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I BEG to move,  That the Bill be now read a Second time/
" I should imagine that it would be necessary to go a
very long way back in our Parliamentary history to find
another occasion on which it has been possible for a Minister
in the course of a single week to put forward for the approval
of the House two Agreements between this country and
another country, each of which constitutes the termination of
a long and painful difference. That is my lot this afternoon.
Although the two agreements differ from one another in
themselves and in the conditions in which they were con-
cluded., in almost every other respect I think it may be said that
both of them illustrate the fact that disputes, even when they
have been carried on to an extreme limit of acrimonious
discussion, nevertheless can be settled by peaceful discussion,
provided only there is a spirit of accommodation and good
will on both sides.
ce Before I come to any comments or explanations that I
may wish to make about the Agreements I would like to say
one or two words about the procedure. The Agreements, as
is stated in the general Preamble, are subject to Parliamentary
confirmation, and this Bill is designed to provide that con-
firmation and to do anything else that may be necessary to
carry them into effect. If the Bill is carried, we propose to ask
the House to go into Committee on the Financial Resolution
which is required for part of Clause 2. The Financial Resolu-
tion deals with two things : First of all with the disposal of a
sum of 10,000,000 which is to be paid by the Government
of Eire, and the method of disposal is dealt with in the Financial
Memorandum accompanying the Bill; secondly, there is
the transfer to the Consolidated Fund of certain charges in
connection with the service of the land purchase scheme, which
is dealt with in the Second Schedule to the Bill. There is also
a Resolution which will be moved in Committee of Ways
and Means covering Clause 3, Sub-section (4), which provides