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Biographical Statement           7

1904. Diary of a Journey through North Italy to Sicily (in
the spring of 1903, undertaken for the purpose of
leaving the MSS. of three books by Samuel Butler at
Varallo-Sesia, Aci-Reale and Trapani) by Henry
Festing Jones, with reproduction of Gogin's portrait
of Butler. Printed for private circulation.

1907.   Nov.   Between this date and May, 1910, some Extracts

from The Note-Books of Samuel Butler appeared in the
New Quarterly Review under the editorship of
Desmond MacCarthy.

1908.   July 16.   The first Erewhon dinner at Pagani's Restau-

rant, Great Portland Street; 32 persons present:
the day was fixed by Professor Marcus Hartog.
,,      Second Edition of The Way of All Flesh.

1909.   God the Known and God the Unknown republished in

book form from the Examiner (1879) by A. C. Fifield,
with prefatory note by R. A. Streatfeild.
July 15.   The second Erewhon dinner at Pagani's; 53
present:  the day was fixed by Mr. George Bernard

1910.   Feb. 10.   Samuel Butler Author of Erewhon, a Paper

read before the British Association of Homoeopathy
at 43 Russell Square, W.C., by Henry Festing Jones.
Some of Butler's music was performed by Miss
Grainger Kerr, Mr. R. A. Streatfeild, Mr. J. A. Fuller
Maitland and Mr. H. J. T. Wood, the Secretary of the

 June. Unconscious Memory, a new edition entirely reset
with a note by R. A. Streatfeild and an introduction
by Professor Marcus Hartog,M.A.,,F.L.s.,F.R.H.s.,
Professor of Zoology in University College, Cork.

 July 14. The third Erewhon dinner at Pagani's
Restaurant; 58 present: the day was fixed by the
Right Honourable Augustine Birrell, K.C., M.P.

 Nov. 16. Samuel Butler Author of Erewhon. A paper
read before the Historical Society of St. John's
College, Cambridge, in the Combination-room of the
college, by Henry Festing Jones. The Master
(Mr. R. F. Scott), who was also Vice-Chancellor of
the University, was in the chair and a Vote of
Thanks was proposed by Professor Bateson, F.R.S.