davati mene mudrost za knotkle i tako 
taj JA volja uciti kako za pomoc moj prijatelj pa voljen sam 
sebe ( rodbina ) ne postojati dio nad it. 

23. Taj te osigurati taj jednom mqj oci biti otvoreni pa mqj 
pamcenje shvatiti odredeni clan duhovni izrazajnost nad 
trenutni zbivanja uzimanje mjesto unutra odredeni clan svet 
, taj te pripremiti mqj srce prihvatiti tvoj istina , pa taj te 
pomoc mene shvatiti kako za naci hrabrost pa sway droz 
tvoj Svet Rijec , Biblija. U ime Isus Krist , JA traziti ovih 
stvar potvrdujuci moj zelja da bude slozno tvoj volja , pa JA 
sam iskanje tvoj mudrost pa za imati jedan Ijubav nad 
odredeni clan Istina Da 

Briny podno Stranica 
Kako za imati Vjecan Zivot 

Nama biti dearth da danasji foil ( nad molitva trazenju za 
Bog ) 3. lice od TO BE u prezentu u mogucnosti za pomoci 
te. Nama shvatiti danasji ne moze biti odredeni clan najbolji 
inace vecina delotvoran prevod. Nama shvatiti taj onde biti 
mnogobrojan razlicit putevi nad izraziv misao pa reci. Da te 
imati jedan sugestija umjesto jedan bolji prevod , inace da te 
slican za uzeti jedan malen kolicina nad tvoj vrijeme za 
poslati sugestija nama , te ce biti pomaganje hiljadu nad 
ostali narod isto , tko volja onda citanje odredeni clan 
poboljsan prevod. Nama cesto imati jedan Novi Zavjet 
raspoloziv unutra tvoj jezik inace unutra jezik taj biti redak 
inace star. 

Da te biti handsome umjesto jedan Novi Zavjet unutra jedan 
specifican jezik , ugoditi pisati nama. Isto , nama oskudica 
da bude siguran pa probati za komunicirati taj katkada , 
nama ciniti ponuda knjiga taj nisu Slobodan pa taj ciniti 
kostati novae. Ipak da te ne moci priustiti neki od tim 
elektronicki knjiga , nama moci cesto ciniti dobro razmena 

nad elektronicki knjiga umjesto pomoc s prevod inace 
prevod posao. 

Te ne morati postojati jedan strucan radnik , jedini jedan 
pravilan osoba tko 3. lice od TO BE u prezentu zainteresiran 
za pomaganje. Te treba imati jedan racunar inace te treba 
imati pristup za jedan racunar kod tvoj mestanin biblioteka 
inace univerzitet inace univerzitet , otada tim obicno imati 
bolji spoj za odredeni clan Internet. Te moci isto obicno 
utemeljiti tvoj vlastiti crew SLOBODAN elektronski posta 
racun kod lijeganje 

Ugoditi uzeti maloprije otkriti odredeni clan elektronski 
posta adresa smjesten podno inace odredeni clan kraj nad 
danasji stranica. Nama nadati se te volja poslati elektronski 
posta nama , da danasji 3. lice od TO BE u prezentu nad 
pomoc inace hrabrenje. Nama isto ohrabriti te za dodir nama 
u vezi sa Elektronicki Knjiga taj nama ponuda taj biti van 
kostati , pa Slobodan. 

Nama ciniti imati mnogobrojan knjiga unutra stran jezik , 
ipak nama ne uvijek mjesto njima za primiti elektronski ( 
skidati podatke ) zato nama jedini napraviti raspoloziv 
odredeni clan knjiga inace odredeni clan tema taj biti preko 
zatrazen. Nama ohrabriti te za nastaviti za moliti za Bog pa 
za nastaviti uciti okolo Njemu kod citanje odredeni clan 
Novi Zavjet. Nama dobrodosao tvoj sumnja pa primedba 
kod elektronski posta. 


Draga Dumnezeu , Multumesc that this Nou Testament 

has been released so that noi sihtem capabil la spre learn 
mai mult despre tu. 

Te rog ajuta-ma oamenii responsible pentru making this 
Electronic carte folositor. Te rog ajuta-ma pe ei la spre a fi 
capabil la spre work rapid , §i a face mai mult Electronic 
carte folositor Te rog ajuta-ma pe ei la spre have tot 
resources , bani , strength §i timp that 
ei nevoie inauntru ordine la spre a fi capabil la spre a pastra 
working pentru Tu. 

Te rog ajuta-ma aceia that e§ti part de la team that ajutor pe 
ei on un fiecare basis. A face pe plac la a da pe ei 
strength la spre a continua §i a da each de pe ei spirit 
understanding pentru work that tu nevoie pe ei la 
spre a face. 

Te rog ajuta-ma each de pe ei la spre nu have fear §i la spre 
a-§i aminti that tu e§ti Dumnezeu cine answers 
prayer §i cine este el inauntru acuzatie de tot. I pray that tu la will encourage pe ei , §i that tu a proteja pe ei , §i work & ministru that ei sint ocupat inauntru. I pray 
that tu la will a proteja pe ei de la Spirit 
Forces sau alt obstacles that a putut harm pe ei sau lent pe ei 

Te rog ajuta-ma cind I folos this Nou Testament la spre de 
asemenea think de la oameni cine have made this a redacta 
folositor so that I a putea pray pentru pe ei §i so ei a putea a 

continua la spre ajutor mai mult oameni I pray that tu 
la will da-mi o dragoste de al tau Holy Cuvint ( Nou 
Testament ), §i that tu la will acorda-mi spirit 
wisdom §i discernment la spre know tu better §i la spre 
understand perioada de timp that noi sintem viu 

Te rog ajuta-ma la spre know cum la spre deal cu 
difficulties that I sint confronted cu fiecare zi. Lord 
Dumnezeu , Ajuta-ma help la spre nevoie la spre know tu 
Better §i la spre nevoie la spre ajutor alt Cre§tin inauntru 
meu arie §i around lume. I pray that tu la will 
a da 

Electronic carte team §i aceia cine work pe website §i aceia 
cine ajutor pe ei al tau wisdom. I pray that tu la will 
ajutor individual members de lor familie ( §i meu 
familie ) la spre nu a fi spiritually deceived , numai la spre 
understand tu §i eu la spre nevoie la spre accent §i a urma tu 
inauntru fiecare way. §i I a intreba tu la spre a face ace§tia 
things in nume de Jesus , Amen , 



Russian - Russe - Russie 

Russian Prayer Requests - 


6ora KHK noMOJiHTb k 

6ora KHK 6or MOJKex ycjibimaxb MOCMy 


KHK HaiiTH /lyxoBHoe HaBCAeHHe 

KaK HaiiTH deliverance ox 3JieHmero 

jiyxoB KaK noKjiOHHTbca noHCXHHC 6or 

paa KaK HanxH xpncxHaHCKoe 

6ora KaK noMOJiHXb k 6ory jio 

jesus Christ a HHKor/ia hc MOJiHjia nepcA 

Ba>KHbiM K Bjiio6jieHHOCxaM 6ora 

6ora KajKAoe HimHBjmyajibHoe 

jesus, Koxop nepcoHbi christ mojkcx noMOHb 

ACJiaex BHHMaxcjibHOCXb 6ora o mohx Bcmax 



6ory 3aiipocax mojihxbc 
BaMH, Bac 

FoBopHm K 6ory, cos/jaxejib BcejiCHHoro, jiop/j: 



