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164 ______---------------------------------------------------
bother to look at the mixture inside the bottle, as long as the
label outside is right. When I think of all their past ful-
minations against pre-war alliances, which they used to accuse
us of wanting, I am amazed at their being able to bamboozle
themselves into thinking that if they take a pre-war alliance,
and mumble these words, c Collective Security/ over it, they
can change its character and the consequences which are
bound to flow from it.33
MR. GREENWOOD : " Would the right hon. Gentleman
mind correcting a misapprehension ? He really has misled
the House. I have this document, the authorship of which he
attributed to me for no reason which I can understand, and
it reads:
** * The British Labour Movement calls for an immediate
meeting of the Assembly of the League of Nations and for
special consideration by the European members of the League,
particularly France, Great Britain and Russia, of the steps to
be taken to bring appeasement in Central Europe and in
I submit that, by leaving out the words ' for special con-
sideration by die European Members of the League/ the right
hon. Gentleman is deliberately misleading the House."
THE PRIME MINISTER : " I do not think so. These three
Powers are to be the nucleus. It is true there is a general
invitation to any other Powers, to all the other foxes to get
their tails cut off, but I cannot think that it is very likely that
that invitation will be enthusiastically received, and to all
intents and purposes the real effect of this proposal would be
to do what we, at any rate, have always set our faces against,
namely, to divide Europe into two opposing blocs or camps.
So far from making a contribution to peace, I say that it
would inevitably plunge us into war.
" As to the third proposal, for general negotiations among
all Powers for political and economic appeasement in Europe,
I say that that proposal is inconsistent with the second one,
the one that I have just been discussing. What a pretty
beginning this alliance would make for general negotiations
for economic and political appeasement in Europe. It may
be a good plan to call a conference of all the world Powers