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Minister in Prague was instructed on 22nd September to
inform Dr. Benes that His Majesty's Government were
profoundly conscious of the immense sacrifices to which the
Czechoslovak Government had agreed, and the great public
spirit they had shown. These proposals had naturally been
put forward in the hope of averting a general disaster and
saving Czechoslovakia from invasion. The Czechoslovak
Government's readiness to go to such extreme limits of
concession had assured her of a measure of sympathy which
nothing else could have aroused.
" That Government resigned on 22nd September, but it
was immediately succeeded by a Government of National
concentration under General Syrovy, Inspector-General of
the Army, and it has been emphasised in Prague that this
Government is not a military dictatorship and has accepted the
Anglo-French proposals. We had hoped that the immediate
problem of the Sudeten Germans would not be further
complicated at this particular juncture by the pressing of the
claims of the Hungarian and Polish minorities. These
minorities have, however, consistently demanded similar
treatment to that accorded to the Sudeten minority, and the
acceptance of the Anglo-French proposals, involving the
cession of the predominantly Sudeten German territories, has
led to a similar demand for cession of the territory pre-
dominantly inhabited by Polish and Hungarian minorities
being advanced by the Hungarian and Polish Governments.
The Hungarian Minister in London and the Polish Ambassador
in London made representations to His Majesty's Government
in this sense on i9th and 2oth September. Representations
were also made in Prague on 2ist and 22nd September.
His Majesty's Government have taken note of these representa-
tions, and have replied that they were at present concentrating
all their efforts on the Sudeten problem, on the solution of
which the issue of peace and war in Europe depended. They
fully appreciated the interest of the Hungarian and Polish
Governments in their respective minorities in Czecho-
slovakia, but hoped they would do nothing in the present
delicate situation to extend the scope of the present crisis.
The Polish Government have expressed considerable dis-
satisfaction at this reply, and emphasised that the Polish claims