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national good faith as precluding conversations with those
who were not considered to have supported that principle,
he must have protested against those conversations, and he
must have resigned at that time/'
MR. R. TAYLOR : " In boxing, you would have been
MR. KIRKWOOD : ** The right hon. Gentleman is listening
to you."
THE PRIME MINISTER : " I know he is listening/*
MR. KIRKWOOD : " And he is not agreeing with you/*
THE PRIME MINISTER : *c I am endeavouring, and shall
endeavour, to be scrupulously fair to my right hon. Friend,
for whom I continue to have the highest regard. All the
same, we must not have misunderstanding upon this subject,
and I wish to say here, in the presence of my right hon.
Friend, that I have no recollection that at any time he ever
said to me that this question of international good faith con-
stituted an embargo upon conversations either with Italy or
with Germany. That is one view. The view has been put
by the right hon. Gentleman opposite—no truck with the
dictators—is another variant of it, not perhaps put on quite
such a high moral principle, but intelligible as coming from
the Opposition. But there are others who do not go quite
so far as that. They say: ' We do not refuse ever to talk
with them, but in view of their past record, let them first say
that they are sorry for what they have done—[HON. MEMBERS:
* No']—and show that they are conscious of what they
have done, and show by some penitent act that they have
changed their heart/ **
SIR ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR : " Who said that ? **
THE PRIME MINISTER : " The right hon. Gentleman need
not get so indignant. I am not professing to quote, I am
paraphrasing in my own words what I conceive to be the effect
of the suggestion that has been made* What is it that this
section of opinion says should be done before we enter into
these conversations ? I want to know what it is ? **
SIR A. SINCLAIR : " Before we enter upon a new agreement
the agreement which was negotiated nearly a year ago should
first be carried out/*
THE PRIME MINISTER : " Agreement to do what ? **    -