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„--------------------------------------------------------—------   85
saved the peace of Europe for a generation. My right hon.
Friend and I have differed not upon these general aims, which
we share with equal earnestness and conviction, but in my
judgment—and I hope that the House will agree with me
and my colleagues in this—the response made this morning,
the desire which was expressed by the Italian Government
for a frank discussion, constitute an important step towards
the accomplishment of our purpose."
In the Debate that followed^ the Opposition attacked the
Prime Minister with great bitterness, affecting a profound
sympathy with the former Foreign Secretary whose policy
and principles they had hitherto treated with contempt, " It
stood out a mile" said Mr. Attlee^ Leader of the Socialist
Parliamentary Party, " that the late Foreign Secretary was
standing for principles^ certain definite principles in the govern-
ment of the world^ and that the Prime Minister was rejecting
them all"
" Just at this time, the Prime Minister goes whining to him for
an agreement on Anglo-Italian relations, Signor Mussolini has been
insulting the Prime Minister's colleagues for months and months,
is fomenting discontent all through the Near East, including
Palestine and Egypt and everywhere else, is carrying on an abusive
campaign against this country, and his friends, with weapons -which
he supplies, attack our ships and kill our sailors. This is the moment
chosen by the Prime Minister to go cap in hand to Mussolini and
say r * "Will you please give me an agreement ? Everything is to
be forgiven and everything is to be forgotten. There are no
" Anything more like a surrender to dictatorship than the
line which the Prime Minister took to-day I have never heard"
Mr. Attlee said at the conclusion of his speech. " Apparently
he must come to terms with Signor Mussolini and he must not
mention any prerequisites on his side." Mr. J. Griffiths^
Socialist member for Llanelly^ spoke of"a definite lining up by
this Government beside the Fascist Powers" and stated that it
was " shaking hands with murder to shake hands with Mussolini"
At twenty-five minutes to eleven at night^ the Prime Minister
rose again after a speech by Mr. David Grenfell^ member for
Gower^ who after declaring that there were 2,00^000 jbreign
troops in Spam under the direction of Italy-9 advanced the view