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On   the following afternoon^   Wednesday^   2nd November,
Mr.   Chamberlain rose again in the  Commons  to move the
House s approval of the Governments intention to bring into
force the Anglo-Italian Agreement^ concluded in the previous
April (see pp. 181-4),   Since the Munich Agreement<> following
a decision of the Spanish  Government to disband the Inter-
national Brigades—a decision not then actually implemented—
the Italians had -withdrawn 10,000, or roughly half their remain-
ing effective legionaries, from Spain.- In view of this fact, as well
as of General Franco's declaration of neutrality during the
international crisis of September, the Government had come to
the conclusion that the Spanish Civil War no longer constituted
a menace to the peace of Europe and that^ this preliminary
condition having been satisfied, the time had come to put the
long-delayed Anglo-Italian Agreement into force.