Bbl xoxHxe CACJiaxb c moch 5KH3Hbio, BMCCxo MCHH exalting 


3. Bbl JJflJlVl 6bl MHC nOMOIHb JlflR XOFO MX06bI HC 

npenaxcxBOBaxb mohm cxpaxaM HCHCBCCXHa cxaxb 

CJiy5KHXb Bbl. 4. Bbl /lajIH 6bl MHC nOMOIHb JlflR XOrO MX06bI 

yBJmeXb H BbiyHHTb KHK HMCTb /lyXOBHyiO npOHHOCTb a 

(Hepe3 Bame cjiobo 6h6jihh) a) ajih cjiynaeB Bnepe/i h 6) 
jiflR Moero co6cTBeHHoro jupiHoro /lyxoBHoro 

5. ^TO Bbi 6or /lajiH mhc noMomb /jjia xoro MTo6bi xoxexb 
cjiy5KHTb Bbi 6ojibme 

6. ^TO Bbi remind, mto a pa3roBapHBaji c BaMH (prayer)when 
a ce6a paccxpobxe hjih b aaxpy/iHeHHH, bmccto nbixaxbca 
paapeniHTb Benin xojibKO Hepe3 mok) moACKyio nponnocTb. 

7. ^TO Bbi Aajin Mne npeMy^pocxb n cep/me aanonnnjio c 
6n6jieHCKOH npeMy/ipocxbio xaK HOH a cnyjicnji 6bi bm 


8. ^TO Bbi /lann Mne jKenanne n33^nTb Bame cjiobo, 
6n6jinio, (HoBbina 3aBeT Gospel John), on a personal basis, 

9. Bbi jjfijivi 6bi noMomn k Mne xaK, mto a 6yAy aanexHTb 
Benin b 6n6jinn (BanieM cjiOBe) a Mory jupiho oxnecxn k, n 
KOTopoH noM05KeT MHC noHaxb Bbi xoxnxe Mena c^ejiaxb b 
Moeii 5icn3Hn. 

10. ^xo Bbi /lajin Mne 6ojibmoe pacnoananne, jiim xoro 
Mxo6bi nonaxb icaK oGtacnnxb k /ipyrnM Koxopbie bm, n mxo 
a Mor Bbiynnxb icaK Bbi3^nxb n cynexb icaK cxoaxb BBepx 
AJia Bac n Baniero cjiOBa (6n6jinn) 

1 1 . ^xo Bbi npnnecjin jnoAen (nun websites) b Moeii 5icn3Hn 
xoxax 3Haxb Bac, n Koxopbie cnjibHbi b nx xohhom 
BnnKannn Bac (6or); n xo bm npnnecjin 6bi jhoach (nun 
websites) b Moeii 5icn3nn 6yAex o6oApnxb Mena xonno 
Bbiynnxb icaK pas^ejinxb 6n6jinio cjiobo npaB/ibi (2 timothy 

12. ^TO Bbi noMorjiH mhc BbiyHHXb HMCTb 6ojibmoe 
BHHKaHHC KOTopbiH BapHaHT 6h6jihh caMbic nj^mne, 


/lyxoBHbie npoHHOCTb & CHjiy, h Koxopaa BapnaHx 
corjiamaexca c nepBOHanajibHO pyKonncaMH mto bm 
BOOAynieBHjiH aBTopbi HoBbiJia aaBCx Hanncaxb. 

13. ^xo Bbi /lajiH noMOiHb k mhc jiim Hcnojib30BaHHH Moero 
BpcMCHH B xopomeii Aopore, h /jjih xoro Mxo6bi He 
pacxoHHxejibcxBOBaxb Moe Bpena Ha ji05KHbix hjih nycxbix 
Mcxo/iax HOJiyHHXb closer to 6or (ho xo hc 6yAbxe 
noHCXHHe 6H6jieHCK), h r/ie xe Mexo^bi ne npoH3BOAax 


14. ^XO Bbi /lajIH HOMOHIb K MHC HOHJIXb look for B IjepKOB 

pastor c 6ojibmoH /lyxoBHoii npcMy/ipocxbio bmccxo jiericHx 



3aH0MHHXb Bame cjiobo 6h6jiiui (such as Romans 8), xaK, 
Mxo a CMory HMexb ero b mocm cep/me h HMexb moh pasyM 
6bixb HO/iroxoBjieHHbiM, H roxoBO /laxb oxbcx k /ipyroMy h3 
yHOBaHHJi Koxopoe a hmcio o Bac. 


co6cxBeHHbie xeojiorna h /lOKxpHHbi /pa xoro Mxo6bi 
corjiacHXbca c BamHM cjiobom, GnGjineii h mxo bm 


5KH3Hb, lifestyle h HOHHMaxb 6yAyx npoAOJCKaxbca 6bixb 
closer to bm xoxHxe hx 6bixb /pa Meiia. 

17. ^TO Bbl paCKpblJIH MOK) /lyXOBHyK) npOHHIiaxejIbHOCTb 

(aatcjuoHeHJui) 6ojibme h 6ojibme, h mto r/ie moh BHHKaHHC 


BbiyHHTb jesus Christ noHCXHHe. 

18. ^TO Bbl /lajiH noMOiHb k mhc xaK HOIl a Mor 6bi 
OT/iejiHTb jiio6bie ji05KHbie pHxyajibi a 3aBHceji Ha, ox Bamnx 
acHbix npenoAaBaxejibCTB b 6h6jihh, ccjih jiio6oe h3, to a 
following He 6ora, hjih npoTHBonoji05KHbi k bm xothtc jiim 
Toro MTo6bi Ha3^HTb HaM - cjieAOBaxb 3a BaMH. 

19. ^TO jiio6bie ycHjiHH 3jia take away HHCKOJibKO AyxoBHoe 


KaK 3HaTb Bac h 6biTb oGManyxbiM Bnyxpn these days 
AyxoBHoro oduana. 

20. ^TO Bbl npHHecjiH /lyxoBnyio npoHHOCXb h homofjih k 
MHe xaK HOn a ne 6yAy nacxbio 6ojibmoH nanaxb npoHb 
HJIH jiio6oro ABH5KeHHH 6bijio 6bi /lyxoBHOCx counterfeit k 
BaM H K BameMy CBaxeiimeMy cjiOBy. 

