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countries which are governed by dictators. To me, that is a
consideration which seems to give good grounds for hoping
that we have in store for us a wiser and a happier future if
people will be led to settle their differences by discussion instead
of risking the frightful consequences which would ensue from
war. That is the goal to which the Government are advancing,
and, though progress is slow, and though we have from time
to time our setbacks, yet we can say that we have made
" If we can keep the end steadily in view, if we can refuse
to be turned aside by opponents and critics, I for one am
confident that we shall achieve it. In the meantime we must
pay whatever price is necessary to ensure our own safety.
There is one thing that does help us to keep up our courage
and our strength, and that is the consciousness that we have
behind us the support, trust and confidence of the nation.
" Expenditure on armaments is mounting, and there can be
little doubt that it is imposing a severe strain on our financial
resources. Fortunately, under the National Government, those
resources have been steadily built up and have accumulated
for seven years, and I have no doubt they will be equal to the
" Just as a prudent householder, faced with expenditure
which has become necessary for the preservation of his
property, abstains for a time from buying a new motor-car
for himself or new jewellery for his wife and daughters, so
we must watch that expenditure which we control very
carefully until the time comes when we can relax our efforts
to build up our armaments and turn to more congenial
" It is true that there is a great deal in the prospect which
still calls for watchfulness, but the Government is not asleep,
and every month that passes adds to the probability that we
will come safely through our troubles."