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filled with the constant dread of the horrors of war, forced
to bury ourselves below ground and to spend all our substance
upon the weapons of destruction ?
" One has only to state these two alternatives to be sure
that human nature, which is the same all the world over,
must reject the nightmare with all its might and cling to the
only prospect which can give happiness. And for any Govern-
ment deliberately to deny to their people what must be their
plainest and simplest right would be to betray their trust
and to call down upon their heads the condemnation of all
"I do not believe that such a Government anywhere
exists among civilized peoples. I am convinced that the aim
of every statesman worthy the name, to whatever country
he belongs, must be the happiness of the people for whom
and to whom he is responsible, and in that faith I am sure
that a way can, and will be found to free the world from
the curse of armaments and the fears that give rise to them
and to open up a happier and a wiser future for mankind."