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God and Life

WE regard these as two distinct things and say that the
first made the second, much as, till lately, we regarded
memory and heredity as two distinct things having less con-
nection than even that supposed to exist between God and
life. Now, however, that we know heredity to be only a
necessary outcome, development and manifestation of
memory—so that, given such a faculty as memory, the
faculty of heredity follows as being inherent therein and
bound to issue from it—in like manner presently, instead of
seeing life as a thing created by God, we shall see God and
life as one thing, there being no life without God nor God
without life, where there is life there is God and where there
is God there is life.

They say that God is love, but life and love are co-extensive ;
for hate is but a mode of love, as life and death lurk always
in one another; and " God is life " is not far off saying
" God is love." Again, they say, " Where there is life there
is hope," but hope is of the essence of God, for it is faith
and hope that have underlain all evolution.

God and Flesh

The course of true God never did run smooth. God to be
of any use must be made manifest, and he can only be made
manifest in and through flesh. And flesh to be of any use
(except for eating) must be alive, and it can only be alive
by being inspired of God. The trouble lies in the getting the
flesh and the God together in the right proportions. There
is lots of God and lots of flesh, but the flesh has always got