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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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8             Biographical Statement

1910.   Nov. 28.   Life and Habit, a new edition with a preface

by R. A. Streatfeild and author's addenda, being
three pages containing passages which Butler had
cut out of the original book or had intended to insert
in a future edition.

1911.   May 25. The jubilee number of the Press, New Zealand,

contained an account of Butler's connection with the
newspaper and reprinted " Darwin among the
Machines " and " Lucubratio Ebria."

,, July 15. The fourth Erewhon dinner at Pagani's
Restaurant; 75 present: the day was fixed by
Sir William Phipson Beale, Bart., K.C., M.P.

,, Nov. Charles Darwin and Samuel Butler: A Step
towards Reconciliation, by Henry Festing Jones. A
pamphlet giving the substance of a correspondence
between Mr. Francis Darwin and the author and
reproducing letters by Charles Darwin about the
quarrel between himself and Butler referred to in
Chapter IV of Unconscious Memory.

 Evolution Old and New, a reprint of the second edition
(1882) with prefatory note by R. A. Streatfeild.

1912.   June i.    Letter  from  Henry Festing Jones in the

Press, Christchurch, New Zealand, about Butler's
Dialogue, which had appeared originally in the Press
December 20, 1862, and could not be found.

 June 8. " Darwin on the Origin of Species. A
Dialogue " discovered in consequence of the foregoing
letter and reprinted in the Press.

 June 15. The Press reprinted some of the correspon-
dence, etc. which followed on the original appearance
of the Dialogue.

,, Some of Butler's water-colour drawings having been
given to the British Museum, two were included in
an exhibition held there during the summer.

 July 12. The Fifth Erewhon Dinner at Pagani's
Restaurant; 90 present; the day was fixed by
Mr. Edmund Gosse, C.B., LL.D.