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sure, can be settled by a short discussion and will give him the
essential territory, population and protection for both Sude-
tens and Czechs during transfer. I have offered myself to go at
once to Berlin to discuss arrangements with German
and Czech representatives, and if the Chancellor desires,
representatives also of Italy and France.
" * I trust your Excellency will inform the German Chancel-
lor that you are willing to be represented and urge him to
agree to my proposal which will keep all our peoples out of
war. I have already guaranteed that Czech promises shall
be carried out and feel confident full agreement could be
reached in a week/
In reply to my message to Signor Mussolini, I was informed
that instructions had been sent by the Duce to the Italian
Ambassador in Berlin to see Herr von Ribbentrop at once
and to say that while Italy would fulfil completely her pledges
to stand by Germany, yet, in view of the great importance of
the request made by His Majesty's Government to Signor
Mussolini, the latter hoped Herr Hitler would see his way to
postpone action which the Chancellor had told Sir Horace
Wilson was to be taken at 2 p.m. to-day for at least twenty-
four hours so as to allow Signor Mussolini time to re-examine
the situation and endeavour to find a peaceful settlement.
In response, Herr Hitler has agreed to postpone mobilisation
for twenty-four hours.
" Whatever views hon. Members may have had about
Signor Mussolini in the past, I believe that everyone will
welcome his gesture of being willing to work with us for
peace in Europe. That is not all. I have something further
to say to the House yet. I have now been informed by Herr
Hitler that he invites me to meet him at Munich to-morrow
morning. He has also invited Signor Mussolini and M.
Daladier. Signor Mussolini has accepted and I have no doubt
M. Daladier will also accept. I need not say what my answer
will be. [An HON. MEMBER : c Thank God for the Prime
Minister i *] We are all patriots, and there can be no hon.
Member of this House who did not feel his heart leap that
the crisis has been once more postponed to give us once
more an opportunity to try what reason and good will and