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Higgledy-Piggledy            225


The dragon was never in better health and spirits than
on the morning when Perseus came down upon him. It
is said that Andromeda told Perseus she had been thinking
how remarkably well he was looking. He had got up quite
in his usual health—and so on.

When I said this to Ballard [a fellow art-student at Heather-
ley's] and that other thing which I said about Andromeda in
Life and Habit* he remarked that he wished it had been so
in the poets.

I looked at him. "Ballard," I said, " I also am 'the
poets.' "


Nothing is ever any good unless it is thwarted with self-
distrust though in the main self-confident.


When the inclination is not obvious, the mind meanders,
or maunders, as a stream in a flat meadow.


I shun it because I have found it so apt to become con-
tagious ; but I fancy my constitution is more seasoned against
it now than formerly. I hope that what I have gone through
may have made me immune.

Pedals or Drones

The discords of every age are rendered possible by being
taken on a drone or pedal of cant, common form and con-
ventionality. This drone is, as it were, the flour and suet of
a plum pudding.

* " So, again, it is said that when Andromeda and Perseus had
travelled but a little way from the rock .where Andromeda had so
long been chained, she began upbraiding him with the loss of her
dragon who, on the whole, she said, had been very good to her. The
only things we really hate are unfamiliar things." Life 6- Habit,
Chapter VIII, p. 138/9.