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In January, 1939, Mr. Chamberlain, accompanied by Lord
Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, paid a visit to Rome at the
invitation ofSignor Mussolini "with whom he had first established
contactóafter a period of intense Anglo-Italian strainóby his
letter of eighteen months before, and whose goodwill, secured
by the Anglo-Italian Agreement of April, 1938, had made peace
possible when all other hope had failed in September* The
situation was still cloudedóby the continuance of Civil War in
Spain^ ly Franco-Italian misunderstanding^ by the problem of the
refugees and the bitter feelings to which it gave rise. But, though
there was no lack of plain speaking, the visit to Rome showed
the degree of goodwill that existed not only between the leaders but
between the British and Italian peoples. Mr. Chamberlain
received a welcome of whose spontaneous warmth there could
be no doubt.

Shortly after his return to England Mr. Chamberlain spoke
in his native city at a dinner of the Birmingham Jewellers