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Written Sketches              253

care about him, but he began to make up to me in the smoking-

" This divorce case/' said he, referring to one that was
being reported in the papers, " doesn't seem to move very

I put on my sweetest smile and said : " I have not observed
it. I am not married myself, and naturally take less interest
in divorce."

He dropped me.


Mr. Latham, the Master of Jones's College, Trinity Hall,
Cambridge, has two ravens named Agrippa and Agrippina.
Mr. Latham throws Agrippa a piece of cheese ; Agrippa takes
it, hides it carefully and then goes away contented; but
Agrippina has had her eye upon him and immediately goes
and steals it, hiding it somewhere else; Agrippa, however,
has always one eye upon Agrippina and no sooner is her back
turned than he steals it and buries it anew; then it becomes
Agrippina's turn, and thus they pass the time, making believe
that they want the cheese though neither of them really
wants it. One day Agrippa had a small fight with a spaniel
and got rather the worst of it. He immediately flew at
Agrippina and gave her a beating. Jones said he could almost
hear him say, " It's all your fault."

Calais to Dover

When I got on board the steamer at Calais I saw Lewis Day,
who writes books about decoration, and began to talk with
him. Also I saw A. B., Editor of the X.Y.Z. Review. I met
him some years ago at Phipson Beale's, but we do not speak.
Recently I wanted him to let me write an article in his review
and he would not, so I was spiteful and, when I saw him come
on board, said to Day :

" I see we are to have the Editor of the Z.Y.Z. on board."

" Yes," said Day.

" He's an owl," said I sententiously.

"I wonder," said Day, "how he got the editorship of his
review ? "

" Oh," said I, " I suppose he married some one."