21. To ecjiH Mxo-HH6bmb, xo a Aenaji b Moeii 5kh3hh, hjih 
jiio6aa Aopora mxo a ne oxBenaji k BaM ho Mepe xoro KaK a 
AOJEKen HMexb h xo npe^oxBpaHiaex Mena ox hjih ryjiaxb c 


things/responses/events back into moh pa3yM, xaK HOIl a 
oxpeHbjica 6bi ox hx in the name of jesus christ, h Bce h3 hx 


emptiness, xocKjiHBOCXb hjih despair b Moeii 5kh3hh c 
yxexoH jiop/ia, h mxo a 6ojibme 6biji c(J)OKycHpoBaH na 
yHHXb HOCJie/iOBaxb 3a BaMH nyxcM HHxaxb Bame cjiobo, 

22. ^xo Bbl pacKpbijiH MOH rjia3a xaK HOIl a Mor 6bi acHO 
yBimexb H y3Haxb ccjih 6yACx 6ojibmoH o6MaH o /lyxoBHbix 
xcMax, xo KaK nonaxb 3xo aBjiCHHC (hjih 3xh cji3^aH) ox 

6H6jieHCKOH nepcneKTHBbi, h mto bbi jiajivi mhc 
npcMy/ipocTb jiflR Toro mtoGbi 3HaTb h xaK HOH a Bbiyny 

(pOACTBeHHHKH) JlflR TOFO MT06bI HC 6bITb HaCTbK) 66. 

23 ^TO Bbl 066Cn6HHJIH MTO pa3 MOH rjia3a paCKpblHbl H MOH 
paSyM nOHHMa6T /iyX0BH06 3HaH6HH6 T6KyiHH6 C06bITHH 

jiflR Toro MTo6bi npHSHaBaxb Bamy npaB/iy, h mto bm 


H6p63 Bam6 CBaT6Hm66 CJiOBO, GhGjihk). In the name of 
jesus Christ, a npomy 3th Benin noATBep5K/iaa Moe jKenanne 
6biTb B cooTBexcTBnn Banien BOJien, n a npomy Bania 
npeMy/ipocTb n nnexb BjnoGjiennocTb npaB/ibi, Annnb. 

Bojibme na jme cxpanniibi 
KaK nMexb Bennaaa 5Kn3Hb 

Mbi panocTHbi ecjin 3tot cnncoK (3anpocoB MOJinxBe k 
6ory) M05KeT noMOHb Ban. Mbi nonnnaeM 3to ne MOJKex 
6biTb caMbiH nj^ninn nun caMbin 3(J)(J)eKTnBHbiH nepeBOA. 
Mbi nonnMaeM mto 6yAyT mhofo no-pa3HOMy /lopor 
Bbipa>KaTb Mbicjin n cjiOBa. Ecjin bm nneexe npeAJiojKenne 
AJia 6ojiee jiynmero nepeBO/ia, nun ecjin bm xoxen 6bijin 6bi 
npnnaxb Manoe KOJinHecxBO Baniero Bpenenn nocjiaxb 
npeAJiojKennH k nan, xo bm Gy^exe noMoraxb xbicanaM 
jnoAax xaK5Ke, Koxopbie nocjie 3xoro nponnxaiox 
yjiyHniennbiH nepeBOA. Mbi nacxo nMeeM hobmh testament 
nMeiomnnca b BanieM a3biKe nun b a3biKax pe/iKO nun 
cxapo. Ecjin bm CMOxpnxe Jiim noBoro testament b 
cneiin(J)iPiecKn a3biKe, xo nojKanyncxa nannmnxe k nan. 

TaK5Ke, Mbi xoTHM 6biTb yBepcHbi H nbixacMca CBaabiBaxb to 
HHor/ia, Mbi npcAJiaraeM khhfh Koxopbie He cbo6oaho h 


nepcBOAOM HjiH pa6oTOH nepeBO^a. Bbi ne /loicKHbi 6biTb 
npo(J)eccHOHajibHbiM pa6oTHHKOM, TOJibKO peryjiapHO 
nepcona Koxopaa aanHxepecoBaHa b noMoraxb. 


/lOCxyH K KOMHbioxepy na Bamnx mccxhmx apxHBC hjih 
K0JiJie5Ke HJIH yHHBcpcHxexe, b Bimy xoro mxo xe o6bPiHO 
HMCiox 6ojiee jiynniHe coeAHHCHiui k Hnxepnexy. 

Bbl M05Kexe xaic5Ke o6bPiHO ycxanaBjiHBaxb Bam 
co6cxBeHHbiH jiHHHbiH CBOBO^HO ynex ajiCKxpoHHaaa 
HOHxa HyxeM iiuxh k H05KajiyHCxa 
npHHHMaexe momchx jiim xoro Mxo6bi CHHxaxb a/ipec Hocjie 
xoro KaK ajiCKxpoHHaaa nonxa bm pacHOJioJKCHbi na jme 


Mbi HanecMca bm hohijicx ajiCKxpoHHaaa nonxa k naM, ecjiH 
CBa3axbca mm oxHOCHxejibHO 3jieKxpoHHbix khhf mm 
HpcAJiaracM xoMy 6e3 iichm, h cbo6oaho, Koxop mm hmccm 


ycxanaBjiHBaeM hx jiim xoro Mxo6bi nojiynnxb 3jieKxpoHHO 
(download) HOxoMy mxo mm xojibKO ^eJiacM HMeiomeca 


CM nyxcM HHxaxb HoBbiiia 3aBex. Mbi npHBexcxBycM Bamn 






I J^l* j>^I^Jo I Jji;^i_i I Jj>^«.jJo ^ j c>o^ °i' ljt^cj|i_i 

I Jl Jt^CJjjji_^ I J^CJl^o. I jCJ Cl^^jUi ^j 0^ jl jCJ^ S^JJO ^<-Il5 

|J^I«. ^I^JCJol ^iXs I j i^jj l3''^J° ^<-!L5 ''-^f'-! MJ'J^' ' 
_^pJol l^iidjj lj;i!cji_i Ijljiilcjjjj^o Ijadl^o 

I J^l«. ^I^JCJol ^iXs 2f>L?^ I 4>jU'^ jI J(>jI J ' jl3j» jI JjlB'^ I J\^ 
I J^l* IJj>o^l^Jo I J^A^ cjji^iij ^ j«.| ^j I J^jt^j I J\^ i^^\^:ss>^ 

^JlS Il>"'l>" '^<-I l?J(>. L^J^lS l^-i=lt5»l l3J° I <JIl>"'^jU jI^-2=iI«- i^J (>L>f> 

IJ^Jl_j|Cj I JC^^ L?("^J ' j L?L>^J°f 'j M^* fL>' 'tis Il>"^<-I. 

IjJ^ IJj>lji=L3» X-5'-' '<-!&.''-'('• 
;i!^l i_^Iai_^ jl I JjiCl^^o jl JCJ_^i_^o L^ oio I JjjICJ 4 jllaJlJ fj^f I j 

Prayer to God 

Dear God, 

Thank you that this Gospel or this New Testament has 
been released so that we are able to learn more about 

Please help the people responsible for making this 
Electronic book available. You know who they are and 
you are able to help them. 

Please help them to be able to work fast, and make 
more Electronic books available 

Please help them to have all the resources, the 
money, the strength and the time that they need in 
order to be able to keep working for You. 

Please help those that are part of the team that help 
them on an everyday basis. Please give them the 
strength to continue and give each of them the spiritual 
understanding for the work that you want them to do. 

Please help each of them to not have fear and to 


that you are the God who answers prayer and who is 

in charge of everything. 

I pray that you would encourage them, and that you 
protect them, and the work & ministry that they are 
engaged in. 

I pray that you would protect them from the Spiritual 

Forces or other obstacles that could harm them or 
slow them down. 

