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___________________________________________   269
end to a situation which from day to day, and, indeed, from
hour to hour, is becoming more unbearable. For if formerly
the behaviour of the Czechoslovak Government was brutal,
it can only be described during recent weeks and days as
madness. The victims of this madness are innumerable
Germans. In a few weeks the number of refugees who have
been driven out has risen to over 120,000. This situation, as
stated above, is unbearable, and will now be terminated
by me.
" Your Excellency assures me now that the principle of
the transfer of the Sudeten territory to the Reich has, in
principle, already been accepted. I regret to have to reply
to your Excellency that as regards this point, the theoretical
recognition of principles has also been formerly granted to
us Germans. In the year 1918 the Armistice was concluded
on the basis of the 14 points of President Wilson, which
in principle were recognised by all. They were, however,
in practice broken in the most shameful way. What interests
me, your Excellency, is not the recognition of the principle
that this territory is to go to Germany, but solely the realisa-
tion of this principle, and the realisation which both puts an
end in the shortest time to the sufferings of the unhappy
victims of Czech tyranny, and at the same time corresponds
to the dignity of a Great Power. I can only emphasise to
your Excellency that these Sudeten Germans are not coming
back to the German Reich in virtue of the gracious or
benevolent sympathy of other nations, but on the ground
of their own will based on the right of self-determination of
the nations, and of the irrevocable decision of the German
Reich to give effect to this will. It is, however, for a nation
an unworthy demand to have this recognition made dependent
on conditions which are not provided for in treaties nor are
practical in view of the shortness of the time.
" I have, with the best intentions and in order to give
the Czech nation no justifiable cause for complaint, proposed
—in the event of a peaceful solution—as the future frontier,
that nationalities frontier which I am convinced represents
a fair adjustment between the two racial groups, taking also
into account the continued existence of large language islands.
I am, in addition, ready to allow plebiscites to be taken in