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IN my dual capacity as Prime Minister and Leader of the
Conservative Party there is no aspect of Government
policy which lies outside my province.
" I should not feel that I was properly fulfilling my function
if I did not attempt to give a lead, both in the direction and the
pace of the various Government activities. At the same time,
I am not a dictator.
" If the policy that I and my colleagues are pursuing were
not to meet with the support of those who have put us in our
present positions, we would not retain our offices for a week.
Therefore, it is essential that the relations between us should
be those of mutual confidence and trust.
" For that reason, although talking about myself is not one
of my favourite occupations, I do think that on this occasion of
my first official duty to you in my new capacity, it would not
be inappropriate if I were to tell you my personal attitude to
politics, the things for which I stand, my purposes and my
aims, in order that you may judge whether they are such that
you are prepared to support.
" I always think that a man's character and principles are
influenced very largely by his upbringing. Children generally
model themselves on the standards that they see adopted
by their elders, especially if they know that those elders are
generally respected. Now I was brought' up in a house-
hold where we were taught the importance of telling the
truth even though we got into trouble in doing so. Perhaps
that is a reason why I have developed this habit of plainly
saying what I believe to be true, which has caused so
much stress and lamentation among my political oppo-
nents. Another rule of conduct which was also impressed
on me when I was young was that you should never promise
anything that you did not think that you were able to
"I would like to illustrate this family tradition with an
'anecdote. My grandparents lived in London and my grand-