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" * Confirm their full adherence to the United Kingdom
formula for the proportional evacuation of the foreign volun-
teers from Spain, and pledge themselves to give practical and
real application to such an evacuation at the moment and on
the conditions which shall be determined by the Non-inter-
vention Committee on the basis of the above-mentioned
Secondly, he reaffirms that
* if this evacuation has not been completed at the moment
of the termination of the Spanish civil war, all remaining
Italian volunteers will forthwith leave Spanish territory and
all Italian war material will simultaneously be withdrawn/
Thirdly, he
* repeats his previous assurance that the Italian Government
have no territorial or political aims, and seek no privileged
economic position, in or with regard to either Metropolitan
Spain, the Balearic Islands, any of the Spanish possessions
overseas, or the Spanish zone in Morocco, and that they have
no intention whatever of keeping any armed forces in any
of the said territories/
" That is an important declaration. They are what I
suppose are alluded to by the Opposition in their Amendment
as e illusory promises/ I wish to state, on the other hand,
that His Majesty's Government accept them as being given
in good faith and believe that the Italian Government intend
to keep them in the spirit as well as in the letter. If you are
to come to an agreement with another party with whom you
have had differences, it is essential that you should approach
the negotiations in a spirit of trust. Just as mistrust breeds
mistrust, so does trust breed trust. I have no doubt that
time will show who is right on that matter, and at present we
had better leave it at that.
" With regard to the question of recognition of the Italian
conquest of Ethiopia, I would like to remind the House that a
number of different States, members of the League whose
loyalty to the League cannot be questioned, have taken a
different view on this matter from that held by His Majesty's