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** * This present statement is presented to Parliament at
the same time as the introduction of the Defence Loans Bill,
and it is appropriate therefore that the statement should deal
with the cost of the defence programme.'
A previous White Paper dealt with the subject of Co-ordina-
tion of Defence, and I do not think there is very much more
to be said upon that subject than was said then. There is,
of course, one new feature about this particular aspect of
defence, and that is that we have a new Minister. The hon.
Member suggested that it was inappropriate that my Noble
Friend (Lord Chatfield), who is known to all the world as
a most distinguished sailor, should be appointed to a position
in which his duties are to co-ordinate the work not only of
the Admiralty but of the other Defence Services as well. I
do not think that that is a criticism which will be felt to be
valid by the majority in this House or in the country.
" I might remind the House that my Noble Friend served
for some considerable time as chairman of the Chiefs of
Staffs Committee, being senior officer on that committee.
Quite apart therefore from anything else, his experience in
that office gave him an opportunity of surveying defence
problems as a whole which perhaps is unexampled and which
in my judgment makes it peculiarly fitting that he should
now be entrusted with the work of Co-ordination of Defence,
I believe that every one will feel an added sense of security
in the knowledge that we have a man with his particular gifts
and his particular knowledge installed now in the very heart
of our defence system, and able to give us the benefit of his
special knowledge. [An HON. MEMBER ; ' Did you say that
about his predecessor ? *] I could not say that, because the
qualifications of Lord Chatfield are peculiar to himself.
" Associated with my noble Friend is my right hon.
Friend the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (Mr. W. S.
Morrison). If there were any objection to the appointment
of my noble Friend as Minister for Co-ordination of Defence
it is not that suggested by the hon. Member for Bishop
Auckland, but the fact, which he cannot help, that my noble
Friend is a Member of the other House; and it was to correct
that difficulty, to enable this House to feel that it was in close