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90   -------------:------------------------------------------------------.------
countries in Europe can settle their differences it would be the
greatest step that could possibly be taken for the establishment
of European peace. Why should the hon. Gentleman assume
that when I talk of a better understanding between these four
Powers I am contemplating that they should set themselves
up as a sort of Soviet dictatorship which is going to determine
the constitution and the destinies of all the small Powers ? I
have not suggested anything of the kind. I never had any-
thing of the kind in my mind. I was suggesting better
relations between them, but that does not mean of course
that other countries are not to have their say, or that the
interests of other countries are not to be considered.
" I shall say no more to-night. I hope at any rate that I have
made two things clear: first of all that it is conversations
that we are proposing, and not at this stage agreement j and,
secondly, that the agreement, if agreement there is to be at
a later stage, does not mean agreement upon any terms that
any other country may impose upon us. It has to be agree-
ment that must be acceptable to us, and it must at least include
those things which I have named/*
MR. GRENFEIX : " The right hon. Gentleman has not
answered my questions. Will he answer some of those
questions before the Debate finally closes to-morrow ?"
THE PRIME MINISTER indicated assent.