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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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270     Material for a Projected Sequel

I suppose she got a bit she did not like ; instead of leaving it,
she swiftly, stealthily, picked it up from her plate when she
thought no one was looking and, with an expression which
Mrs. Siddons might have studied for a performance of Clytem-
nestra, popped it back into the tureen.

(3) There was an alarm of fire on an emigrant ship in
mid-ocean when I was going to New Zealand and the
women rushed aft with faces as in a Massacre of the

The Wrath to Come

On the Monte Generoso a lady who sat next me at the
table-d'hote was complaining of a man in the hotel. She said
he was a nuisance because he practised on the violin. I ex-
cused him by saying that I supposed some one had warned
him to fly from the wrath to come, meaning that he had con-
ceptions of an ideal world and was trying to get into it. (I
heard a man say something like this many years ago and it
stuck by me.)

The Beauties of Nature

A man told me that at some Swiss hotel he had been speak-
ing enthusiastically about the beauty of the scenery to a
Frenchman who said to him:

" Aimez-vous done les beaut6s de la nature ? Pour moi je
les abhorre."

The Late King Vittorio Emanuele

Cavaliere Negri, at Casale-Monferrato, told me not long
since that when he was a child, during the troubles of 1848 and
1849, tile King was lunching with his (Cav. Negri's ) father who
had provided the best possible luncheon in honour of his guest.
The King said:

" I can eat no such luncheon in times like theseógive me
some garlic."

The garlic being brought, he ate it along with a great hunch
of bread, but would touch nothing else.