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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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Rebelliousness                339

for a good many years longer. It ought never to have been
admitted to probate. Either the testator drew it himself,
in which case we have another example of the folly of trying
to make one's own will, or if he left it to the authors of the
several books—this is like employing many lawyers to do
the work of one.

Christ and the L. & N.W. Railway

Admitting for the moment that Christ can be said to have
died for me in any sense, it is only pretended that he did so
in the same sort of way as the London and North Western
Railway was made for me. Granted that I am very glad the
railway was made and use it when I find it convenient, I do
not suppose that those who projected and made the line
allowed me to enter into their thoughts; the debt of my
gratitude is divided among so many that the amount due
from each one is practically nil.

The Jumping Cat

God is only a less jumping kind of jumping cat; and
those who worship God are still worshippers of the jumping
cat all the time. There is no getting away from the jumping
cat—if I climb up into heaven, it is there; if I go down to
hell, it is there also ; if I take the wings of the morning and
remain in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there, and so
on; it is about my path and about my bed and spieth out
all my ways. It is the eternal underlying verity or the eternal
underlying lie, as people may choose to call it.

Personified Science

Science is being daily more and more personified and
anthropomorphised into a god. By and by they will say that
science took our nature upon him, and sent down his only
begotten son, Charles Darwin, or Huxley, into the world so
that those who believe in him, &c. ; and they will burn
people for saying that science, after all, is only an expression
for our ignorance of our own ignorance.