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6            Biographical Statement

1897.   Death of Charles Paine Pauli.

1898.   The Iliad rendered into English prose:   MS. at St.

John's College, Cambridge.

1899.   Shakespeare's Sonnets reconsidered and in part re-

arranged, with introductory chapters, notes and a
reprint of the original 1609 edition : MS. with R. A.

1900.   The Odyssey rendered into English prose:   MS. at

Aci-Reale, Sicily.

1901.   Erewhon Revisited twenty years later both by the

Original Discoverer of the Country and by his Son :
this was a return not only to Erewhon but also to the
subject of the pamphlet on the resurrection. MS.
in the British Museum.

1902.   June, 18.   Death of Samuel Butler.

1902.   " Samuel Butler/' an article by Richard Alexander

Streatfeild in the Monthly Review (September).
      " Samuel Butler/' an obituary notice by Henry Festinf
Jones in the Eagle (December).

1903.   Samuel Butler Records and Memorials, a collection of

obituary notices with a note by R. A. Streatfeild,
his literary executor, printed for private circulation :
with reproduction of a photograph of Butler taken at
Varallo in 1889.

 The Way of All Flesh, a novel, written between 1872
and 1885, published by R. A. Streatfeild: MS.
with Mr. R. A. Streatfeild.

1904.   Seven Sonnets and A Psalm of Montreal printed for

private circulation.
,,     Essays on Life, Art and Science, being reprints of

his   Universal Review articles, together with two

     Ulysses, an Oratorio :   Words and music by Samuel

Butler and Henry Festing Jones :  MS. of the piano

score in the British Museum, MS. of the orchestral

score with H. F. Jones.
      " The Author of Erewhon/' an article by Desmond

MacCarthy in the Independent Review (September).