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194 -—.---------------------------------------------------------------
States where authoritarian ideas prevail. This Agreement
proves the contrary, and I am encouraged by what has hap-
pened to hope that we have taken only the first step towards a
healthier and saner state of things in Europe.
" I believe that for Italy and ourselves this Agreement
marks the beginning of a new Era. In former days we had a
close friendship with the old Italy, the Italy which, with our
warm approval and sympathy, won her independence and her
unity under Cavour and Mazzini and Garibaldi. [HON.
MEMBERS : * And Mateotti.'] To-day there is a new Italy,
an Italy which, under the stimulus of the personality
of Signor Mussolini, is showing new vigour, in which
there is apparent new vision and new efficiency in
MR. A. V. ALEXANDER : " And new horrors/*
THE PRIME MINISTER : " —and in the measures which
they are taking to improve the conditions of their people.
With the laying aside of temporary differences which this
Agreement has brought about, I believe that we may look
forward to a friendship with the new Italy------"
MR. ALEXANDER :  " Never."
THE PRIME MINISTER : "—as firmly based as that by which
we were bound to the old/'