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Biographical Statement            5

1888. Ex Voto: an account of the Sacro Monte or New Jeru-
salem at Varallo-Sesia, with some notice of Taba-
chetti's remaining work at Crea and illustrations from
photographs by the author: MS. at Varallo-Sesia.
,, Narcissus: a Cantata in the Handelian form, words
and music by Samuel Butler and Henry Festing
Jones : MS. of the piano score in the British Museum.
MS. of the orchestral score with H. F. Jones.
,, In this and the two following years contributed some
articles to the Universal Review, most of which were
republished after his death as Essays on Life, Art,
and Science (1904).

1890. Began to study counterpoint with William Smith
Rockstro and continued to do so until Rockstro's
death in 1895.

1892.   The Humour of Homer.   A Lecture delivered at the

Working Men's College, Great Ormond Street,
London, January 30,1892, reprinted with preface and
additional matter from the Eagle.

 Went to Sicily, the first of many visits, to collect
evidence in support of his theory identifying the
Scheria and Ithaca of the Odyssey with Trapani and
the neighbouring Mount Eryx.

1893.   " L'Origine Siciliana dell* Odissea." Extracted from the

Rassegna della Letteratura Siciliana.
     '' On theTrapanese Origin of the Odyssey'' (Translation).

1894.   Ex Voto translated into Italian by Cavaliere Angelo


 " Ancora sulV origine dell' Odissea." Extracted from the
Rassegna della Letteratura Siciliana.

1895.   Went to Greece and the Troad to make up his mind

about the topography of the Iliad.

1896.    The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Butler (his grand-

father) in so far as they illustrate the scholastic,
religious and social life of England from 1790-1840 :
MS. at the Shrewsbury Town Library or Museum.
,,      His portrait painted by Charles Gogin, now in the
National Portrait Gallery.

1897.    The Authoress of the Odyssey, where and when she wrote,

who she was, the use she made of the Iliad and how
the poem grew under her hands : MS. at Trapani,