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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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Biographical Statement            3

1874. "Mr. Heatherley's Holiday," his most important oil
painting, exhibited at the Royal Academy Exhibition,
now in the National Gallery of British Art,

1876.   Having invested his money in various companies that

failed, one of which had its works in Canada, and
having spent much time during the last few years in
that country, trying unsuccessfully to save part of
his capital, he now returned to London, and during
the next ten years experienced serious financial
,, First meeting with Henry Festing Jones.

1877.   Life and Habit: an Essay after a Completer View

of Evolution : dedicated to Charles Paine Pauli:
although dated 1878 the book was published on
Butler's birthday, 4th December, 1877 : MS. at
the Schools, Shrewsbury.

1878.   " A Psalm of Montreal" in the Spectator: There are

probably many MSS. of this poem in existence given
by Butler to friends :  one, which he gave to H. F.
Jones, is in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
     A Portrait of Butler, painted in this year by himself,
now at St. John's College, Cambridge.

1879.   Evolution Old and New : A comparison of the theories

of Buff on, Dr. Erasmus Darwin and Lamarck with

that of Charles Darwin :   MS. in the Fitzwilliam

Museum, Cambridge.
,, *    A Clergyman's Doubts and God the Known and God the

Unknown appeared in the Examiner: MS. lost.
,,     Erewhon translated into German.

1880.   Unconscious   Memory: A  comparison   between   the

theory of Dr. Ewald Hering, Professor of Physiology
in the University of Prague, and the Philosophy of
the Unconscious of Dr. Edward von Hartmann, with
translations from both these authors and preliminary
chapters bearing upon Life and Habit, Evolution
Old and New, and Charles Darwin's Edition of Dr.
Krause's Erasmus Darwin.

 A Portrait of Butler, painted in this year by himself,
now at the Schools, Shrewsbury. A third portrait
of Butler, painted by himself about this time, is at
Christchurch, New Zealand,