Please help me when I use this New Testament to 
also think of the people who have made this edition 
available, so that I can pray for them and so they can 
continue to help more people. 

I pray that you would give me a love of your Holy Word 
(the New Testament), and that you would give me 
spiritual wisdom and discernment to know you better 
and to understand the period of time that we are living 

Please help me to know how to deal with the 
difficulties that I am confronted with every day. Lord 
God, Help me to want to know you Better and to want 
to help other Christians in my area and around the 

I pray that you would give the Electronic book team 
and those who help them your wisdom. God, help me 
to understand you better. Please help my family to 
understand you better also. 

I pray that you would help the individual members of 
their family (and my family) to not be spiritually 
deceived, but to understand you and to want to accept 
and follow you in every way. 

Also give us comfort and guidance in these times and I 
ask you to do these things in the name of Jesus , 


BOOKS which may be of Interest to you, the Reader 


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on separate drives, in case your own computer should have 
occasional problems. 



King James Version - The best and ideal would be the 
text of the 1611, [referring to the 66 books of the Old and 
New Testaments] as produced by the original 

Geneva Bible - Version of the Old Testament and New 
Testament produced starting around 1560. Produced 
with the help of T (Beza)., who also produced an 
accurate LATIN version of the New Testament, based on 
the Textus Receptus. 

The Geneva Bible (several Editions of it) are available - 
as of this writing at in PDF 

Bible of Jay Green - Jay Green was the Translator for 
the Trinitarian Bible Society. His work is based on the 
Ancient Koine Greek Text (Textus Receptus) from 
which he translated directly. His work encompasses both 
Hebrew as well as Koine Greek (The Greek spoken at 
the time of Jesus Christ). 

The Translation of the New Testament [of Jay Green] 
can be found online in PDF for Free 

R-La grande charte d'Angleterre ; ouvrage precede d'un 
Precis - This is simply the MAGNA CHARTA, which 
recognizes liberty for everyone. 

Gallagher, Mason - Was the Apostle Peter ever at Rome 

Cannon of the Old Testament and the New Testament 
or Why the Bible is Complete without the Apocrypha and 
unwritten Traditions by Professor Archibald Alexander 
Princeton Theological Seminary 

1 85 1 - Presbyterian Board of Publications, [available online 
Free ] 

Historical Evidences of the Truth of the Scripture Records 
Rawlinson - Lectures Delivered at Oxford University 
[available online Free ] 

The Apostolicity of Trinitarianism - by George Stanley 
Faber - 1 832 - 3 Vol / 3 Tomes [available online Free ] 

The image- worship of the Church of Rome : proved to be 

contrary to Holy Scripture and the faith and discipline of the 

primitive church ; and to involve contradictory and 

irreconcilable doctrines within the Church of Rome itself 


by James Endell Tyler, 1789-1851 

Calvin defended : a memoir of the life, character, and 
principles of John Calvin (1909) by Smyth, Thomas, 1808- 
1873 ; Publish: Philadelphia : Presbyterian Board of 
Publication, [available online Free ] 

The Supreme Godhead of Christ, the Comer-stone of 
Christianity by W. Gordon - 1855 [available online Free ] 

A history of the work of redemption containing the outlines 

of a body of divinity ... 

Author: Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758. 

Publication Info: Philadelphia,: Presbyterian board of 

publication, [available online Free ] 

The origin of pagan idolatry ascertained from historical 
testimony and circumstantial evidence. - by George Stanley 
Faber - 1816 3 Vol. / 3 Tomes [available online Free ] 

The Seventh General Council, the Second of Nicaea, Held 
A.D. 787, in which the Worship of Images was established 
- based on early documents by Rev. John Mendham - 1850 
[documents how this far-reaching Council went away from 
early Christianity and the New Testament] 

Worship of Mary by James Endell Tyler [available online 
Free ] 

The Papal System from its origin to the present time 

A Historical Sketch of every doctrine, claim and practice of 

the Church of Rome by William Cathcart, DD 

1 872 - [available online Free ] 

The Protestant exiles of Zillerthal; their persecutions and 
expatriation from the Tyrol, on separating from the Romish 
church - [available online Free ] 

An essay on apostolical succession- being a defence of a 
genuine ministry - by Rev Thomas Powell - 1 846 

An inquiry into the history and theology of the ancient 
Vallenses and Albigenses; as exhibiting, agreeably to the 
promises, the perpetuity of the sincere church of Christ 
Publish info London, Seeley and Bumside, - by George 
Stanley Faber - 1838 [available online Free ] 

The Israel of the Alps. A complete history of the Waldenses 
and their colonies (1875) by Alexis Muston (History of the 
Waldensians) - 2 Vol/ 2 Tome - Available in English and 
Separately ALSO in French [available online Free ] 

Encouragement for Women 

Amy Charmichael 

AMY CARMICHAEL - From Sunrise Land 
[available online Free ] 

AMY CARMICHAEL - Lotus buds (1910) 
[available online Free ] 

AMY CARMICHAEL - Overweights of joy (1906) 
[available online Free ] 

AMY CARMICHAEL -Walker of Tinnevelly (1916) 
[available online Free ] 

AMY CARMICHAEL -After Everest ; the experiences of a 
mountaineer and medical mission (1936) 
[available online Free ] 

AMY CARMICHAEL -The continuation of a story ([1914 

[available online Free ] 

AMY CARMICHAEL -Ragland, pioneer (1922) 
[available online Free] 



1 854 [available online Free ] 

Hungary and Kossuth-An Exposition of the Late Hungarian 

Revolution by Tefft 

1852 [available online Free ] 

Secret history of the Austrian government and of its ... 
persecutions of Protestants By Joseph Alfred Michiels - 
1859 [available online Free ] 

Sketches in Remembrance of the Hungarian Struggle for 
Independence and National Freedom Edited by Kastner 
(Circ. 1853) [available online Free ] 



La Bible Frangaise de Calvin V 1 
[available online Free ] 

La Bible Frangaise de Calvin V 2 
[available online Free ] 

VAUDOIS - A memoir of Felix Neff, pastor of the High 
Alps [available online Free ] 

La France Protestante - ou. Vies des protestants frangais 
par Haag - 1 856 - 6 Tomes [available online Free ] 

Musee des protestans celebres 

Etude sur les Academies Protestantes en France au xvie et 
au xviie siecle - Bourchenin - 1 882 [available online Free ] 

Les plus anciennes melodies de I'eglise protestante de 
Strasbourg et leurs auteurs [microform] (1928) [available 
online Free ] 

L'Israel des Alpes: Premiere histoire complete des Vaudois 
du Piemont et de leurs colonies 
Par Alexis Muston ; Publie par Marc Ducloux, 1 85 1 
(2 Tomes) [available online Free ] 

GAL Lie A - 

Histoire ecclesiastique - 3 Tomes - by Theodore de Beze, 
[available online Free ] 

BEZE-Sermons sur I'histoire de la resurrection de Notre- 
Seigneur Jesus-Christ [available online Free ] 

DE BEZE - Confession de la foy chrestienne [available 
online Free ] 

Vie de J. Calvin by Theodore de Beze, [available online 
Free ] 

Confession d'Augsbourg (franfais). 1550-Melanchthon 
[available online Free ] 

