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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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230              Titles and Subjects

in the dark—these are among the main sources of our pro-

The Elements of Immorality for the Use of Earnest School-

Family Prayers: A series of perfectly plain and sensible
ones asking for what people really do want without any kind
of humbug.

A Penitential Psalm as David would have written it if he
had been reading Herbert Spencer.

A Few Little Crows which I have to pick with various

The Scylla of Atheism and the Charybdis of Christianity.

The Battle of the Prigs and Blackguards.

That Good may Come.

The Marriage of Inconvenience.

The Judicious Separation.

Fooling Around.


The Diseases and Ordinary Causes of Mortality among

The finding a lot of old photographs at Herculaneum or
Thebes ; and they should turn out to be of no interest.

On the points of resemblance and difference between the
dropping off of leaves from a tree and the dropping off of
guests from a dinner or a concert.

The Sense of Touch : An essay showing that all the senses
resolve themselves ultimately into a sense of touch, and
that eating is touch carried to the bitter end. So there is
but one sense—touch—and the amoeba has it. When I look
upon the foraminifera I look upon myself.

The China Shepherdess with Lamb on public-house chim-
ney-pieces in England as against the Virgin with Child in

For a Medical pamphlet: Cant as a means of Prolonging

For an Art book: The Complete Pot-boiler; or what
to paint and how to paint it, with illustrations reproduced
from contemporary exhibitions and explanatory notes.

For a Picture : St. Francis preaching to Silenus. Fra
Angelico and Rubens might collaborate to produce this