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Throughout November and December the Government^ in
the face of all obstacles? pursued its twin policy of avoiding and
diminishing the causes of 'war and of strengthening the long-
neglected defences of the country so as to remove the temptation
of aggression provided ly a rich nation which had been so rash
as to disarm unilaterally.   In doing so the Prime Minister, as
one of his supporters remarked in the House of Commons, 'was
"persistently and perpetually heckled, harried and abused"
His task 'was rendered more difficult ly the angry recriminations of
the totalitarian leaders at the jibes of the Left-wing politicians
and publicists, the consequent Press war letween the Dictatorships
and the Democracies, and the natural feelings of horror and
indignation aroused throughout the world ly the renewal of Jewish
persecution in Germany following the murder of Hen Von Rath
ly a Jewish fanatic on jth November at the German Embassy in
Paris.    Throughout these trials and troubles^ some of them
perhaps inevitable in the reaction of exhaustion that followed the
strain of September, the Prime Minister kept his course.   He
spoke once more of his aims at thejulilee dinner of the Foreign
Press Association at Grosvenor House on iyh Decemler.