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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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Material for a Projected Sequel

The Grape-Filter

When the water of a place is bad, it is safest to drink none
that has not been filtered through either the berry of a grape,
or else a tub of malt. These are the most reliable filters yet

Bertoli and his Bees

Giacomo Bertoli of Varallo-Sesia keeps a watch and clock
shop in the street. He is a cheery little old gentleman, though
I do not see why I should call him old for I doubt his being so
old as I am. He and I have been very good friends for years
and he is always among the first to welcome me when I go to

He is one of the most famous bee-masters in Europe. He
keeps some of his bees during the winter at Camasco not very
far from Varallo, others in other places near and moves them
up to Alagna, at the head of the Val Sesia, towards the end of
May that they may make their honey from the spring flowers
-—and excellent honey they make.

About a fortnight ago I happened to meet him bringing
down ten of his hives. He was walking in front and was im-f
mediately followed by two women each with crates on their
backs, and each carrying five hives. They seemed to me to be
ordinary deal boxes, open at the top, but covered over with
gauze which would keep the bees in but not exclude air. I
asked him if the bees minded the journey, and he replied that
they were very angry and had a great deal to say about it;
he was sure to be stung when he let them out. He said it was
" un lavoro improbo/' and cost him a great deal of anxiety.

"The Lost Chord"

It should be " The Lost Progression/' for the young lady
was mistaken in supposing she had ever heard any single
chord "like the sound of a great Amen/' Unless we are to
suppose that she had already found the chord of C Major for
the final syllable of the word and was seeking the chord for the
first syllable; and there she is on the walls of a Milanese
restaurant arpeggioing experimental harmonies in a transport