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----------------------------------------------------------------_ 343
Over both these committees, for the time being at any rate,
while the organisation is being perfected., my right hon. Friend
the Minister for Civilian Defence will preside. These com-
mittees will be part of the organisation of the Committee of
Imperial Defence, and their purpose will be to ensure a proper
co-ordination between the civilian Services and the needs of
the Defence Services."
MR. H. MORRISON : " Is it intended that the Lord Privy
Seal shall be a member of the Committee of Imperial Defence?"
THE PRIME MINISTER : "Oh, yes, certainly. That is a
brief outline of the arrangement, which can be further de-
veloped. I feel confident that this arrangement will produce
the results we require in the shortest possible time."
MR. ATTLEE : " Will the Lord Privy Seal be the responsible
Minister in charge, or will he be merely a co-ordinating
Minister, running round and bringing other people together ? **
THE PRIME MINISTER : " He will be both; he will be the
responsible Minister in charge and also the co-ordinating
Minister. With regard to national voluntary service, it will
be one of the first duties of my right hon. Friend to examine,
with his colleagues, what will be the best way of availing
ourselves of the general desire on the part of the public to
help the nation. While the House is already aware that we
have no intention of imposing compulsion in any form,
we are satisfied that it is both desirable and practicable to
meet the needs of civilian defence by voluntary action,
provided that that action is suitably guided and organised.
" With regard to the review of our military, naval, and air
defences, the right hon. Gentleman has mentioned again to-day
the question of a Ministry of Supply, which, he says, he and
his friends have long demanded. We have considered once
more whether the time had come when it would be useful and
desirable to set up a Ministry of Supply. In forming a judg-
ment on that question, it is necessary to think very clearly
what a Ministry of Supply would be expected to do which
is not already done by the Service Departments with the
assistance of my right hon. Friend the Minister for the Co-
ordination of Defence, whose title, of course, includes co-
ordination of supply, and with the assistance also of my right
hon. Friend the Minister of Labour. If a Minister of Supply