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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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4             Biographical Statement

1881.   A property at Shrewsbury, in which under his grand-

father's will he had a reversionary interest contingent
on his surviving his father, was re-settled so as to
make his reversion absolute: he mortgaged this
reversion and bought small property near London :
this temporarily alleviated his financial embarrass-
ment but added to his work, for he spent much time
in the management of the houses, learnt book-
keeping by double-entry and kept elaborate ac-

 Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton
Ticino illustrated by the author, Charles Gogin and
Henry Festing Jones: an account of his holiday
travels with dissertations on most of the subjects
that interested him : MS. with H. F. Jones.

1882.   A new edition of Evolution Old and New, with a short

preface alluding to the recent death of Charles
Darwin, an appendix and an index.

1883.   Began to compose music as nearly as he could in the

style of Handel.

1884.   Selections from Previous Works with " A Psalm of

Montreal" and " Remarks on G. J. Romanes*
Mental Evolution in Animals."

1885.   Death of Miss Savage.

,, Gavottes, Minuets, Fugues and other short pieces for
the piano by Samuel Butler and Henry Festing
Jones : MS. with H. F. Jones.

1886.   Holbein's La Danse: a note on a drawing in the

Museum at Basel.
     Stood, unsuccessfully, for the Professorship of Fine

Arts in the University of Cambridge.
     Dec. 29.   Death of his father and end of his financial


1887.   Engaged Alfred Emery Cathie as clerk and general


 Luck or Cunning as the main means of Organic Modi-
fication ? An attempt to throw additional light
upon Charles Darwin's theory of Natural Selection.

 Was entertained at dinner by the Municipio of Varallo-
Sesia on the Sacro Monte.

1888.   Took up photography.