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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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392                        Poems


For Narcissus

(To be written in front of the orchestral score.)

May he be damned for evermore

Who tampers with Narcissus' score;

May he by poisonous snakes be bitten

Who writes more parts than \vhat we've written.

We tried to make our music clear

For those who sing and those who hear,

Not lost and muddled up and drowned

In over-done orchestral sound ;

So kindly leave the work alone

Or do it as we want it done.


Part II

(During which the audience is requested to think as follows:)

An aged lady taken ill

Desires to reconstruct her will;

I see the servants hurrying for

The family solicitor;

Post-haste he comes and with him brings

The usual necessary things.

With common form and driving quill

He draws the first part of the will,

The more sonorous solemn sounds

Denote a hundred thousand pounds,

This trifle is the main bequest,

Old friends and servants take the rest.

'Tis done !  I see her sign her name,

I see the attestors do the same.

Who is the happy legatee ?

In the next number you will see.