La BIBLE-1'ed. de, Geneve-par F. Perrin, 1567 [available 
online Free ] 

Hobbes - Leviathan ou La matiere, la forme et la puissance 
d'un etat ecclesiastique et civil [available online Free ] 

L'Eglise et I'Etat a Geneve du vivant de Calvin 
Roget, Amedee (1825-1883). 
[available online Free ] 

LUTHER-Commentaire de I'epitre aux Galates [available 
online Free ] 

Petite chronique protestante de France [available online Free 

Histoire de la guerre des hussites et du Concile de Basle 
2 Tomes [recheck for accuracy] 

Les Vaudois et I'lnquisition-par Th. de Cauzons (1908) 
[available online Free ] 

Glossaire vaudois-par P.-M. Callet [available online Free ] 

Musee des protestans celebres ou Portraits et notices 
biographiques et litteraires des personnes les plus eminens 
dans I'histoire de la reformation et du protestantisme par une 
societe de gens de lettres [available online Free ] 

( publ. par Mr. G. T. Doin; Publication : Paris : Weyer : Treuttel et Wurtz : 
Scherff [et al.], 1821-1824 - 6 vol./6 Tomes : ill. ; in-8 
Doin, Guillaume-Tell (1794-1854). Editeur scientifique) 

Notions elementaires de grammaire comparee pour servir a 
I'etude des trois langues classiques [available online Free ] 

Thesaurus graecae linguae ab Henrico Stephano constructus. 
Tomus 1 : in quo praeter alia plurima quae primus praestitit 
vocabula in certas classes distribuit, multiplici derivatorum 

( Estienne, Henri (1528-1598). Auteur du texte Tomus I, II, III, IV : in quo 
praeter alia plurima quae primus praestitit vocabula in certas classes 
distribuit, multiplici derivatorum serie; Thesaurus graecae linguae ab 

Henrico Stephano constructus ) [available online Free ] 

La liberte chretienne; etude sur le principe de la piete chez 
Luther ; Strasbourg, Librairie Istra, 1922 - Will, Robert 
[available online Free ] 

Bible-N.T.(francais)-1523 - Lefevre d'Etaples [available 
online Free ] 

Calvin considere comme exegete - Par Auguste Vesson 
[available online Free ] 

Reuss, Rodolphe - Les eglises protestantes d' Alsace pendant 
la Revolution (1789-1802) [available online Free ] 

WEBBER-Ethique_protestante-L'ethique protestante et 
I'esprit du capitalisme (1904-1905) [available online Free ] 

French Protestantism, 1559-1562 (1918) 
Kelly, Caleb Guyer -[available online Free ] 

History of the French Protestant Refugees, from the 
Revocation of the Edict of Nantes 1 854 [available online 
Free ] 

The History of the French, Walloon, Dutch and Other 
Foreign Protestant Refugees Settled in 1846 [available 
online Free ] 


Italian and/or Spanish/Castillian/ etc 


Historia del Concilio Tridentino (SARPI) [available online 
Free ] 

Aldrete, Bernardo Jose de - Del origen, y principio de la 
lengua castellana 6 romace que oi se usa en Espaiia 

SAVANAROLA-Vindicias historicas por la inocencia de 
Fr. Geronimo Savonarola 

Biblia en lengua espanola traduzida palabra por palabra de 
la verdad hebrayca-FERRARA 

Biblia. Espaiiolll602-translaciones por Cypriano de Valera 
( misspelled occasionally as Cypriano de Varela ) [available 
online Free ] 

Reina Valera 1602 - New Testament Available at [available online Free ] 

La Biblia : que es, los sacros libros del Vieio y Nuevo 

Valera, Cipriano de, 1532-1625 
Los dos tratados del papa, i de la misa - escritos por 
Cipriano D. Valera ; i por el publicados primero el a. 1588, 
luego el a. 1599; i ahora fielmente reimpresos [Madrid], 
1 85 1 [available online Free ] 

Valera, Cipriano de, 15327-1625 

Aviso a los de la iglesia romana, sobre la indiccion de 

jubileo, por la bulla del papa Clemente octavo. 

English Title = An answere or admonition to those of the 

Church of Rome, touching the iubile, proclaimed by the 

bull, made and set foorth by Pope Clement the eyght, for the 

yeare of our Lord. 1600. Translated out of French [available 

online Free ] 

Spanish Protestants in the Sixteenth Century by Cornelius 
August Wilkens French [available online Free ] 

Historia de Los Protestantes Espanoles Y de Su Persecucion 
Por Felipe II - Adolfo de Castro - 1 85 1 (also Available in 
English) [available online Free ] 

The Spanish Protestants and Their Persecution by Philip II 

- 1851 - Adolfo de Castro [available online Free ] 

Institvcion de la religion Christiana; 
Institutio Christianae religionis. Spanish 
Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564 

Instituzion religiosa escrita por Juan Calvino el aiio 1536 y 
traduzida al castellano por Cipriano de Valera. 
Calvino, Juan. 

Catecismo que significa: forma de instrucion, que contiene 

los principios de la religion de dios, util y necessario para 

todo fiel Christiano : compuesto en manera de dialogo, 

donde pregunta el maestro, y responde el discipulo 

En casa de Ricardo del Campo, M.D.XCVl [1596] Calvino, 


Tratado para confirmar los pobres catiuos de Berueria en la 
catolica y antigua se, y religion Christiana: y para los 
consolar con la Palabra de Dios en las afliciones que 
padecen por el evangelio de lesu Christo. [...] Al fin deste 
tratado hallareys un enxambre de los falsos milagros, y 
illusiones del Demonio con que Maria de la visitacion priora 
de la Anunciada de Lisboa engaiio a muy muchos: y de 
como file descubierta y condenada al fin del aiio de .1588 
En casa de Pedro Shorto, Aiio de. 1594 
Valera, Cipriano de. 

Biblia de Ferrara, corregida por Haham R. Samuel de 

The Protestant exiles of Madeira (c 1860) French [available 
online Free ] 


Part A - For your consideration 


For Christians who want a serious, detailed and 
historical account of the versions of the New Testament, 
and of the issues involved in the historic defense of 
authentic and true Christianity. 

