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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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Poems                       389

Beautiful by n%ht and day, beautiful in summer and winter,

Whole or maimed, always and alike beautiful 

He preacheth gospel of grace to the skin of owls

And to one who seasoneth the skins of Canadian owls :

0 God I 0 Montreal !

When I saw him I was wroth and I said, " 0 Discobolus !
Beautiful Discobolus, a Prince both among gods and men !
What doest thou here, how earnest thou hither, Discobolus,
Preaching gospel in vain to the skins of owls ? "

0 God ! 0 Montreal !

And I turned to the man of skins and said unto him, " 0 thou

man of skins,
Wherefore hast thou done thus to shame the beauty of the

Discobolus ? "

But the Lord had hardened the heart of the man of skins
And he answered,  " My brother-in-law is haberdasher to

Mr. Spurgeon."                         Q God , 0 Montreal ,

" The Discobolus is put here because he is vulgar 
He has neither vest nor pants with which to cover his limbs ;
I, Sir, am a person of most respectable connections 
My brother-in-law is haberdasher to Mr. Spurgeon."

0 God ! 0 Montreal !

Then I said, " 0 brother-in-law to Mr. Spurgeon Js haberdasher,
Who seasonest also the skins of Canadian owls,
Thou callest trousers 'pants/ whereas I call them ' trousers,'
Therefore thou art in hell-fire and may the Lord pity thee ! "

0 God ! 0 Montreal !

" Preferrest thou the gospel of Montreal to the gospel of

The gospel of thy connection with Mr. Spurgeon's haber-

dashery to the gospel of the Discobolus ? "
Yet none the less blasphemed he beauty saying, " The Dis-

cobolus hath no gospel,        t

But my brother-in-law is haberdasher to Mr. Spurgeon."

0 God ! 0 Montreal !