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Cash and Credit

work. If a man has money at his back, he may touch these
things and do "Something which will live a long while, and he
may be very happy in doing it; if he has no money,^ he may
do good work, but the chances are he will be killed in doing
it and for having done it; or he may make himself happy
by doing bad work and getting money out of it, and there is
no great harm in this, provided he knows his work is done in
this spirit and rates it for its commercial value only. Still,
as a rule, a man should not touch any of the arts as a creator
unless he has a discreta fiosizionina behind him.

Modern Simony

It is not the dealing in livings but the thinking they can
buy the Holy Ghost for money which vulgar rich people
indulge in when they dabble in literature, music and painting.

Nevertheless, on reflection it must be admitted that the
Holy Ghost is very hard to come by without money. For the
Holy Ghost is only another term for the Fear of the Lord,
which is Wisdom. And though Wisdom cannot be gotten for
gold, still less can it be gotten without it. Gold, or the value
that is equivalent to gold, lies at the root of Wisdom, and
enters so largely into the very essence of the Holy Ghost
that " No gold, no Holy Ghost " may pass as an axiom. This
is perhaps why it is not easy to buy Wisdom by whatever
name it be called—I mean, because it is almost impossible
to sell it. It is a very unmarketable commodity, as those
who have received it truly know to their own great bane
and boon.

My Grandfather and Myself

My grandfather worked very hard all his life, and was
making money all the time until he became a bishop. I have
worked very hard all my life, but have never been able to
earn money. As usefulness is generally counted, no one can
be more useless. This I believe to be largely due to the
public-school and university teaching through which my
grandfather made his money. Yes, but then if he is largely
responsible for that which has made me useless, has he not
also left me the hardly-won money which makes my useless-