John William Burgon [ Oxford] - 1 The traditional text of the 
Holy Gospels vindicated and established (1896) [available 
online Free ] 

John William Burgon [ Oxford] -2 The causes of the 
corruption of the traditional text of the Holy Gospel 
[available online Free ] 

John William Burgon [ Oxford] - The Revision Revised 
(A scholarly in-depth defense of Ancient Greek Text of the 
New Testament) [available online Free ] 

hitro to Vol 1 from INTRO to MASSORETICO CRITICAL 
by GINSBURG-VOL 1 [available online Free ] 

hitro to Vol 1 from INTRO to MASSORETICO CRITICAL 
by GINSBURG-VOL 2 [available online Free ] 

Horse Mosaicae; or, A view of the Mosaical records, with 
respect to their coincidence with profane antiquity; their 

internal credibility; and their connection with Christianity; 
comprehending the substance of eight lectures read before 
the University of Oxford, in the year 1801; pursuant to the 
will of the late Rev. John Bampton, A.M. / By George 
Stanley Faber -Oxford : The University press, 1801 
[Topic: defense of the authorship of Moses and the 
historical accuracy of the Old Testament] [available online 
Free ] 

TC The English Revisers' Greek Text-Shown to be 
Unauthorized, Except by Egyptian Copies Discarded 
[available online Free ] 

CANON of the Old and New Testament by Archibald 
Alexander [available online Free ] 

An inquiry into the integrity of the Greek Vulgate- or. 
Received text of the New Testament 1815 92mb [available 
online Free ] 

A vindication of 1 John, v. 7 from the objections of M. 
Griesbach [available online Free ] 

The Burning of the Bibles- Defence of the Protestant 
Version - Nathan Moore - 1 843 

A dictionarie of the French and English tongues 1611 
Cotgrave, Randle - [available online Free ] 

The Canon of the New Testament vindicated in answer to 
the objections of J.T. in his Amyntor, with several additions 
[available online Free ] 

the paramount authority of the Holy Scriptures vindicated 

Histoire du Canon des Saintes-ecritures Dans L'eglise 
Chretienne ; Reuss (1863) [available online Free ] 

Histoire de la Societe biblique protestante de Paris, 1818 a 
1 868 [available online Free ] 

L'academie protestante de Nimes et Samuel Petit 

Le manuel des Chretiens protestants : Simple exposition des 
croyances et des pratiques - Par Emilien Frossard - 1 866 

Jean-Frederic Osterwald, pasteur a Neuchatel 

David Martin 

The canon of the Holy Scriptures from the double point of 
view of science and of faith (1862) [available online Free ] 

CODEX B & ALLIES by University of Michigan Scholar 
H. Hoskier (1914) 2 Vol [available online Free ] 

Part B - not Recommended 


Modem Versions of the New Testament, most of which 
were produced after 1910, are based upon a newly invented 
text, by modern professors, many of whom did not claim to 
believe in the New Testament, the Death and Physical 

Resurrection of Jesus Christ, or the necessity of Personal 
Repentance for Salvation. 

The Translations have been accomplished all around the 
world in many languages, starting with changeover from the 
older accurate Greek Text, to the modern invented one, 
starting between 1904 and 1910 depending on which 
edition, which translation team, and which publisher. 

We cannot recommend: the New Testament or Bible of 
Louis Segond. This man was probably well intentioned, but 
his translation are actually based on the 8* Critical edition 
of Tischendorf, who opposed the Reformation, the 
Historicity of the Books of the Bible, and the Greek Text 
used by Christians for thousands of years. 

For additional information on versions, type on the Internet 
Search: "verses missing in the NIV" and you will find more 

We cannot recommend the english-language NKJV, even 
though it claims to depend on the Textus Receptus. That is 
not exactly accurate. The NKJV makes this claim based on 
the ecclectic [mixed and confused] greek text collated 
officially by Herman von Soden. The problem is that von 
Soden did not accomplish this by himself and used 40 
assistants, without recording who chose which text or the 
names of those students. Herman Hoskier [Scholar, 
University of Michigan] was accurate in demonstrating the 
links between Sinai ticus, Vaticanus, and the Greek Text of 
Von Soden. Thus what is explained as being "based on" the 
Textus Receptus actually was a departure from that very 

The Old Testaments of almost all modem language Bibles, 
in almost all languages is a CHANGED text. It does NOT 
conform to the historic Old Testament, and is based instead 
on the recent work of the German Kittel, who can be easily 
considered an Apostate by historic Lutheran standards, 
(more in a momentf). 

The Old Testament of the NKJV is based on the New 
Hebrew Translation of Kittel. [die Biblia Hebraica von 
Rudolf Kittel ] Kittel remains problematic for his own 
approach to translation. 

Kittel, the translator of the Old Testament [for almost all 
modem editions of the Bible]: 

1. Did not believe that the Pentateuch he translated was 

2. Did not believe that the Pentateuch he translated was the 
same as the original Pentateuch. 

3. Did not believe in the inspiration of the Old Testament or 
the New Testament. 

4. Did not believe in what Martin Luther would believe 
would constitute Salvation (salvation by Faith alone, in 
Christ Jesus alone). 

5. Considered the Old Testament to be a mixture compiled 
by tribes who were themselves confused about their own 

Most people today who are Christians would consider Kittel 
to be a Heretical Apostate since he denies the inspiration of 
the Bible and the accuracy of the words of Jesus in the New 
Testament. Kittel today would be refused to be allowed to 
be a Pastor or a translator. His translation work misleads 

and misguides people into error, whenever they read his 

The Evidence against Kittel is not small. It is simply the 
work of Kittel himself, and what he wrote. Much of the 
evidence can be found in: 

A history of the Hebrews (1895) by R Kittel - 2 Vol 

Essentially, Kittel proceeds from a number of directions to 
undermine the Old Testament and the history of the 
Hebrews, by pretending to take a scholarly approach. Kittel 
did not seem to like the Hebrews much, but he did seem to 
like ancient pagan and mystery religions, (see the Two 
Babylons by Hislop, or History of the Temple by 
Edersheim, and then compare). 

His son Gerhard Kittel, a "scholar" who worked for the 
German Bible Society in Germany in World War II, with 
full aproval of the State, ALSO was not a Christian and 
would ALSO be considered an apostate. Gerhard Kittel 
served as advisor to the leader of Germany in World War II. 
After the war, Gerhard Kittel was tried for War Crimes. 

On the basis of the Documentation, those who believe in the 
Bible and in Historic Christianity are compelled to find 
ALTERNATIVE texts to the Old Testament translated by 
Kittel or the New Testaments that depart from the historic 
Ancient Koine Greek. 

Both Kittel Sr and Kittel Jr appear to have been false 
Christians, and may continue to mislead many. People who 
cannot understand how this can happen may want to read a 
few books including : 

Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt. 

The Agony of Deceit by Horton 

Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by C. Cumbey 

The Battle for the Bible by Harold Lindsell (Editor of 

Christianity Today) 

Those who want more information about Kittel should 

1) Problems with Kittel - Short paper sometimes available 
online or at 

2) The Theological Faculty of the University of Jena during 
the Third .... in PDF [can be found online sometimes] 

by S. Heschel, Professor, Dartmouth College 

3) Theologians under .... : Gerhard Kittel, Paul Althaus, and 
Emanuel Hirsch / Robert P. Ericksen. 

Publish info New Haven : Yale University Press, 1985. 
(New Haven, 1987) 

4) Leonore Siegele - Wenschkewitz, Neutestamentliche 
Wissenschaft vor der Judenfrage: Gerhard Kittels 
theologische Arbeit im Wandel deutscher Geschichte 
(Munchen: Kaiser, 1980). 

5) Rethinking the German Church Struggle 
by John S. Conway [online] 

6) Betrayal: German Churches and the Holocaust 

by Robert P. Ericksen (Editor), Susannah Heschel (Editor) 

Psalm 50:15 

15 And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver 

thee, and thou shalt glorify me. 

Psalm 90 

91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High 

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. 

2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: 
my God; in him will I trust. 

3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, 
and from the noisome pestilence. 

4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings 
shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. 

5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the 
arrow that flieth by day; 

6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for 
the destruction that wasteth at noonday. 

