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------------------------------------—----------------------------  355
Italy and the Emperor of Ethiopia. We propose to follow
the same course as France, and, accordingly, new credentials
will be issued to our Ambassador in Italy on similar lines,
thereby according legal recognition to Italian sovereignty.
" Perhaps the House may like to know that on being
informed of our intention to take this course the French
Government not only raised no objection but stated that they
welcomed generally anything which could contribute to the
improvement of Anglo-Italian relations. It is, perhaps,
unnecessary to tell the House that, in accordance with what
has now become the usual routine, the Dominions have been
kept fully informed of all our intentions, and I am very glad
to be able to read to the House a message which I have
received from the Prime Minister of Australia who says
as follows:
" c The Commonwealth Government are convinced that
the Anglo-Italian agreement should be brought into operation
forthwith as a contribution to peace and de jure recognition
accorded to the Italian conquest of Abyssinia. The withdrawal
of 10,000 Italian troops from Spain seems a real contribution.
In our opinion, a peaceful and friendly Mediterranean is
essential to the present condition of the world. To refuse
de jure recognition would seem to us to ignore the facts and
to risk danger for a matter which is now immaterial.9
" I have also received the following message from the
Prime Minister of South Africa :
" * General Hertzog has noted the contents of this
telegram *—
that is the telegram informing him of our intention to bring
the Anglo-Italian Agreement into force—
€ with much satisfaction, and he feels that the steps that His
Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom propose taking
are wise and necessary and will materially contribute to
appeasement in Europe/
It will be observed how, in both those messages, the Prime
Ministers of Australia and South Africa respectively have
gone to what, I think, is the root of the matter, and have