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----------------------------------------------------------------------  149
disapproval of the employment of such methods, which have
earned public condemnation and are contrary to the rules of
international law. It will be within the recollection of the
House that so recently as on the iSth March last I expressed
in this House my horror and disgust at the indiscriminate
bombing which was being carried out at Barcelona at that
time, and strong representations have since been made to
the Salamanca authorities on this matter in conjunction with
the French Government.
" I do not propose on the present occasion to enter upon a
discussion of our conversations with the Italian Government.
They have been carried a considerable distance and the results
are full of encouragement to those who, like His Majesty's
Government, regard appeasement in Europe as an objective
to which the efforts of all men of good will should be directed.
The House will remember that just before these conversations
were opened, the Italian Government informed us of their
acceptance of the British formula for the withdrawal of
volunteers and the granting of belligerent rights. While
gladly welcoming this assurance, I impressed upon the Italian
Government, through their Ambassador, the necessity, if the
conversations were to succeed, not only that they should lend
whatever help they could along with others, in the bringing
into operation of the withdrawal plan, but that in the mean-
time the situation in Spain should not be materially altered
by Italy sending fresh reinforcements. It was never demanded
or expected of the Italian Government that they should
effect a unilateral withdrawal, and I think it right to say that,
during these last weeks while the conversations have been
proceeding, His Majesty's Government are satisfied of the
fulfilment by the Italian Government of the conditions which
had been indicated to them.
** The Italian Government have now again asserted their
willingness loyally to assist in the execution of the British
plan, and, what is perhaps most important, they have repeated
a declaration which they made some time ago and which was
-made public here at the time, to the effect that Italy has no
territorial, political, or economic aims in Spain or in the
Balearic Islands. His Majesty's Government place full
reliance upon the intention of the Italian Government to