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has not been brought about. They have kept faith with
Miss WILKINSON : " Would you like to send some troops
to help them ? "
THE PRIME MINISTER : " They kept full faith with us in
the reduction of their troops in Libya, in the cessation of anti-
British propaganda, and in collaboration on the Non-Inter-
vention Committee. We on our side have carried out our
MR. JAGGER : " To starve the Republic."
THE PRIME MINISTER : " It is very difficult to give a con-
nected account, which I am trying to do, of the state of affairs
in Europe, if I am subjected to these constant interruptions.
Hon. Members will surely have plenty of opportunity later
on of criticising what I am saying, and I think they might at
least allow me to finish my sentences. I was saying that
we have fulfilled our engagement to take steps at the Council
of the League to clarify the position of Member States in
regard to the Italian sovereignty over Ethiopia. The right
hon. Gentleman stated that the recruiting of Somalis by the
Italian forces was taking place in British Somaliland. My
information is that he is mistaken. Recruiting has not taken
place in British Somaliland------"
MR. JAGGER : " They have taken them out."
THE PRIME MINISTER : " Perhaps I may be allowed just
to finish this sentence—but a certain amount of recruiting has
taken place, not in British Somaliland, but among people whose
home is in British Somaliland but who crossed the frontier
for purposes of grazing. The Government of British Somali-
land have taken all possible steps to prevent recruiting, and
it has recently been agreed with the Italian authorities that no
such recruiting shall take place."
SIR A* SINCLAIR : " Have the men been discharged ? "
THE PRIME MINISTER : " I do not think any undertaking
has been given to discharge the men. Of course, they ought
never to have been recruited. There, for the present, the
matter of the Anglo-Italian Agreement must rest. We cannot
abandon the position we have taken up about the settlement
of the Spanish------"
SIR A. SINCLAIR : " Before the right hon. Gentleman leaves