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286    Material for a Projected Sequel

should assuredly do so. I am corrected, and with great

Ismail was much affected. The good fellow immediately
took off his watch-chain (happily of brass and of no intrinsic
value) and gave it me, assuring me that it was given him by a
very dear friend, that he had worn it for many years, and
valued it greatly—would I keep it as a memorial of himself ?
Fortunately I had with me a little silver match-box which
Alfred had given me and which had my name engraved on it.
I gave it to him, but had some difficulty in making him accept
it. Then we rode on till we came to the saw-mills. I ordered
two lambs for the ten soldiers who had accompanied us,
having understood from Yakoub that this would be an
acceptable present. And so I parted from this most kind and
friendly gentleman with every warm expression of cordiality
on both sides.

I sent him his photograph which I had taken, and I sent
his soldiers their groups also—one for each man—and in due
course I received the following letter of thanks. Alas! I
have never written in answer. I knew not how to do it. I
knew, however, that I could not keep up a correspondence,
even though I wrote once. But few unanswered letters
more often rise up and smite me. How the Post Office people
ever read " Bueter, Ciforzin St." into " Butler, Clifford's Inn "
I cannot tell. What splendid emendators of a corrupt text
they ought to make ! But I could almost wish that they had
failed, for it has pained me not a little that I have not replied.

Mr. Samuel Bueter,

No. 15 Ciforzin St. London, England.


August 4/95.
Mr. Samuel.   England.

Many thanks for the phothograph you have send me.
It was very kind of you to think of me to send me this token
of your remembrance. I certainly appreciate it, and shall
think of you whenever I look at it Ah My Dear Brother, it is
impossible for me to forget you. under favorable circumstance
I confess I must prefer you. I have a grate desire to have the