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Rebelliousness                  337

The Cuckoo and the Moon

The difference between the Christian and the Mahomedan
is only as the difference between one who will turn his money
when he first hears the cuckoo, but thinks it folly to do so on
seeing the new moon, and one who will turn it religiously at
the new moon, but will scout the notion that he need do so
on hearing the cuckoo.


This seems to be a jumble of Christianity and Life and

Theist and Atheist

The fight between them is as to whether God shall be
called God or shall have some other name.

The Peculiar People

The only people in England who really believe in God are
the Peculiar People. Perhaps that is why they are called
peculiar. See how belief in an anthropomorphic God divides
allegiance and disturbs civil order as soon as it becomes


There is an article on him in the Times, April 30, 1883,
of the worst Times kind, and that is saying much. It appears
he whines about his lost faith and professes to wish that he
could believe as he believed when young. No sincere man
will regret having attained a truer view concerning anything
which he 'has ever believed. And then he talks about the
difficulties of coming to disbelieve the Christian miracles as
though it were a great intellectual feat. This is very childish.
I hope no one will say I was sorry when I found out that
there was no reason for believing in heaven and hell. My
contempt for Renan has no limits. (Has he an accent to his
name ? I despise him too much to find out.)