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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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Titles and Subjects


A GOOD title should aim at making what follows as far as
possible superfluous to those who know anything of the

" The Ancient Mariner "

This poem would not have taken so well if it had been
called " The Old Sailor/' so that Wardour Street has its

For Unwritten Articles, Essays, Stories

The Art ot Quarrelling.

Christian Death-beds.

The Book of Babes and Sucklings.

Literary Struldbrugs.

The Life ot the World to Come.

The Limits oi Good Faith.

Art, Money and Religion.

The Third Class Excursion Train, or Steam-boat, as the
Church of the Future.

The Utter Speculation involved in much of the good advice
that is commonly given—as never to sell a reversion, etc,

Tracts for Children, warning them against the virtues of
their elders.

Making Ready for Death as a Means of Prolonging Life.

An Essay concerning Human Misunderstanding. So
McCulloch [a fellow art-student at Heathcrley's, a very fine
draughtsman] used to say that he drew a great many lines
and saved the best of them. Illusion, mistake, action taken