7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy 
right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. 

8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward 
of the wicked. 

9 Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, 
even the most High, thy habitation; 

10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague 
come nigh thy dwelling. 

1 1 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep 
thee in all thy ways. 

12 They shall bear thee up in thefr hands, lest thou dash thy 
foot against a stone. 

13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion 
and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. 

14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will 1 
deliver him: 1 will set him on high, because he hath known 
my name. 

15 He shall call upon me, and 1 will answer him: 1 will be 
with him in trouble; 1 will deliver him, and honour him. 

16 With long life will 1 satisfy him, and show him my 

Psalm 23 

23:1 A Psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd; 1 shall 

not want. 

2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth 
me beside the still waters. 

3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of 
righteousness for his name's sake. 

4 Yea, though 1 walk through the valley of the shadow of 
death, 1 will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and 
thy staff they comfort me. 

5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine 
enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth 

6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days 
of my life: and 1 will dwell in the house of the LORD for 

With My Whole Heart - With 
all my heart 

"with my whole heart" 

If we truly expect God to respond to us, we must be 
willing to make the commitment to Him with our 
whole heart. 

This means making a commitment to Him with our 
ENTIRE, or ALL of our heart. Many people do not 
want to be truly committed to God. They simply want 
God to rescue them at that moment, so that they can 
continue to ignore Him and refuse to do what they 
should. God knows those who ask help sincerely and 
those who do not. God knows each of our thoughts. 
God knows our true intentions, the intentions we 
consciously admit to, and the intentions we may not 
want to admit to. God knows us better than we know 
ourselves. When we are truly and honestly and 
sincerely praying to find God, and wanting Him with all 
of our heart, or with our whole heart, THAT is when 
God DOES respond. 

What should people do if they cannot make this 
commitment to God, or if they are afraid to do this ? 
Pray : 

Lord God, I do not know you well enough, please help 
me to know you better, and please help me to 
understand you. Change my desire to serve you and 
help me to want to be committed to you with my whole 
heart. I pray that you would send into my life those 
who can help me, or places where I can find accurate 
information about You. Please preserve me and help 
me grow so that I can be entirely committed to you. In 
the name of Jesus, Amen. 

Here are some verses in the Bible tiiat demonstrate 
tiiat God responds to those who are committed with 
their whole heart. 

(Psa 9:1 KJV) To the chief Musician upon Muthlabben, 
A Psalm of David. I will praise thee, O LORD with my 
whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvellous works. 

(Psa 111:1 KJV) Praise ye the LORD. I will praise the 
LORD with my whole heart, in the assembly of the 
upright, and in the congregation. 
(Psa 1 19:2 KJV) Blessed are they that keep his 
testimonies, and that seek him with my whole heart. 

(Psa 1 19:10 KJV) With my whole heart have I sought 
thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments. 

(Psa 1 19:34 KJV) Give me understanding, and I shall 
keep thy law; yea, I shall observe with my whole heart. 

(Psa 1 19:58 KJV) I entreated thy favour with my whole 
heart: be merciful unto me according to thy word. 

(Psa 1 19:69 KJV) The proud have forged a lie against 
me: but I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart. 

(Psa 119:145 KJV) KOPH. I cried with my whole heart; 
hear me, O LORD: I will keep thy statutes. 

(Psa 138:1 KJV) A Psalm of David. I will praise thee 
with my whole heart: before the gods will I sing praise 
unto thee. 

(Isa 1 :5 KJV) Why should ye be stricken any more? ye 
will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and 
the whole heart faint. 

(Jer 3:10 KJV) And yet for all this her treacherous 
sister Judah hath not turned unto me with her whole 
heart, but feignedly, saith the LORD. 

(Jer 24:7 KJV) And I will give them an heart to know 
me, that I am the LORD: and they shall be my people, 
and I will be their God: for they shall return unto me 
with their whole heart. 

(Jer 32:41 KJV) Yea, I will rejoice over them to do 
them good, and I will plant them in this land assuredly 
with my whole heart and with my whole soul. 

I Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: 
and be ready always to give an answer to every man 
that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with 
meekness and fear: 

II Timothy 2: 15 Study to show thyself approved unto 
God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, 
rightly dividing the word of truth. 


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\^\ lS- J' Jjl^ O'^^'-^j^ i*.jl Jj'j til ff^.^O- J W'i''^ Jtvi- iv*g-M^j,' 
^W^c- »■«! >^ -^ ti^ JAl ts- o-°j ■ %-=rJ^ ^!j\ 
W?i O' Ji ^^^J i,_^Wi: i.'- ^^. ^:A<'ll . U$i ^^STj ^1 1^„, Si-Jj U\ u 
l^ij^ :,\j\ W_.j^; jl W , jl^ f).^ j'^il 1^43 ^__^^> .v*^Ai\^j^\\ ^ J,^ ^ j^^ 

J^ \_(j^»l ^j, r»* i:\^A j.i\, wjj\ il-^U -"^l '•^^^ fji\ Q. ^»_,. lii,I-\ ^ii rt 

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528 . 

552 . 

561 . 

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570 . ^_Sj]jo. (j-jlaJ |»JjJ (»lc ■''tlL; 

576 . (_Sj)_js- i_?^^^, Jjl (t^c 'lOL, 

585 . i,f;lj=>- LS^^ji. (_s^^ i*'-^ ^iXlUi 

586 . t^U=>- (_^iJ*-}J *:^-' |»Ls '^>-^j 

587 .. . ijf,i|;=^ ir?''^>V^. (•'^ ^"ll^) 
590 ..|_j^l i_s'^_^. t^UiK^ ujUi" 

1 ^'^^'S^ 

83 lJ**V° iJ^' 

135 Isj! JjLsrl 

221 ll>.jj JjjS'') 

288 ... . j^V.;'^ JL«*' S-'^ 
371 . |.j^ JaU 1^1^ ^j^ji '^\^j 
405 . \jiiJjjiiyai[>^j]y».ijJi^'l£i\^j 

437 u~-^y 

469 . . jjUXlij i^'y=- (jJjJ '*1U; 

470 . j^U^^b irfj^i=' \J^}i '*''^/ 

489 . yjlOiAj ^y;'j^ l_Pji 'l^j 

" .*■ .. " ■« 

496 . ^^UaJoLJo ^j*i^ Jjl <Hll«y 





d'apbSs la version eevoe 




One of the Reliable copies of the French New Testament - Line Bible fidele. 
Available sometimes [and Free (gratis) ] 



Evangile selon saint Matthieu , 
:^vangile selon saint Marc . , . 
Kvangile selon saint Lue . . . • 
Bvaugile selon saint Jean . . . 

Les Acles des Apotres 

!]&pitre de saint Paul au£ Ho- 


I" l^pitre aux Corinthiens , . . 
11** Epitre aux Corinthicns . . . 

i^pltre aux Galates 

Epitre aux Ephesiens 

Epitre aux Phillppiens 

Epitre aux Colossiens 

l^t; epitre aux Thessalonicieus. 





























rr< Epitre aux Thessaloniciens. 

