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loyalty of purely party followers, valuable and even indis-
pensable as that is. If we are to produce the deepest impression,
we must be able to mobilise the widest possible public opinion
here and throughout the Empire. To attain that result, I feel
satisfied that our best course is to continue the combination of
the three parties which has so successfully commanded the
adhesion of the country during the last 5 years.
" The new Government, then, remains National, like the
one which it has succeeded. It will continue our programme,
now well under way, of the re-establishment of our defensive
forces. It will combine with that a sustained effort to remove
the causes which are still delaying the return of confidence in
Europe. It will not cease to promote the development of
industry and the improvement of agriculture. And, finally, it
will seek to raise still further the standards of our people when-
ever and wherever that can be done consistently with the
maintenance of the credit of the nation, and with due regard to
the burden of the taxpayer.
" I thank you once again for your confidence and for the
encouragement that you have given me this morning. The
National Government has built up a great record of achieve-
ment, but there remains still before us a vast field from which
energy, wisdom and statesmanship can extract incalculable
benefits for the people of this country. Let us, then, join
together in our determination to make the most of our oppor-
tunities and to ensure that the record of the remaining years
of this Parliament shall not be less fruitful than that which has
gone before."