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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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Written Sketches              243

Adam and Eve

A little boy and a little girl were looking at a picture of
Adam and Eve.

<( Which is Adam and which is Eve ? " said one.

" I do not know/' said the other, " but I could tell if they
had their clothes on."

Does Mamma Know ?

A father was telling his eldest daughter, aged about six,
that she had a little sister, and was explaining to her how nice
it all was. The child said it was delightful and added :

" Does Mamma know ?   Let's go and tell her."

Mr. Darwin in the Zoological Gardens

Frank Darwin told me his father \vas once standing near
the hippopotamus cage when a little boy and girl, aged four
and five, came up. The hippopotamus shut his eyes for a

" That bird's dead/1 said the little girl; " come along/'


Gogin told me that Berg, an impulsive Swede whom he had
known in Laurens's studio in Paris and who painted very well,
came to London and was taken by an artist friend [Henry
Scott Tuke, A.R.A.] to the National Gallery where he became
very enthusiastic about the Terbourgs. They then went for
a walk and, in Kensington Gore, near one of the entrances to
Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens, there was an old Irish
apple-woman sitting with her feet in a basket, smoking a pipe
and selling oranges.

" Arranges two a penny, sorr/' said the old woman in a
general way.

And Berg, turning to her and throwing out his hands
appealingly, said:

u 0, madame, avez-vous vu les Terbourgs? Allez voir les

He felt that such a big note had been left out of the life of
any one who had not seen them.