£'« Epitre a Timothee 

H'' Epitre k Timothee 

Epitre a Tite 

Epitre a Pliitemon 

Epitre aux Hebreux 

Epitre de saint Jacques 

V'^ Epitre de saint Pierre .... 
lie Epitre de saint Pierre .... 

I"^"^ Epitre de saint Jean 

li* ;^,pitre de saint Jean 

III^ Epitre de saint Jean 

Epitre de saint Jude 

Apoealypse de saint Jean . ... 22 































Le signe f indique la division du texte en paragraphes. 
La Bible la plus fidele = Texte Recu - Grec Koine - d'Estienne (1550-51) 


Matthew 28 

Mark 16 

Luke 24 

Jolin 21 

The Acts 28 

Epistle to the Eomans ... 16 

I. Corinthians ... ... ... 16 

II. Corinthians... ... ... 13 

Galatians ... ... ... 6 

Ephesiana 6 

Philippians ... ... ... 4 

Colossians 4 

I.'Thessalonians ... ... 6 

II. Thessalonians ... ... 3 

I. Timothy ... 6 

II. Timothy 4 

Titus 3 

Philemon ... ... ... 1 

Hebrews ... 13 

Epistle of James ... ... 5 

I.Peter 5 

II. Peter 3 

I. John ... 5 

II. John 1 

HI. John 1 

Jude 1 

Revelation .. 22 



^— Ft" 


S!Lj^.^f. n >j 




Chinese Simplified - Request to God 

sgM±*, mm&mmAM.^T vmmim^'^w.^^^ 

;lLiS o 

mm'&^my^mnmmntmmmm^^w.^xw: mm, m 

God ST, w^mBMmpM'^^mmMW^n'^Mmmi. 

Chinese Traditional - Talking to the Lord of Heaven 

mm, Mttxmmi ^KMMmMi msx{^& mm^w 
%o mm, Mtumm^^m^^Bmwmr^M'^ 


God mr, mmMmmMM0wmmm'^Mmi&^ 
^mmm-&^o mm, Mt^r^^mmmm^mmmm^ 

mm, Mtmimmmmofunmm «-§ Wi^Mm w±^ 

Chinese Traditional - Request to God 

m^^±^, mmm§immm^7i;immf^mm' 

»«ij] ASA wiitffim*«T# Ri^'jffl o mmmmmm 

^o mm, Mtimm^i^mm^M^mmmmnm'^ 
i^mnmm^m^mmi\:mmmmmm^A& m^m, m 

God mr, mi]mMmmj§^^^mm^mm'^»m^&^ 





Korean - Request to God 

, & 


5 5 














Gebet zum Gott 

Lieber Gott, Danke, daB dieses Evangelium oder dieses neue Testament 
freigegeben worden ist, damit wir in der LageSIND, mehr iiber Sie zu erlernen. 
Helfen Sie bitte den Leuten, die fiir das Zur Verfiigung stellen dieses 
elektronischen Buches verantwortlich sind. Sie wissen, daB wem sie sind und 
SieSIND in der Lage, ihinen zu hielfen. 

Helfen Sie ihinen bitte, in der Lage zu SEIN, schinell zu arbeiten, und stellen Sie 
elektronischere Biicher zur Verfiigung Helfen Sie ihnen bitte, alle 
Betriebsmittel, das Geld, die Starke und die Zeit zu haben, die sie zwecks sein 
miissen fiir, Sie zu arbeiten zu halten. 

Helfen Sie bitte denen, die ein Teil der Mannschaft sind, das ihnen auf einer 
taglichen Grundlage helfen. Geben Sie ihnen die Starke bitte, urn jedem von 
ihnen das geistige Verstandnis fiir die Arbeit fortzusetzen und zu geben, daB 
Sie sie tun wiinschen. Helfen Sie bitte jedem von ihnen, Furcht nicht zu haben 
und daran zu erinnern, daB Sie der Gott sind, der Gebet beantwortet und der 
verantwortlich fiir alles ist. 

Ich bete, daB Sie sie anregen wiirden und daB Sie sie schiitzen und die Arbeit u. 
das Ministerium, daB sie innen engagiert werden. Ich bete, daB Sie sie vor den 
geistigen Kraften oder anderen Hindernissen schiitzen wiirden, die sie 
schadigen oder sie verlangsamen konnten. 

Helfen Sie mir bitte, wenn ich dieses neue Testament benutze, um an die Leute 
auch zu denken, die diese Ausgabe zur Verfiigung gestellt haben, damit ich fiir 
sie und also, sie beten kann kann fortfahren, mehr Leuten zu helfen. 

Ich bete, daB Sie mir eine Liebe Ihres heiligen Wortes (das neue Testament) 
geben wiirden und daB Sie mir geistige Klugheit und Einsicht, um Sie besser zu 
kennen geben wiirden und den Zeitabschnitt zu verstehen, dem wir in leben. 
Helfen Sie mir bitte, zu konnen die Schwierigkeiten beschaftigen, daB ich mit 
jeden Tag konfrontiert werde. 

Lord God, helfen mir Sie besser kennen und zu wiinschen anderen Christen in 
meinem Bereich und um die Welt helfen wiinschen. Ich bete, daB Sie die 
elektronische Buchmannschaft und -die geben wiirden, die ihnen Ihre Klugheit 
helfen. Ich bete, daB Sie den einzelnen Mitgliedern ihrer Familie (und meiner 
Familie) helfen wiirden nicht Angelegenheiten betrogen zu werden, aber, Sie 
zu verstehen und Sie in jeder Weise annehmen und folgen zu wiinschen. Geben 
Sie uns Komfort auch und Anleitung in diesen Zeiten und ich bitten Sie, diese 
Sachen im Namen Jesus zu tun, amen. 

Prayer to God 

Dear God, 

Thank you that this Gospel or this New Testament has been released 
so that we are able to learn more about you. 

Please help the people responsible for making this Electronic book 
available. You know who they are and you are able to help them. 

Please help them to be able to work fast, and make more Electronic 
books available 

Please help them to have all the resources, the money, the strength 
and the time that they need in order to be able to keep working 
for You. 

Please help those that are part of the team that help them on an 
everyday basis. Please give them the strength to continue and give 
each of them the spiritual understanding for the work that you want 
them to do. 

Please help each of them to not have fear and to remember 
that you are the God who answers prayer and who is in charge of 

I pray that you would encourage them, and that you protect them, and 
the work & ministry that they are engaged in. 

I pray that you would protect them from the Spiritual Forces or other 
obstacles that could harm them or slow them down. 

Please help me when I use this New Testament to also think of the 
people who have made this edition available, so that I can pray for 
them and so they can continue to help more people. 

I pray that you would give me a love of your Holy Word (the New 
Testament), and that you would give me spiritual wisdom and 
discernment to know you better and to understand the period of time 
that we are hving in. 

Please help me to know how to deal with the difficulties that I am 
confronted with every day. Lord God, Help me to want to know you 
Better and to want to help other Christians in my area and around the 

I pray that you would give the Electronic book team and those who 
help them your wisdom. 

I pray that you would help the individual members of their family 
(and my family) to not be spiritually deceived, but to understand you 
and to want to accept and follow you in every way. 

Also give us comfort and guidance in these times and I ask you to do 
these things in the name of Jesus, Amen,