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Full text of "The Note Books Of Samuel Butler"

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Poems                        393

A Translation

(Attempted in consequence of a challenge.)

" ' Mrs. Harris/ I says to her, ' dont name the charge, for
if I could afford to lay all my feller creeturs out for nothink
I would gladly do it ; sich is the love I bear 'em. But what
I always says to them as has the management of matters,
Mrs. Harris/ "  here she kept her eye on Mr. Pecksniff 
" ' be they gents or be they ladies  is, Dont ask me whether I
wont take none, or whether I will, but leave the bottle on the
chimley piece, and let me put my lips to it when I am so
dispoged/ " (Martin Chuzzlewit, Chap. XIX).

*' 5$ e</>ar'* avrap eyco fjuv

VtVy, 'AppicrcrtaSea) aAc^' aVrt$oio,

.?] Br^v &) irepl picrOov dvetpeo

yap roc   yaJv   yavrj KOL
TJ Kev Xabv aTravr' t p.0i SiJj/a/xts ye
VITOV eTT^eravou fiiorov 6* aXis eV8ov Jovros,
acTTracricos /cat a^icrOos eovo-a TreptcrreiAat
[4v Ae/crpt^) A^acra ravTjAeyeos OCLVO.TOLO
avrr}, o<$ KC 6dvr)<ri /^porcov Kai TTOTJUCOV iT
dAA' K roi ep0) <rv 8' evl ^>pecrt /3aAAeo crfja'iv1 "
o'crcrc 8e ot Ile^vet^ov IcreSpaKov atr/ceAes aiet 
*' * Kelvoiviv yap Tracn TT leaver KOjjitvr} dyopeuco
etrj av8p* 6re yvvaix  orca) raSe epya pepyXev,
w <t'Ae, TtVre cru rai;Ta ^ avet'peat / ov rt ere ^p
t5/x.vat ^ ^cAa) TTtVetv /xe$u, iy /cat ov^i*
t 8J ay' ITT' Icr^apo^tv Karats Saras' ^Seos otVoi>5
^epcrtv eAo) Trtroucra re repTroju-ev^ re,


In Memoriam

Feb. i4th, 1895

H. R. F.

Out, out, out into the night,

With the wind bitter North East and the sea rough ;