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2            Biographical Statement

1863.   " Darwin among the Machines/' a letter signed " Cel-

larius " written by Butler, appeared in the Press.

1864.   Sold out his sheep run and returned to England in

company with Charles Paine Pauli, whose acquaint-
ance he had made in the colony. He brought back
enough to enable him to live quietly, settled for
good at 15 Clifford's Inn, London, and began life as a

Eainter, studying at Gary's, Heatherley's and the
outh Kensington Art Schools and exhibiting pic-
tures occasionally at the Royal Academy and other
exhibitions:    while   studying   art   he   made   the
acquaintance   of,   among   others,   Charles   Gogin,
William Ballard and Thomas William Gale Butler,
,,     " Family Prayers " :   a small painting by Butler.

1865.   " Lucubratio Ebria," an article, containing variations

of the view in " Darwin among the Machines," sent
by Butler from England, appeared in the Press.
 The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as
contained in the Four Evangelists critically examined:
a pamphlet of VIII+48 pp. written in New
Zealand: the conclusion arrived at is that the
evidence is insufficient to support the belief that
Christ died and rose from the dead : MS. lost,
probably used up in writing The Fair Haven.

1869-70. Was in Italy for four months, his health having
broken down in consequence of over-work.

1870 or 1871. First meeting with Miss Eliza Mary 'Ann
Savage, from whom he drew Alethea in The Way
of All Flesh.

1872,   Erewhon or Over the Range: a Work of Satire and

Imagination : MS. in the British Museum.

1873.   Erewhon translated into Dutch.

 The Fair Haven: an ironical work, purporting to be
" in defence of the miraculous element in our Lord's
ministry upon earth, both as against rationalistic
impugners and certain orthodox defenders/' written
under the pseudonym of John Pickard Owen, with
a memoir of the supposed author by his brother
William Bickersteth Owen. This book reproduces
the substance of his pamphlet on the resurrection:
MS. at Christchurch, New Zealand.