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302 ___________.---------------------------------------------_
statement delivered before leaving Munich aerodrome that after-
noon, and afterward repeated in a brief speech made into the
microphone after landing at Heston.
" There are only two things I want to say. ~ First of all I
received an immense number of letters during all these anxious
days—and so has my wife—letters of support and approval
and gratitude ; and I cannot tell you what an encouragement
that has been to me. I want to thank the British people for
what they have done. Next I want to say that the settlement
of the Czechoslovak problem which has now been achieved
is, in my view, only a prelude to a larger settlement in which
all Europe may find peace.
" This  morning  I  had  another  talk  with  the  German
Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is a paper which bears his
name upon it as well as mine.    Some of you perhaps have
^ already heard what it contains, but I would just like to read
it to you.
" ' We, the German Fiihrer and Chancellor and the British
Prime Minister, have had a further meeting to-day and are
agreed in recognising that the question of Anglo-German
relations is of the first importance for the two countries and
for Europe.
" * "We regard the agreement signed last night and the
Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire
of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again.
" * We are resolved that the method of consultation shall
be the method adopted to deal with any other questions that
may concern our two countries, and we are determined to
continue our efforts to remove possible sources of difference
and thus to contribute to assure the peace of Europe/ "
After being received at Buckingham  Palace  by the King
Mr.   Chamberlain  drove   to   Downing   Street  amid cheering
crowds.    In response to repeated demands he spoke from the
first floor window of No. 10.
" My good friends, this is the second time in our history
that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street
peace with honour/*