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40   ---------__----------------------------------------------------------
" c So far as Italy is concerned the integrity of the present
territories of Spain shall in all circumstances remain intact
and unmodified.3
" Since then we have several times had reaffirmation of those
assurances, and as lately as the i5th of this month our Ambassa-
dor, Lord Perth, was assured by the Italian Foreign Minister
that Italy had no territorial, strategic or even economic designs
on Spain. Moreover, the Italian delegate at Geneva declared
to. the French Foreign Secretary last month that Italy had no
intention of making the smallest change in the territorial
status of Spain and had no designs on the Balearic Islands,
and that the integrity of the continental and insular territory of
Spain would be respected.
" I accept those assurances as being given in good faith.
I am very glad that they have been given. They relieve us of
the necessity even of considering a situation which, if it had
made any material change in the military conditions in the
Western Mediterranean, would have been a matter of serious
concern to His Majesty's Government. Happily that is not
the case, and I hope very much that the change which took
place yesterday in the Non-Intervention Committee may be
taken as the commencement of a process which will presently
remove the danger which has been so present to our minds
all through, lest this conflict in Spain should spread outside
the borders of that country, and that once the question of
Spain is out of the way, we may get down to the deeper and
more serious causes of European unrest and anxiety. I would
like to say a word or two about the Far East/'
SIR A. SINCLAIR : " What about the movement of troops
into Libya ? "
MR. CHAMBERLAIN : ce I thought the right hon. Gentleman
must be aware that the movement of troops to Libya is carry-
ing out a process the beginning of which was announced as
long ago as April last, and we have no reason to suppose
that it has any connection with current events."
MR. GALLAGHER :  " Nothing means anything."
MR. CHAMBERLAIN : " The Leader of the Opposition and
also the right hon. Member for Caithness both expressed regret
and surprise that my right hon. Friend (Mr. Eden) had npt
spoken again of the speech which was delivered by President