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Full text of "The Struggle For Peace"

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" T  AM glad to give you the opportunity of seeing for
JL yourselves that although I am daily "subjected to a
barrage of missiles by our bloodthirsty pacifists in the House
of Commons, I am none the worse for it. Indeed3 I can
tell you that at no time in my life have I enjoyed better health
and better spirits than I do to-day.
" In the National Government naturally the Conservative
Party is the predominant partner, but I do not forget that
I have no more loyal colleagues in the Cabinet than the
representatives of the Liberal and Labour sections. It is a
curious thing that although the crisis which brought us
together is every day receding further and further into the
background, yet our association gets all the time closer
because we can see how greatly this country has benefited
by our association, both in the measures which we have
carried and which, perhaps, no strictly party Government
could have carried, and also in the enhanced influence which
we can exert in foreign affairs owing to the fact that we
represent such a wide front of national unity.
"I feel inclined to ask some of those old-time Liberals
who have not up to now seen their way to throw in their
lot with us whether the time has not come to reconsider
their attitude. That old fiscal controversy which used to be
so acute between us is not a live issue in politics to-day, and
when I think of the social reforms that we have carried through
and our attitude towards the agricultural and industrial
problems of the day and, above all, of our conduct of foreign
affairs, in which the largest measure of national support is
so pre-eminently desirable, I cannot see anything inappropriate
or difficult about their co-operation with us.
"It is a striking fact and a tragic one that at the present
time foreign affairs are dominating the minds of the people
of this country almost to the exclusion of subjects which in
ordinary times would have occupied their whole attention.
Indeed, we are not alone in that respect; for I think all the