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within a few minutes. They require untiring patience, pro-
longed effort in the face of misunderstanding, of critltism?
of disappointment; they require the vision to seize every
opportunity as it conies. It is an end which is worthy to
inspire that spirit of England of which I spoke earlier in the
evening, for it alone can save the generation which is coming
from the nightmare which has hung over us for so long.
" Just one last word. Christmas is coming, and I see no
reason why we should not prepare ourselves for the festive
season in a spirit of cheerfulness and confidence. You here
in this great centre of trade and commerce are accustomed to
watch very closely the signs of the times. No doubt you
have noted those favourable features to which I directed the
attention of the House of Commons yesterday—improvement
in employment in this country, the check in the downward
trend in commodity prices, the healthier condition of business
in the United States, where transactions are on such a vast
scale that they must always exercise a powerful influence
on the world. I would add to that one other consideration
perhaps more important than all. It is that in my judgment,
after the disturbance in September, political conditions in
Europe are now settling down to quieter times. 1 say, in
this brightening atmosphere, let us not conjure up troubles
which may never arise. Let us rather set about our several
tasks with a determination that the New Year shall be more
prosperous and happier than the old/3