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Higgledy-Pigglecly             227

ence, you can show that men and women have hardly any-
tiling in common.   And so with anything: if a man wants

to make a case he can generally find a way of doing so.

Offers of Marriage

Women sometimes say that they have had no offers,
and only wish that some one had ever proposed to them.
This is not the right way to put it. What they should say
is that though, like all women, they have been proposing
to men all their lives, yet they grieve to remember that
they have been invariably refused.


The question of marriage or non-marriage is only the

question of whether it is better to be spoiled one way or


In matrimony, to hesitate is sometimes to be saved.


Inoculation, or a hair of the dog that is going to bite you—
this principle should be introduced in respect of marriage
and speculation.

Life and Love

To live is like to love—all reason is against it, and all
healthy instinct for it.

The Basis of Life
We may say what we will, but Life is, ait fond, sensual.

Woman Suffrage

I will vote for it when women have left off making
a noise in the reading-room of the British Museum, when

they leave off wearing high head-dresses in the pit of a theatre
and when I have seen as many as twelve women in all catch
hold of the strap or bar on getting into an omnibus.